A Heroine Arrives in Manaus, Amazon, to Face the Deadly P1 (Gamma Strain): Dr. Michelle Chechter Profile in Valor

She Goes into the Heat of the Fire to Save as Many as She Can


By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

The COVID-19 crisis is filled with stories of shock, terror, suffering, and death countered by amazing people with thrilling tales of going into battle against a deadly virus and against all odds, working to save as many as possible.

This issue of Courageous Discourse, Profiles In Valor is the story of Dr. Michelle Chechter, a sophisticated OB/GYN physician in Sau Paulo, Brazil. She and her husband who is also an OB/GYN contracted COVID-19 early in the pandemic and learned first hand the value of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a base treatment. She believes it kept her out of the hospital and alive to save others. She did all the right things including cared for her patients, performed research and published her results (<1% on HCQ hospitalized vs 30% in control), and when things got very bad with the P1 or deadly Gamma strain in the city of Manaus where the oxygen had run out and the bodies were piling up—Chechter and her husband shuttered their Sau Paulo office and hopped on a flight to the Amazon.

Manaus fills graves with COVID-19 causalities, April, 2020, Courtesy The Guardian

I will let her tell the story of maternal and fetal deaths that occurred before her arrival. Her impact was immediate. With both HCQ and ivermectin plus prednisone, heparin, and vitamins she was able to treat numerous ambulatory, high-risk pregnant women and ease them through the illness with no maternal or infant deaths. She took daily HCQ herself to reduce the chances of reinfection and or carriage to other patients.

Courtesy Dr. Michelle Chechter, Manaus, Amazon, Brazil

When she completed her tour and came back to Sau Paulo for television appearances, instead of gratitude and praise she was slammed by the media. The reprisal included death threats and legal battles. Her story is emblematic of physicians all over the world who had the compassion and courage to go against the government narrative and do what is right in the time of crisis.

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