I haven’t listened yet to the video, but I suspect that, aside from whatever human involvement the powers that be want to orchestrate, there is also an underlying issue here as well……that ‘bird flu’ has already jumped to cattle. This secondary issue plays into the drive to cull cattle (see what is happening in the Netherlands, Ireland, etc.), and move humans into ‘lab grown meat’ (Bill Gates), as well as combine this issue with ‘climate change’ (cows/methane). They are pulling out all the stops on this.

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The Rich men North of Richmond are the ones that need to be culled (or at least quarantined incommunicado in GITMO for the duration. You ask, the duration of what? Their life , I say.

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Bird flu is the latest scam — especially after Dr. Denis Rancourt and Steve Kirsh discussed that viruses aren’t real.

Think about it: why is it always viral pandemics? Why is it never bacterial?

Well with a virus, you can always “test” and control the results. And with those results, bam, a vaccine is needed.

Are people getting sick? Yes! Could it be due to the stress and geoengineering happening in our skies? Yes!

It’s time we focus on what’s really making us sick rather than falling for these virus pandemics: https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/why-it-does-matter

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To vaccinate in the face of a pandemic is a fool’s errand, as the virus will just mutate away from the vaccine strain, just as happened with Covid.

These bastards lie to us (maybe to some of stupider ones of their own), knowing that we know that they are lying to us but just keep on doing it. See my comment about who should be culled.

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You're right on target and accurate, as usual.

No matter how hard globalists like Gates, Rockefeller Foundation, WEF, UN, WHO et al. have tried to censor truths that expose their false narratives, the word is still getting out and through to hundreds of millions of people worldwide thanks to independent news journalists and courageous doctors with integrity like you.

Communication works. Unlike covid, the H5N1 operation is being exposed in real time, allowing people to prepare for and oppose the next round of attempted restrictions, mandates and deadly mRNA products falsely marketed as 'vaccines' against H5N1.

I commend and support you and all doctors like you for your successful work in enlightening and educating people about the corrupt bio-pharmaceutical complex.

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Peter, I would not be too quick to dismiss that SARS Cov2 began out of OUR labs on the eastern seaboard. If you read substacker Bill Rice, Jr’s essays, he has overwhelming evidence of EARLY SPREAD in the USA in the fall of 2019. Many other independent journos have written about this also. Don’t underestimate our government to have not just funded the research and to have created the engineered virus, but also to have had a potentially accidental release HERE first, then to cover, to blame it on the Chinese like you have. Just saying, there is a multitude of very good evidence for early spread right here in the good, ole U.S. of A in the autumn of 2019. Google Greenspring Retirement facility outbreak which occurred in June and July of 2019 and which is located about 60 miles from Ft Detrick. Scores of staff and residents came down with a “mysterious respiratory” illness, 3 residents died and they commented how ODD it was for such a sweeping respiratory infection to occur in the SUMMER months.

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There is NO biology that supports RNA replication fidelity to pandemic. In fact RNA is so fleeting they cannot even swab & grow a sample it is ALL done with DNA clones as modeled proxy for reality. There is no CRISPR sequence or protein change gene jockeys make in a vat or vial of DNA clones grown in E.coli that changes the laws of Nature. Single strand RNA has the fidelity to pandemic not even appears in the same sequences around the globe. They murdered people & lied about it for control of us!


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See also: report of blood samples from a countrywide Italian cancer reserarch project that had Covid antigens that indicate that the illness would have been spreading there for the previous year. (Sorry no link as I read about this years ago at this point!)

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I told my viewers over a year ago that Bird Flu would be Disease X. Looks like I was right. I was listening to the way they talked and how they were maneuvering things into place to scare people and get them pumped in fear so they could spring the already made vaccine on them. It was like a repeat of Covid methodology! The old saying, "if the dog bites you once, shame on the dog, if he bites you twice, shame on you" is now in play here.

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Not enough people listen to independent media. Too many older people don’t use computers and only watch basic tv. If they have cable tv, often it’s just the basic package that includes CNN, MSNBC and FOX news. They won’t have access to such stations as Real America’s Voice or OAN. If they read a newspaper, it’s often just a local or state paper or the NYT. You can’t get decent radio reception in many parts of the country. Most recently the CFO of EPOCH News (an excellent news source with real journalists) was indicted on alleged money laundering. And the Department of Injustice is going after conservative media and conservative journalists. Remember when Obominable’s DOJ was surveillance James Rosen of Fox News and even his mother? Miles Guo, the wealthy businessman from China who tried to warn us about the coming COVID pandemic and China’s role. He’s in prison now in the US. The Stalinists in our current Injustice Department, under Merrick Garland, investigate parents who attend school board meetings, Catholic Churches who have traditional masses as potential domestic terrorists. Look at all of the bogus charges against Trump and anyone who dares to be associated with him. The jailing of Peter Navarro and Stephen Bannon for not complying with a Congressional subpoena but Hunter Biden, Eric Holder and Merrick Garland himself get off scott free. Look at the vast lawfare against all Trump associates and alternative electors that were in place according to what is allowed by our Constitution and precedent in previous presidential elections. Yesterday was the 6th day of the month and I was engaged in fasting and prayer for the salvation of this country and for justice and reparations for the J6 political prisoners. I must add numerous other political prisoners to that list, including Navarro, Bannon and Guo. Getting back to this article, you have seen the Chiron across the tv about a man who died of an unusual strain of bird flu. Better get your seatbelts on; where on a bumpy dangerous ride.

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An update on the man who died of bird flu. He was a man in Mexico with chronic kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and hypertension who had been bedridden for 3 weeks before he developed type A H5N2 bird flu, not H5N1 and he had no recent exposure to cattle or birds.

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Another update on the case. The MexicanHealth Secretary claims the 59 yr old man did not die of a rare form of bird flu and accuses WHO of misinformation.

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So how is it bird flu?

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It ISN'T; but just like with "covid", they're abusing the information to make it seem as though it was that which killed him! We used to call that LYING now they call it " truth"! May the Lord's recompense come soon!

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Jun 7·edited Jun 7

Truly thankful for Dr. Peter “the Rock” McCullough.

Millions of his cowardly, slinking around in the Pharma-paid darkness “peers”, should be ASHAMED.

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Depopulation is the final goal.

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Maybe. But most plantation owners like MORE slaves, not fewer. Feeds their never-satisfied hunger for power, which seems to be even more desirable than money.

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They believe we are exhausting "Their" resources.


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Seems to me we should drop neutron bombs on all these labs AND their scientists to sterilize these labs and kill off the toxic manufactured "vaccines".

My grandmother told me about the real "bird flu" of 1918-1919 that killed huge numbers of normally healthy young people. She and her husband left their three young boys at home with the hired hand and went to nurse friends and family who caught the bird flu.

No one in her immediate family ever caught that flu. Everyone in the family helped her in her little business of candling eggs. I suspect that the exposure to chicken viruses gave them all immunity .

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Quite likely. It has been reported in recent yrs, that children who play outside in the natural dirt have stronger natural immunity to many organisms, than children who are kept from doing that!

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I would like to mention Dr. Richard Fleming's well-documented book (2021), "Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon?" -which exposed a number of associations between US and Chinese players in this GOF game. The evidence was known even then, yet Congress still dances around it. ( Available as an e-book.)

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McCullough makes unproven claims about the Sars Covid-2 virus as having been cultured and isolated and that the virus can be seen under electron microscopy; the fact is that there has never been definitive proof of any such isolation by any scientists anywhere in the world! The multiple claims that have been and continue to be made have been shown to be false and deliberately ignorant of scientific investigation and evidence.

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It is obvious to everyone....

The Republic / Representative Democracy, has failed.

We say it has failed because it does not “promote the general welfare, and provide for the common defense” in ways in which we are in agreement.

And because nothing is more important than our national sovereignty, nor is anything so dear to our sacred posterity, we simply must adjust the mechanism of our government or finish the slide into disintegration.

The ball is in our court; since the authority for government comes from The Citizens.

So… how do we get there from here?

We now have to stand up and inform our representatives that they have broken their Oaths and failed in their Duty to the office in which they were entrusted. They are in Breach, and now must either accept our help by adding the Fourth Branch, The Citizens Branch to our government or Vacate the building.

Because Citizenship, true Citizenship, is not about writing letters to elected officials or voting some good person into office.

Citizenship is about the Ratification or Annulment of each line of every law, rule, regulation and supreme court decision on the books or that is on the docket waiting to be turned into law, policy and taxes.

Nothing short of this is going to ameliorate the present situation, nor will we get to the Stars without it.

During the 1992 Presidential campaign, Ross Perot observed that: "a general lack of accountability among elected officials and those in the bureaucracy is the one specific reason that the people of America suffered…. and our only means of correction is to inspect their work and hold them accountable.”

Mr. Perot went on to note that this can easily be done with computer programs.


“It is only logical that it will become our Fourth Branch of Government”, he said.

Objective reality:

the voting members of the US Congress and the State Legislatures do not have enough time to read, comprehend or debate any of the laws they vote on. They vote 100 times a day, every five minutes, while in session.

Approximate absolute facts:

Every day that the Congress and Legislatures are in session 100 new bills are introduced and distributed.

The representatives are given two weeks to review the bills before they are brought up for The Vote.

Two weeks into the session they begin voting on the Laws that were previously introduced, while newer laws are introduced.

Many of these bills are in excess of two thousand pages.

The arithmetic demonstrates that the elected representative does not have the time to even read the name of the Law much less the content of it.

Since the Representatives cannot evaluate 200 thousand pages of law speak per day, they vote the way their Party advisors tell them to vote.

This demonstrates that Representative government does not exist.

Thus, they have forfeited their delegated obligations to us, The Citizens.

And the only way to prevent these over worked and fallible people from making even more tragic mistakes, from which we, and the rest of the world, might never recover is to include ourselves in the final decision making process.

The Electronic Congress

How it works:

Before a new law, tax, or expenditure can be put on the books it must first be Ratified by the Citizens.

Existing laws can be Annulled by the same super majority required to Ratify them.

This program can be applied to every level of government and will ultimately solve every problem we have.

To prevent chaos, the basic law, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, would be exempt from review.

Mr. Perot speculated that the Founding Fathers would probably have done the same had the technology been available in their day.

Just imagine:

With a new understanding we will also be able to accommodate new proposals initiated by us, The Citizens, for program and infrastructure improvements.

We, The People, could actually direct the priorities and review the progress of the major agencies like the: CDC and NIH as well as the libraries, school boards and local police departments.

If our government truly is of the people, by the people and for the people then this is the only way forward.

How to implement it:

We talk about it until it is done.

Concerned Citizens could have AI parse a recent law or Supreme Court ruling into its actionable elements, apply the Ratify or Annul Questionnaire, then distribute the links.

Can I make money with this?

Of course, you can. Use AI to parse the laws you find most egregious into their component pieces. And then have it build the ballot / questionnaire along with some demographic background to make the game especially interesting. Charge a $1 per voter per law to deliver the results of the poll to the government officials and watch the evolution in real time.

The Electronic Townhall becomes the means by which the Authority of the Citizens is used to Ratify or Annul the Propositions of Government.

Ask the local school board for their agenda items, have AI parse the actionable elements, create a questionnaire, distribute it to the concerned citizens and then evaluate the results.

When Human Beings made in the image of God can see the results of their noblest and most sober thoughts, at such a scale, then there will be the moment where Our Benevolence and Good Will shall

overcome Evil and then we can all live happily ever after.

Ross Perot publicly promised that if the People of America would elect him to The Presidency, he would give us The Electronic Townhall.

The Fourth Branch of Government will allow us to go from Chaos to Prosperity and a Life Worth Living … until the end of time.

We were created by God and in the image of God; we are human beings, not animals in a pen.

The Electronic Townhall





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It's "we the people" who failed! Not the system itself. WE failed to hold our elected officials accountable, and to require them to complete their Constitutional duties, instead allowing them to pass those off to unelected and unvetted and unmonitored bureaucrats! we failed to educate ourselves about issues and bills presented, and to hold Congress to limited sessions in which to conduct the gov't business. All these laws are the result of allowing them to remain perpetually "in session", instead of making them go back to their "real jobs" most of the yrs, as they did at the outset. They feel they can justify that, and the insane salaries, by "looking busy", but all that has done is result in thousands of unnecessary and unhealthy laws from people who have no clue what their constituents actually think or need! Meanwhile, WE are too absorbed in our "pleasures" to DO our jobs as citizens!

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How do you propose that we do the right thing? Specifically....

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Jun 8·edited Jun 8

Truth be told, it's too late for the US, and world system, as an whole, now. The time for Yhwh God's judgment is too near to correct themes that has been decades even centuries, in the making. The best, wisest, thing any can do now is get right with Yhwh God and His Son, Yeshua. We would need to re-educate at least 2 generations and part of a 3rd, on history, civics, the Constitution; clean out the Congress, a 12-18 yr process alone; shut down all the unconstitutional bureacracies, and trim the fat out of those that are Constitutional; revamp our education from K through graduate school, and require teachers/ professors to take oaths to no longer bring their politics and sexuality into classes, with the knowledge there will be monitoring thereof, to prevent another ruined generation; media must be cleaned out as well, ALL of it! This is just a start. It would be an enormous, and long term undertaking, for which we have less than a decade, most likely.

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So your position is:

1. it is too late to do anything constructive;

2. God is going to destroy the people on the earth because we have failed to live correctly - that is failed to live in a manner that would have obviated the present disastrous situation;

3. by praying we will receive God's grace and when he destroys everything we who have prayed correctly will be given eternal life in Heaven;

4. there is no time to do anything else.

Do I have this right?

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1) No, I said it's too late to refers them destruction done here; NOT the same thing!

2) Again wrong; Yhwh is righteous and humanity, for the most part have been immoral or amoral for centuries, by choice. His warnings have been ignored, so He will execute sentence on those who are unrepentant.

3) Not just "praying", but repentance for the sins you have committed, and asking Yeshua tone your Redeemer, to buy you back from the penalty owed for your sins 4) There isn't time enough to refers the evil that has put humanity into this mess,except on individual bases,and that should be our focus now, in the time left, before the rapture (snatching out).

As usual, you have it distorted, as have most who have ignored Yhwh's Word; you hear only what you want to hear, and reject cautions or truth that don't align with that. It's really rather sad. But you have free will, even to choose he'll over heaven.

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Ok, The Rapture. Thanks.

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I like it.

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Dr. Birx has recently said that we need to start testing "all" people for Bird Flu.

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She needs to be culled from the herd.

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Here we go again! The false tests will abound, if that happens, just as they did with "covid"!

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That's what I'm thinking, too.

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Texas Children's Hospital makes a lot of money off mutilating children. Who are we to deny them this lucrative way of making pathetic parents feel special?

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WE are supposed to protect children from abuse, which this absolutely IS!

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Did I need to mark my comment as irony? I thought it would be understood as tongue-in-cheek.

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Well, yes. Sadly it often fails to translate to print, without, when people don't know you well enough to tell, without an indication.

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All at our expense most likely.

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Meanwhile stock up your deep freeze with chicken while you can…

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Would love to hear a conversation update with Dr. McCollough & Dr. Ryan Cole & p-53.

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