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As an Ontario citizen whose doctor privately affirmed my decision NOT to get the vaccine, it's clear that CPSO doesn't care about patients. They are a completely corrupt institution which cannot be trusted by any doctor or citizens who PAY for our care through our taxes. We have a right to privacy. We have a right to doctor-patient confidentiality and doctors have a right to treat us according to their skill and knowledge without interference from the state.

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You are 100% right. But it seems that if every doctor stood together and refused to give anybody their records, this would all stop tomorrow. There is great strength with unity.

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I supported Drs. Crystal Luchkiw, Mark Trozzi, Patrick Phillips with two letters to the CPSO. As one substack poster on Dr. Luchkiw's substack posted after watching the proceedings, "The CPSO wanted their heads on a pike". No fairness in the proceedings. It was all about keeping doctors in line with jabbing the public.

My own ontario doctor has been great over the years but she seems to have soured with the introduction of the Jabs. She is young and follows the CPSO rules. At my last physical she refused my request for an antibody test but offered instead a Covid shot. flu shot, pneumonia shot and shingles shot. My reply was No, No, No, No.

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You know folks if there is any doubt after reading this that the Plandemic was a tool of elites to destroy democratic institutions we have relied on for centuries to protect human rights, then your head is so far up your butt you ARE the hemorroid.

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It seems a lot of people have “hemorrhoids”!

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Yeah and it's killing them

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Thank you Dr. McCullough for bringing this case of Dr. Kilian to the light of day. I have taken the step of joining the PMA (private membership association) led by Dr. Kilian in support of her battle in defending herself and her reputation from the vicious onslaught of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. I would recommend others do the same. I am a citizen of Ontario, Canada, and propose the entire dismantling and removal of the College, and the criminal indictment of it's board of directors and the executive staff for crimes against humanity, including assault with a weapon, assault with intent to do bodily harm, attempted murder, administering a toxic substance, extortion, fraud, and genocide. God bless you Doctor McCullough, Doctor Kilian, and attorney Mr. Slansky for your sacrifices on our behalf.

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The small size of the group of heroic doctors such as Dr. Kilian is incredible. This crime was so obvious from Day-1 especially for people trained in the life sciences.

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Bravo Dr. Rochagne Kilian and Attorney Paul Slansky, thank you for standing for "us", and against the faceless-authoritarian bureaucrats.

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I’ve been hearing an awful lot about the Ontario College of Psychopaths. Wow! That editor has a mind if its own. BTW where does Canada get their vaccine supply? US DOD or their own contractors with similar “quality” standards? In the US we have metal particulates and monkey DNA. In Canada? Moose DNA?

Another BTW: private corporations that imposed mandates in 2021 did NOT NOT NOT tell employees about the sourcing if the shots! WHOA! Behind the veil of “company private” they carried out Affirmative Misrepresentation banned by consumer protection laws in 50 States. Time to the pierce that veil which is paper thin. That is just SO naughty. The vaccine is neither a sugar pill, a seat belt NOR a lozenge of SUDAFED from CVS. SUDAFED is produced by a Pharma company with strict quality standard. Neither “Pharma” nor “Quality Standards” apply to the production of the COVID vaccines. This stuff is GARBAGE. What a shame so much work goes into studying how they can kill you: let us count the ways.

Is it really OK to carry out extra-judicial killings of employees who were enticed to keep their jobs by withholding facts such as DOD sourcing of shots ... publicly available facts, without which informed consent is literally impossible? This is a national issue. AGs may at last pay attention to this because of the shift in public opinion.

In Canada? The same fraud? Can OCOP get its sorry ass sued for this as well?

One more BTW: I asked CHATGPT if my former employer carried out a vaccine mandate. The answer: “I have no record of a mandate at your company.” When I read that I supply the fiat electronic voice you hear when you pull a ticket from

the parking lot machine.

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In Canada our fickle fearless leader Trudeau has a financial interest in two companies making Covid 19 vaccine components. His personal wealth has soared from $10m to over 300m.

No wonder he has pushed and mandated the vaccine so hard.

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Too bad Trufeaux can't take all that largesse into hell with him.

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CPSO, AMA, ABIM, ABFP, ACC, ACOG and too many more to name are all shameless 10 cent frauds. I believe their days are numbered.

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The 2008 Trojan horse of Socialist medicine via Medicaid is planned to expunge Medicare and Social Security with the digital dollar once the Boomers are gone in about ten years, disappearing both financial and medical sovereignty. Currently good doctors continue to retire refusing to be compromised, leaving young corporate “practitioners” currently being taught to focus on meaningless social equity. They have been squeezed by corporate compliance, government allotted pay and untenable patient load. They are compensated by kickbacks from unnecessary diagnostics to promulgating Covid Jabs by scales of compensation based on percentages of patients jabbed. 20% equals $30 extra, 75% equals $120 for each jab. The same Socialist methodology worked in hospitals as America continues to be flooded with illegal migrants from 156 countries who know nothing about the Constitutional Republic but will vote for the Party that gives the most taxpayer benefits. When your EBT account representing all assets is implanted as a grain of rice in your hand, already implemented in Europe, there will be no pesky doctors, pharmacies, lawyers, or insurance. Get sick, text global health alliance, Amazon delivers, you die. They have effectively reduced population on demand. But first comes the rationing. The toolbox of the Left is filled with viciousness, for the good of all.

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With Rare Exception

The Vaccinated Have Done This To One Another.

Each Too Stupid A Creature

To Have Done Any Better For Themselves.

The Abject Horror Is Within Those Few

Who Promoted The Poison

Knowing Full Well

That They Would Never Touch It Themselves.


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The hubris of my American Boomers born in the bosom of security and prosperity post WWII. We left the gates open for the viciousness of the totalitarian Left and their global co-conspirators. The serfs must be put in their place if they are to expunge the Constitutional Republic that protects body sovereignty. Either step up where you can, or walk yourself and family into prison. You are the hero you’ve been looking for, or not.

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I sometimes wonder if subscribers to “courageous” discourse (with the exception of a very few) have noticed the ongoing and blatant dearth by McCullough on the true elephant-in-the-room; the topic of LIABILITY IMMUNITY.

Clearly we are at the point, after YEARS of such behavior, that there must be a motivational aspect of McCullough’s dearth. Indeed, even after posting many times my speculation on that aspect (and receiving many ‘like’ votes), McCullough still repels my . . . discourse (on LIABILITY IMMUNITY).

Certainly (to the person of average civil/legal affairs knowledge, let-alone those intimate with the COVID-19 crime syndicate), the notion that the Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario would give a damn about “constitutional and procedural matters” . . . the same corrupt medical doctor sewage (CPSO) that embraces LIABILITY IMMUNITY with open unabashed gala . . . such a notion that they 'give a damn' borders on the ludicrous; indeed it is an insult to our intelligence.

Are you listening Dr. McCullough? In any case, I will paraphrase a previous post, while adding Dr. Rochagne Kilian to my not-so-rhetorical question.

Please don't expect any sympathy regarding "a wave of corrupt authoritarianism” that resulted in “an interim order suspending Kilian’s certificate of registration” from the Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Is someone actually proposing that the CPSO would NOT proceed in such a manner?? From the highest government and hospital officials to the local medical assistant; all are party to an underbelly; or as I call it below, a KEYSTONE.

First let us look at an appalling, albeit polemical, truth . . . If McCullough, Kory, Marik, Mercola, Gold, Bhattacharya, Risch, and Kilian had injected anyone with the modRNA poison and were therefore directly responsible for “the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, which has resulted in record injuries, disabilities, and death,” they too would merely hide behind LIABILITY IMMUNITY. Just like the CPSO does as a matter-of-routine ! This is not rocket science.

Can you imagine the response from CPSO and the many other Bolshevik-styled medical trade groups . . . if McCullough, Kilian, et al. came out full force on the unconstitutional vileness of LIABILITY IMMUNITY? Have you ever even asked the key question . . . why have theses medical doctors not already done so?

I have been communicating extensively with Senator Malcolm Roberts. In this first link the Pfizer medical doctor has the colossal gall to testify that issue of LIABILITY IMMUNITY is . . . hold for it . . . "confidential" !!!


I shared this next video with Senator Roberts:


Let us reserve our sympathy/support for Kilian, et al. when they are brutalized for standing up against LIABILITY IMMUNITY. Currently, all they are doing is working the SYMPTOM of that legal farce . . . The symptom? The true "symptom" is the entire COVID-19 crime syndicate.

Posting ad nauseam about sub-symptoms (“an interim order suspending Kilian’s certificate of registration,” etc.) is interesting and legally imperative, but the keystone of the entire COVID-19 crime syndicate is LIABILITY IMMUNITY. Remove THAT keystone, and their entire (future) house of cards collapses . . . otherwise, we can "enjoy" doing this all over again . . . with say a pre-2024 election COVID-23.

Regarding the video by Ms. Anu Lall (second link above) . . . It must have been QUITE the Board meeting at Pfizer's New York headquarters when they relented and decided to "drop" 1,400,000,000 Indian arms from multiple modRNA high cash margin needles!!! (The poor Pfizer executives, whose bonus checks were reduced . . . perhaps we should set up a Go Fund Me?)


Where is a dedicated “courageous” discourse posting on LIABILITY IMMUNITY? I am not holding my breath.


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We, the aware, are coalescing into a group of whom it might be said, are done with the idiots on their soap boxes. The weasel Quislings have absolutely ZERO credibility and are to be perceived as speaking the opposite of whatever truth they are twisting.

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