Dr. McCullough Roaring with "Lions for Liberty"

Opening Speech Lays Out the Threats from Bio-pharmaceutical Complex--Pandemic Disaster to Transgender Crisis


By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Please catch up with me and the crowd at the Lions For Liberty Event in Harrisburg, PA, held on June 9, 2023, as I introduced the bio-pharmaceutical complex and how in a coordinated manner, the pandemic crisis was used to instill fear, create suffering, and promote death among the worlds most vulnerable citizens. The COVID-19 disaster has propelled humanity right into a sudden, completely unnecessary transgender crisis. How did this happen? What does it mean? What can we do about it? This and more from Lions for Liberty.

Lions for Liberty will become one of the primary places people turn to help employees and students organize effectively to stand for their rights and freedoms. We will prove the concept, first in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Thereafter we will scale the model to support people in other states. Accessed June 30, 2023

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