Drs McCullough with Dr. Tess Lawrie and Podcaster Maajid Nawaz: The Journey of a Health Revolutionary

World Council for Health Program in Bath, UK


By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

One of the great highlights of my recent trip to Europe was a visit to Bath, United Kingdom, to meet and work with iconic public health maverick Dr. Tess Lawrie. I have found Dr. Lawrie’s impact in the pandemic larger than almost any government official in the world. She has been a powerful agent for change and the World Council for Health is an authoritative, factual, evidence-based, consensus driven organization that is providing policy briefs, reports, and other very useful documents to you and people in your circles as you advocate for personal autonomy and a “better way” out of this pandemic.

The World Council for Health warmly invites you to view The Journey of a Health Revolutionary, featuring Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Tess Lawrie. It is truly one-of-a-kind.

This stimulating Better Way Live conversation in Bath, UK between two health revolutionaries, facilitated by Maajid Nawaz of the WARRIOR CREED podcast, will change our approach to children’s health forever—and our friends at Oracle Films captured it all!

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