Of course he met him and remembers it. He is one of the most despicable, dishonest men on the planet. He should be jailed fir what's left of his shameful life.

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When will Fauci be arrested for crimes too many to recount at this point? The level of selected justice under the O’Biden Admin is an abusive dynamic weaponized against the American People The Law and Order and The Constitution. This inequity needs to cease and arrests need to be made. You or I would be arrested for simply perjuring ourselves.... what in God’s name is going on?

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In my view, they’re doing they’d darnedest to make sure you regard this event EXACTLY as they want you to.

Specifically, that there WAS a novel virus (I’m not alone in originally believing that myself, but over time, I’ve seen sufficient evidence that casts severe doubt on that idea. Additionally, when considered as part of a global coup d’etat, I have put myself in the position as the seniormost, hidden perpetrators. In Q&A, they’d learn that the effects of a released, novel pathogen simply couldn’t be predicted accurately. It might burn out rapidly. Or, it might turn out to be quite a lot more lethal than they’d expected, collapsing advanced civilizations. Those top decision makers would, I submit, conclude that this natural risk is simply intolerable to them. The crave total control & the wide range of possible outcomes from a deliberate release militates against this plan of action. “No, we’re not going to do this. Come back with a plan with very much reduced uncertainty on outcomes”. The alternative that I think they’ve used is to add one more lie to the tall stack of lies which has surrounded this entire affair. The lie is that there has ever been in circulation a novel respiratory virus which, crucially, caused massive scale illness and deaths.

Instead, they simply TOLD us there was this frightening, novel pathogen & ramped up the stress-inducing fear porn to 11 & held it there. Cheating about genetic sequences, PCR test protocols (probes, primers, amplification and annealing conditions, cycles, ignoring contaminating genetic materials from not only human and claimed viral sources, but also bacterial and fungal sources. Why did they insert the sampling sticks right into our sinuses? Was it to maximise non-human genetic sequences?

Notice the soft evidence that our wondrous leaders, including Queen Elizabeth II, were happy to meet & greet one another, without testing, masking or social distancing. They had no fear. In the scenario above, a few people would known there was no new hazard in their environment. If there really was a lethal pathogen stalking the land, I don’t believe they’ve the courage to act nonchalantly and risk exposure.

Most convincingly, for me at least, is the all causes mortality data by state, sex, age & date of occurrence, as analysed by Denis Rancourt and colleagues. The patterns of increased ACM is inconsistent with the presence of a novel, respiratory virus as the main cause.

If I’m correct, what a genius move if was merely to pretend there was

They want you ONLY to consider how said virus got into the human population. Was it a natural emergence (you know, a wild, horseshoe bat bit an innocent pangolin & this ended up being sold out of a wet market in Wuhan) or was it hubristically created by a Chinese researcher, enabled, along the way, by a dastardly researcher at UNC, making an end run around a presidential pause on such work?

Then there’s the frisson on the question as to whether the arrival of this “killer virus” in the general public was down to carelessness and a lab leak, or did someone deliberately spread it?

I close by pointing out that the perpetrators have hermetic control of the mass media. That’s why they’ve found it so easy to censor people like me. If a story appears on multiple TV networks, it’s because they’re either OK with it or they actively planted it, it won’t be genuine. I don’t think they’ve told the truth since this coup began.

I believe I’ve established that the perpetrators planted the controversy about origins of SARS-CoV-2, because a little embarrassment of the establishment was a small price to pay in order to persuade most of us that there surely must be a novel virus when, in fact, there isn’t.

I have colleagues who do not believe what we’ve been told has happened is even possible technologically. I don’t have the background to be able to assess that idea. But the rest hangs together for me in a way that no other explanation does.

In closing, I’m not saying people weren’t sick or that they didn’t die in huge numbers. I’m arguing only about the causes of illnesses and deaths. They were made such & sone killed by all the pre-existing causes, amplified by fear, resulting immunosuppression & then a swath of revolting actions. They chopped antibiotic prescriptions by 50% durujg 2020. They endured very large numbers of frail elderly people were mechanically ventilated, a procedure which, in such subjects, is close to contraindicated. They were administered renal toxin, remdesivir. They were given midazolam and morphine, synergistic respiratory depressant drugs which are also all but contradicted in patients with breathing difficulties.

The main reason for the lies about the novel virus is total predictability and control, with the intention to begin dismantling modern society with lockdowns and furlough. The immediate practical goal was to inject as many people as possible with materials designed not to induce immunity, but to cause injury, maiming and death.

The chickens are coming home to roost, right now in the banking system.

As I always say, I cannot know much for sure, and this is among them. I don’t have a copy of the script. By the way, whatever it actually is, I don’t believe what they called influenza disappeared conveniently in early 2020.

Best wishes


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OMG! Faustus is a delusional psychopath. Baric and the ignominious gnome go back at four decades. Lab leaks, mercury tainted vaccines, mouse virus, Judy Mikovits’ purloined research…. Chapel Hill, NC.

Faustus, Baric , Bright and a fellow who’s name I can’t recall were giving a Ted style presentation in the form of a conversation not long ago. The topic was novel technology to speed up the process of vaccine creation and approval. It was not only mind-blowing, but disgusting. Bright pondered a “ really sexy” delivery system… that could be administered without the patient’s knowledge… or something you can just slap on.

How could this absolutely blatant, obscene lie not have been immediately called out? Where the hell has everybody been since the Reagan admin? Fauci’s near half century reign of torture, Nass murder, epic coverups, criminal corruption and failing upward is hardly a secret.

For my life, it is anathema that he hasn’t been hauled before The Hague for the commission of Crimes Against Humanity and hanged.

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As an utter layman, having only followed the bouncing ball throughout the past few years, reading much and utilizing available resources ( NONE of which has EVER been MSM, for obvious reasons! ) - I have often wondered WHY this guy, Ralph Baric from UNC, is never mentioned nor sought out in order to learn details about his role in all of this. Seems - even to me, a guy down the street - that he is the guy that has been involved since Day 1, worked with the Chinese scientist aka the "Bat Lady", likely "handed off" his work (GoF) on the development of this - WHATEVER it is (bioweapon?) ...... and WHY? has no one sought him out?

It stinks. Stinks badly. Something is rotten in ...... DC.

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Many call this paper the smoking gun. I call it the height of Arrogance.

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How can UNC continue to blithely employ this sociopath Baric? Twenty thousand students on that campus amd 200,000 alumni and none thinks to raise any question that can be heard.

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There is an article that MIT Technology Review did regarding Ralph Baric in 2021 I came across. It's pretty enlightening. There is a patent from 2015 regarding chimeric coronavirus spike proteins with his name on it too. https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/06/29/1027290/gain-of-function-risky-bat-virus-engineering-links-america-to-wuhan

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Dr McCullough, Western Australia has just released data demonstrating what happens when you roll out the covid jab in a population without covid as a confounding factor (zero covid in the population). Jab Injuries were 24x the rate of all other vaccines combined. I wish you would have been able to make it to Perth. You have a lot of fans here. https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/the-worlds-eyes-are-on-western-australia

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I did my research summer of 2021 and about lost my mind because the healthcare industry failed to make the connections and instead pushed remdesivir, which is tied to Dr Baric


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Fauci did wonderful work on HIV /AIDS. Oh wait! That was Lib Montagnier, Nudy Mikovits, Harvey Risch. Fauci contributed by torturing , sterilizing and murdering at least half a million HIV/AIDS patients, including orphans and wards of state at a Catholic orphan with AZT. And that doesn’t include his hookup with Bill Gates, lsteriliizing handicapping and killing at least 4 million impoverished, naive Somalians, Liberians, Congolese,Sudanese, Indian villagers, Nigerians and African tribal peoples

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It seems to me that we've been presented a false narrative, much like a false flag event, to distract from the real truth. The GoF research funding set up a network of "experts" producing *science" to cover for the improper use of PCR testing malicious medical protocols, MSM capture, and government blackmail resulting in an imaginary "death count" for an imaginary contagion.

We've been presented two narratives: bat soup contagion & the lab leak. Neither of which are true, yet serve to create massive press and government (in)action as theater for the masses.

There is no virus. It just doesn't work like that. We've been fed an overarching narrative for generations and set up a "priest-class" that have solutions to problems (ones they create) with their "siense" that the common folk are too ignorant to comprehend. Thus, society is enslaved by any development they present under their big and very lucrative lie.


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That's like the FBI saying their agent provocateurs don't know if they ever met January 6 patriot protesters in the Capitol.

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Hello John, could you please ask Peter to comment on Endotoxin in the jabs causing Heart Damage?


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In 2002, North Carolina researchers Kristopher Curtis, Boyd Yount and Ralph Baric filed a patent “Methods for producing recombinant Coronavirus”.


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Why can’t we get Baric or Daszak testifying under oath?

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