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New Courses Arm Public with Critical Education to Navigate Pandemic Troubled Times


By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Many have asked me where is the best source of information on our immune defenses or vaccine side effects? To interpret and powerfully use these sources, basic understanding of epidemiology, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, and immunology are required. For handling a global psychological operation conducted on the world, we need to understand psychological strategies including propaganda.

On this issue of Courageous Discourse, I hosted Dr. James (Jack) Lyons Weiler, PhD who founded the Institute of Pure and Applied Knowledge. This organization offers online courses designed to improve your power through knowledge.

FALL 2023
IPAK-EDU COURSES ARE ARRANGED IN CURRICULUM TRACKS (SECTIONS) Classes are LIVE with RECORDINGS made available after the class meeting.

I will let you listen to the offerings and understand why IPAK courses are so popular. You may decide to take one or more courses to better help you engage in the critical conversations of the day. Much of our current global controversy is in the context of medical emergencies responding to biological threats. Even more acutely, much of our anxiety and discomfort comes from a set of mandated vaccines that are given every six months making the population progressively more ill through a wide range of disease processes that demand our attention.

Knowledge is power, so please take a look at IPAK-EDU.

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