London Real Exposes the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex

Brian Rose Probes Dr. McCullough on Vaccine Syndicate


By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

A well-produced video by a journalist who develops a topic and probes deep into issues can help the masses understand what many would consider a mind-blowing reality. This is exactly what Brian Rose did recently on London Real.

Brian Rose left a successful career as a banker in Wall Street and the City of London to start London Real. His life up to this point had delivered on the promises of his university education at MIT and his personal ambitions, but he felt empty. 

So he quit his job and started a podcast to share his journey.

He fought resistance to turn London Real into a new generation media business with over a billion views and two million subscribers. Brian has conducted over 800 in-depth interviews as an antidote to the numbing effects of mainstream media.

Brian also founded London Real Academy offering live personal mentorship with courses designed to help you Transform Yourself.

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