"Morgan et al, studied 666 age 18 to 26, gay or transgender men who are living as as women who agreed to perform rectal swabs."

Curious number 666 no? 🙄

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May 8, 2023·edited May 8, 2023

The big question is did any vaccine ever work? I can only find a handful which may potentially have worked a bit in the short term but not in the long term. It really does seem to be 'Turtles all the way down'

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Oh... But as expected, the authors conclude that vaccination of all adolescents should... blah, blah... They will ALWAYS conclude that all vaccinations are necessary, regardless of what they find.

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It is heartbreaking to see the newest commercials for this shot targeting black viewers and implying that 9 year olds are having sex and need this "protection". If a 9 year old is having sex, regardless of the efficacy of this "drug", HPV is the last of a myriad of horrors that kid is facing. Oh, but I guess since there will be the pregnancy "vaccine" soon, the 9 year old can have sex and have no worries. What freaks are these who are involved in this money making scheme? May as well make street drug dealers their CEOs.

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I knew from day one this was something I didn't want my children to receive. My liberal brother convinced my daughter to have it and upon a recheck office visit, she received the injection. Soon after she began having bowel issues. She now has to live with ulcerative colitis. I am convinced there is a correlation. She received one injection.

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My understanding is that Gardisal is bad news. Avoid.

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Even if it worked, it never should have required/pushed for males.

It always should have been a choice.

I always believed it was intended to prevent cervical cancer for woman, but then they expanded its use in an attempt for mandating to everyone for maximum profit.

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Several young people have been screwed over by Gardasil. Time to stop blanket vaccination of it.

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Had a dermatologist tell me decades ago that HPV was exploding amongst college students. The majority were benign and eventually clear up on their own. The only way to know for sure is to take a biopsy and there was only one lab in the country that tested them. Said insurance isn’t interested and won’t cover it. Many years later I noticed they came up with their miracle vaccine. Since I’m not in college, married for decades (to a woman) and have no desire to cat around nor have HPV that I’m aware of I shrugged it off. But when my daughter was born there it was on the mile-long vaccine schedule. So over the years it went from something insurance wasn’t interested in testing for to being on the childhood shot schedule. Hmmmm?

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Peter and all,

I am starting to see more and more confusing postings at substack…

Hasn’t Guardasil been known to be just another evil, NOT grounded in science ‘shot’ for quite a while?

Just a guess…proper trials on this one are missing, too?

Do we even know how many have been damaged by this experiment? Why single out any group?

I was hoping you, Peter would address this topic because usually you are all about safety for all humanity…

How about this risk to ALL Americans and children?


How can anyone trust any medical professionals with fake degrees handed out by recruiters the past few years?

What about the foreign medical professionals sent to America because of hospital shortages EVERYWHERE due to many quitting over forced shots?

What the hell is still going on in these hospitals?


Mother/Grandmother of 7 and counting

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This Is VERY concerning news for the health AND safety of anyone who needs to be admitted into any hospital in America!

When is every good doctor left going to address this?


Peter…Are your hospital patients at risk because of this?

Does ANYONE care enough to do something real about this for ALL Americans?

Where are the real Christian Leaders who have what it takes, showing true leadership in these continuing perilous times…to begin the end of this shameful history of genocide in America and the rest of the world?


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I do believe this is just the tip of the iceberg with these hospitals hiring persons with fake degrees=NO credentials!

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