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From John Leake: Thank you Sharyel Cox for pointing this out. I saw the date 2021 displayed on most of the headlines that flashed on the montage, so I didn't fact check the entire montage. The opening frame was an appalling act of sloppiness on the part of the video editor.

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Be careful - as I have reported before Danny Jones died in 2015.

Putting this out as if it were related to the current situation debases so much else which is a current tragedy. It is such a basic and easy fact to check and it gives the 'opposition' just cause to deny and deride what we need to be heard.

From the green fields of Wales.

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Fauci, Birx, Walensky, and Collins belong in jail.

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One thing that I have noticed is the media will sometimes plant stories with misleading headlines that look like SADS but is actually a car accident, suicide or something unrelated to injection... It is typically the stories that don't make the headlines that have the real story or the ones that say 'cause of death not yet know'... you sit on those & check back later... that is where you find the story...

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That happened in 2015.

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“What’s going on?”

We all know what’s going on...except those who haven’t heard or refuse to face the truth.

Many people still will refuse to believe their lying eyes 👀 until they (sadly) are lying dead like the folks in this astounding 4-minute compilation of unavoidable truth.

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I watch @And We Know - he’s on Truth Social and Rumble, to name a few - and he’s always showing pics of young people who have #DiedSuddenly,” way before their time, from the jab, just like the video you showed us. I just recently experienced the wrath of the vaxxed at my new doctor’s office - from my doctor and some of the nurses. I actually considered it a badge of honor until I woke up from this nightmare. By the way, I’ve never been asked if I got the flu jab, but I was asked if I got the COVID jab. I now have to go into surgery, in January, and I was told by my surgeon when I asked if I could give my own blood, I was told we don’t do that here. Chances are, since I’m only getting one hip replaced at a time (mainly because of chances of getting a transfusion is greater doing both at one time), I won’t need one, but I don’t trust any of them. Once again (just as we have no say in our meds coming from China, which is another subject that needs to be discussed more at another time), we have no say in our fate, and it’s horrifying that no matter how hard we try to avoid the vax, they seem hell bent on killing us some way or another.

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Why are you posting something that happened in 2015? Did you do deeper research and are now thinking that the vaccines may not be the reason a rather high number of young athletes have recently died from cardiac issues?

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He didn't. he posted a video compilation that mistakenly included that death along with a number of more recent events. That is just one video. The uploader has many on his YouTube channel. People are allowed to make mistakes.

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Patent Documents: “Part 10: mRNA Technology was Invented to Benefit Humanity is a Deceptive Claim

Dismantling COVID-19 Deceptions: mRNA technology was created by men who want to be gods by 'writing DNA,' the code of life”

Karen Kingston Nov 3 2022

“— James Giordano clearly states that biohacked, genetically modified TECHNOLOGY-ORGANISMS *may *be *referred *to *as *VIRUSES. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, *is not a virus. SAR-CoV-2 is an Ai parasite that is a weapon of mass destruction, part biology part technology (Ai). —“

“Is there evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 ‘virus’ requires electrophoresis mRNA technology to infect humans and produce spike proteins?

Yes. Yes there is. Using electronic devices is vital to successfully infecting cells with mRNA sequences in order to ‘re-write DNA’ and produce new genetic material, such as spike proteins. mRNA technology allows for the ability to host electromagnetic fields inside cells, inside human bodies, thereby enabling mRNA scientists to ‘write the code of life,’ and act as if they have the power of gods over humanity and all life forms.“

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[Both Ariyana Love, Ambassador Love & Karen Kingston Report Substack have Patent Researched Documentation] (NOVEMBER 14, 2021 BY DR. ARIYANA LOVE, N.D.

EPIGENETICS: Vaccines Are Deleting Human Genes & Transfecting Cells With Ebola/Marburg

By Dr. Ariyana Love

(Updated Nov. 23, 2021) https://ambassadorlove.blog/2021/11/14/epigenetics-vaccines-are-deleting-human-genes-transfecting-cells-with-ebola-marburg/

Stockholm University just released a scientific horror. The “spike” protein in the Covid-19 “vaccines” are penetrating the cells of the vaccinated, reaching the cell nuclei, and impairing your cell’s ability to repair damaged DNA.

Pharmaceutical “vaccines” are silencing the genes responsible for DNA repair and deleting them forever in humans.

I joined Stew Peter’s Show once again, to break this shocking discovery on Red Voice Media.

Johnson & Johnson uses Adenovirus 26 (Ad26) in its vaxxine. J&J openly admits that their Ad26 vector “codes your cells to produce a spike protein” but they don’t tell you they’re also deleting your genes.

The U.S. patent #20140017278 for Adenovirus 26 and 35 Filovirus, openly states that it codes your cells with the Ebola and Marburg chimeric proteins.

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Thank for posting.

Further indication of deliberately misleading propaganda?

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