I have a Worldometer screenshot from the numbers used to scare the world into getting the C19 shots:

Date: December 14, 2020

Worldwide corona virus (C19) data

Active cases: 20,155,415

Mild condition: 20,039,196 (99.5%)

Serious or critical: 106,219 (0.5%)

Closed cases: 52,642,456

Recovered/discharged: 51,020,858 (97%)

Deaths: 1,621,598 (3%)

If you recall, only the largest numbers, the deaths or case numbers, were shown on the news. No perspective on what percentage of the population. No perspective that 75% of the deaths were nursing home patients. If you also recall, after the mandated shots the CDC “revised” their counting methods and reduced the number of deaths. Then, since the deaths kept climbing after the C19 shot rollout, reporting the C19 data was removed from the constant news feed and replaced with the “safe and effective” slogan for the C19 shot.

This one screenshot shows that 0.5% of 20million is over 100,000 people. Extrapolate the billions of people worldwide who were given or coerced into taking the C19 shots. So, for example, if 4billion people took a C19 shot and 0.5% of those get heart damage, that’s 20million people. After 4billion people took a C19 shot, 20million people in the world with a previously heathy heart, now have life-long heart damage. The world traded a transient illness (covid) which killed mostly nursing home patients for a life-long debilitating and deadly disease (myopericarditis) in all ages, that’s causing young healthy people to drop dead or die in their sleep.

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This staggering number does not even reflect the under-reporting factor, which according to Dr. Jessica Rose & Steve Kirsch is between 30- 40, for VAERS. It is no doubt similar for the other reporting systems, such as the Yellow Card & EudraVigilance.

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Horrifying but real. Thank you Dr. McCullough for continuing to present the truth.

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Trust in the Math! The AFTERMATH! This is not fiction nor mal-info. This is our New Frontier.

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and how many, like my near death experience wasn't reported until after March 2022? or at all?! Thank you Dr McCullough, for all you do

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The link goes to a Lane paper on immunocompromised patients rather than the reported data paper. Correct link is:

Lane S, Yeomans A, Shakir SReports of myocarditis and pericarditis following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination: a systematic review of spontaneously reported data from the UK, Europe and the USA and of the scientific literatureBMJ Open 2022;12:e059223. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-059223

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And of course the establishment is working hard to gaslight us into believing that these sudden cardiac deaths in children and young adults has always been a norm:

"The "Silent Cardiac Killer" Fraud: >20 young people age 14-35 drop dead each week. 1 in 300 now carry an "undetected heart condition". How they are planning to cover up COVID-19 Vaccine Cardiac Deaths"


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Isn't the 0.5% related to the number of reported cases of myo/peri-carditis, and not the number of people vaccinated? If so, the percentage, in comparison with the number vaccinated will be much lower than 0.5%. I realize there will be under-reporting, but we can't jump to the conclusion that 1 out of 200 people vaccinated will get heart problems. Or am I wrong?

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