Thank God Dr McCollough for your courage to speak out.

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The doctors who were faithful to their duty of care were the real heroes of the pandemic. Dr Chetty in South Africa, Dr Zelenko in New York, Drs. Fareed and Tyson in Claifornia and many others developed and published treatment protocols, and saved thousands of lives.

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Dr. Zev Zelenko (RIP) We love you, Dr. Z.

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Dr Chetty is a gem.

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Thank you, Dr. McCullough, for your courage and information during the “pandemic.” I heard your testimony to the Texas legislature and made a decision to listen to those who had nothing to gain. I refused the vaccine and felt the anger of my physician and family. I am 77 and in good health. My doctor asked why I would not go with AMA recommended advice. I told her that they were not “listening” to any studies that might vary from “accepted” thinking. She was frustrated at my decision. There was no offer of treatment if I had symptoms . I have had Covid twice with no fever, no lack of oxygen. You and people like you have inoculated me to be more courageous.

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Good interview. Dr. McCullough is top of the heap when it comes to physicians of integrity. Thanks for all you have done .

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As the record shows in this interview, Dr. McCullough has been and will have an enduring legacy as a savior to certainly tens of thousands possibly millions of lives.

In addition, his numerous publications and senate testimonies will be foundation that we can use to hold the vast sea of criminals at the FDA, CDC, Medical Boards, responsible for their complicity in these crimes against humanity. Silence is complicity.

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Excellent interview!!! As each day goes by, the Fauci narrative is being exposed. Now we have to vigorously fight the WHO trying to force Patient ID for “safe travel” and taking over our public health. It was so nice meeting you in Phoenix a few weeks back. You are in my prayers.

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Now that the truth is out- thanks a million to Dr. McCullough- it’s time for the tables to flip. Those corrupt people in charge who denied the actual “science” and who ignored other countries’ real time data (because our country sure didn’t collect it), should be held accountable. What they did was criminal, and mandates that insisted everyone get the shot has essentially and literally changed the gene pool of society. These are dark times of unknown future. But fear not, if you have Jesus in your heart as your Lord and Savior🙏🏽❤️

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Wish they had CC - captions. Hearing aids are in repair.

May God guide you all into Truth.

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This comment is addressed to both Dr. McCullough and to John Leake ... a suggestion not entirely off topic.

I wrote to Steve Kirsch when he posted about SIDS but no reply.

I told Steve he should not ignore the contribution of Vera Scheibner to unraveling the SIDS discussion early on, but for censorship.

This is important not just for the credit she is due, but for tracing back decades the power of censorship that paves the path of political corruption fed by pharmaceutical money that enabled what has occurred over the last 3 years.

Vera Scheibner is now 88 years of age. She was an emigre to Australia from Communist Slovakia, a PhD engineer and professor of geology. Australia was paradise to her at the time.

Scheibner invented an infant breathing monitor that showed marked changes in breathing patterns, comparing them before and after infant vaccinations. The patterns were predictive of SIDS. Cause and effect. No place to hide.

Her results are self published for reasons that require no explanation, just as Brian Hooker’s triple peer reviewed analysis of CDC’s own data connecting autism with MMR was pulled by the journal at the last minute before publication.

Scheibner moreover discovered that the shots were causing cerebral hemorrhaging, detectable in breathing patterns in babies who were test subjects. In the field, parents were accused of “shaken baby syndrome” by hospitals and pediatricians. Husbands are typically accused and some languish in prison to this day, while a few, whose court defense was aided by expert witnesses recommended by Vera, were exonerated. My wife knew one such couple personally. Talk about true crime stories! By chance the baby had MRI scans before and after the shots. The expert witness, a Dr. Carmel (my recollection), explained to the judge exactly how vaccinations can induce brain damage. The prosecution was dropped but testimony sealed. Can’t let that one get out.

We attended a presentation about another such case on Long Island. It may have been a fund raiser seeking to get the railroaded husband out of jail. My memories from thirty-something years ago could be a composite of stories, but they recall tragic true events. I can be forgiven ... I was working for 43 years til my “mandate retirement” in 2021.

Some pediatricians have used the threat of “shaken baby” accusation to silence parents who suggest vaccinations were the root cause of a problem that sent them to the ER.

Vera’s book, still available on Amazon, has grammatical and syntax errors, so I’m told. My wife has it around here somewhere. She called Vera in Australia around 1995. You can easily imagine that call cost a few Gs way back then.

It would be an interesting project for a professional writer to edit her book ... she is still available to agree ... for clarity. It could be published by Skyhorse for its technical and historical significance as well as an early indictment of childhood vaccinations for death of infants.

I’ll read it myself as soon as I find our copy.

Vaccination 100 Years of Orthodox Research https://a.co/d/hITCHfl

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‼️For sharing far and wide ‼️

All are welcome to participate in the peace treaty, or start their own with their group ‼️

Restorative justice. Reparations. Restitution. Redemption (we have to give them ONE MORE CHANCE to redeem themselves.... As hard as it is)


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