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I agree, COVID policy didn't arise in a vacuum. It's all part of the same sewage system. Interesting McNamara felt that way. I remember him as a major architect of the Vietnam tragedy. Some of my schoolmates died over there. My draft number was nine (out of 366), so I joined the navy. Kinda like our recent wars, that wasn't something worth possibly dying for.

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Good to see you write outside of your covid lane. It's all connected. HIV hoax. Covid hoax. Global warming hoax. Ukraine hoax. And more. I am still learning and discovering the extent of the lies and conspiracies.

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I look forward to your future Ukraine Stacks.

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As an American citizen born In Moscow USSR I find the American war against Russia to be the crowning height of Arrogance and folly. Wishing to relearn my Russian tongue...

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A fascinating interview that one of the Soviet Union's most famous dissidents gave to Forbes in 1994 before he returned to a newly constituted Russia. I believe it piggybacks well on your post.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn On The New Russia

Forbes, Interview from May 9, 1994


Excerpt from beginning:

"For Americans, many of whom still tend to regard Russia through a Cold War-distorting lens, Solzhenitsyn's passionate defense of Russia makes moving reading.

He ends the interview on a somewhat cryptic note, saying that one day the U.S. will have serious need of Russia as an ally against a threat he refused to name. What threat? On other occasions, Solzhenitsyn has warned of an expansionist China, about resurgent Islam and other dangers from the so-called Third World."

"Forbes: Tension is mounting between Russia and the now independent Ukraine, with the West strongly backing Ukrainian territorial integrity. Henry Kissinger argues that Russia will always threaten the interests of the West, no matter what kind of government it has.

Solzhenitsyn: Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, [historian] Richard Pipes and many other American politicians and publicists are frozen in a mode of thought they developed a long time ago. With unchanging blindness and stubbornness they keep repeating and repeating this theory about the supposed age-old aggressiveness of Russia, without taking into consideration today's reality."

And it continues to the cryptic ending. What it might mean today looks a lot differently than it did nearly thirty years ago. I have my theories.

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Very gratified to see that your wisdom on Covid extends right along to the next and bigger threat we face: the Neocons’ senseless warmongering throughout the entire world. Covid finally shucked the scales from eyes and allowed me also to see the threat that our belligerent and immoral foreign policy presents to the entire world (probably sourced from just about the same place as Covid itself and the vax). Most Americans can’t see it, but slowly and surely the rest of the world is lining up against the threat we pose. See BRICS++ (even Mexico now). Very glad to see this historical gem you have unearthed. Carry on.

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Who says life is to be "looked at", sucessfully or not? Life is to be LIVED, enjoyed, and savored!

Forget the nonsense about "staying in your lane!

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Thank you for this! Greetings from Vienna, Austria whose neutrality sadly is officially trampled with feet by our government since Ukraine war started...

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it’s a good start. keep it going … the Ukraine fiasco is about geopolitical realignment to secure agenda 2030 in the WEST and US. the belief was that the “other”countries would just fall in line afterwards (globally) but the inevitable collapse of the petro-dollar is about to change the course of history. BRICS is already gaining on the fragile/crumbling FIAT system and that will leave China at the top of the pyramid … that’s not good news for NATO … despite the peace deal they just brokered between Iran and Saudi Arabia. when a dictatorship is brokering peace deals …

historically, liberators come with their own terms … which some nations might not find as liberating as originally believed.

although historically speaking, over the past 70 years around 70-80% of all world conflicts were funded and/or initiated by the US …

bullies galore in this world …

pot calling the kettle black … old truth

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Thanks for this important post. This is a big help. You haven’t left your lane at all.

I have been bugging CHD to report on Ukraine but I got the response they just don’t have time. Understood. But we note that Bobby Kennedy has posted interviews on Spotify that, strategically, reflect big differences in POV on Ukraine. He has not advocated a position on Ukraine, but no one can afford to ignore it or trust the same government that oversaw extermination of 1M of its citizens. Just to be clear, I’m talking about OUR administration, not Russia.

At the start of the “virus” hysteria most of us asked this question: “Will I die of this thing?” We ran into a lot of cognitive dissonance trying to sort it out. The Ukraine war is deja vu all over again in every respect. Same question, same obfuscation from the mainstream press and our government. Same propaganda machine servicing both.

There were early treatments for this one as well. But the Federal “solutions” that ignored them are just as disastrous.

The sources I have found most useful have been Scott Ritter, former weapons inspector, and Alex Thomson, former GCHQ agent now a correspondent for UK Column.

I like to cite Scott’s article on Russophobia on substack and Alex’s interview on Delingpole’s podcast, found on Rumble.

A coherent POV requires credible sources that agree consistently, and new ones that add to the confidence level. Again, same for both.

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“If there is no God,” concluded Jean-Paul Sartre in his famous paraphrase of Dostoevsky’s Ivan Karamazov, “everything is permitted.”

Precisely what we see now in the amoral, fasco-Marxist administration destroying the world, let by puppet Biden, with its fake vax, wars, love for money, lust for power... and it goes downhill from there...

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Thank you for addressing this subject. Just because COVID is so compelling, doesn't mean we cannot address a different topic at the same time. And while I am sure the Russian angle is truly important, I know little about it and welcome your information.

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Thank you, John Leake, this is a vital point. It does all connect, covid policy and US foreign policy-- which isn't necessarily to say that it's well thought-out or well coordinated. It all strikes me as a thoroughly corrupt-infinite-layers-of-bureaucracy mess. But there is a connection; the one has powerful implications for the other. And on this note, if you haven't already listened to it, and for any readers here who have not yet, I would very warmly recommend Kunstler's latest interview with Dr. David E. Martin.


I am a US citizen, and while I believe there is much to value about the United States, I also believe what we're seeing now is an acceleration, and a very strange, ugly, and sudden one, of what we've been seeing for the whole of our lifetimes, bit by bit (and with some zigs and some zags): the decline of the US as the post-WW II dominating world power.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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Hi John, many thanks for "going there", and for sharing your thoughts. As a European citizen, I have always felt this way. I can encourage your readers to go explore Oliver Stone's "The untold history of the United States", which also looks into these particular dynamics in a non-partisan and more detached manner pushing back the cloak of propaganda to reveal what lies underneath it all; and yes, there is no knowing how Russia would have responded to a more even-handed West, interested in true partnership. Self-interest in the East would have come to the fore also. "They" are neither better, not worse than "us" - and they love their children too (Sting to the rescue). Unfortunately, the West's relentless painting of Russia as the perpetual enemy, continuing unabated to this day, has prevented us from ever knowing what a more open and peace-oriented world society (or Union of Nations) could have yielded. The dynamics engendered by the second WW were too "interesting" to the West, and were hence kept in place and nurtured like that poison tree (William Blake helping here), and a contrarian Russia was needed to justify these policies. The apple bright these policies will bear, is yet to be fully beheld, but outstretched below that tree will rot the corpses of millions. And I agree that the covid-related murders and deaths are part of that very same maelstrom of disastrous western policies...

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Sweden here,

Yes, you are perfectly right in that the "US hawks" is causing immense problems by provoking Russia using Ukraine as a proxy.

Ukraine on its own would never had even thought of provoking this (yes, this) war with Russia, but being enticed by the US/NATO that they would have the support needed to win a war, some corrupt Ukrainianz was hooked on the idea, and now hundreds of thousand Ukranians (with "s") are dying.

As for Sweden and Finland joining NATO, its an equally stupid idea. Since the eighties CIA has gradually caused naive Swedes into thinking that we should join NATO, but if the Soviet was a threat (well, not really) at least the post-Soviet Russia was NOT a threat. The whole NATO thing is destroying Europe on so many levels. People are suddenly deeply divided over the issue, now that Russia has been painted as a threat AFTER the gross provokations by US/NATO.

The average citizen wouldn't notice the order in which the relations with Russia has deteriorated, but I also followed the developments since many tears, and I notice how Mainstream Media painted Ukraine in the darkest colors regarding corruption and Nazi-extremism until February 23rd, 2022, and from the 24th, Ukraine suddenly is portrayed as the "defenders of democracy and Western values".

But whatever those values are - if represented by the warmongers and woke generals - they never were my values, and never will.

It doesn't really matter whether you think Russia is doing the right thing in Ukraine - what matters is that we, the West, provoked the whole situation by attempting to place anti-American forces and missiles along the US-Mexican border, right at the border at that. Of course I meant the Russian/Ukrainina border, but you get get the idea.

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The reasons behind both the NATO expansion and covid response were the same, profit. One case for the military industrial complex and the other for big pharma. As with any decision made politically the answer can always be found by following the money.

Same goes for biden's crappy policies that are pushing us toward conflict with china except that money flowed in order to place china in the advantaged position.

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