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Thanks to everyone for reading, and thanks for your replies. RFK, Jr. was not aware that his son had travelled to Ukraine until after the fact. He did not endorse his son's decision to do this. However, he accepted his son's decision to place himself in harm's way to back up his convictions. Best regards, John Leake

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It is not brave to volunteer to be a machine gunner anywhere. I volunteered to be a Marine and go to Vietnam. Not brave but ignorant. There is nothing brave in killing people. It is ugly and we need not put a shine on it.

But great article. Thank you.

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Russian oligarchs, Ukrainian oligarchs - same thing. Gangsters who make Al Capone look like a pussy cat. The fact these men hobnob with western politicians shows how corrupt and debased western democracies have become. These men are terrifying and soulless. Nobody should be helping their countries fight each other. Without US/NATO interference Ukraine would have agreed to letting the Donbas become an autonomous Russian enclave, any fighting would have stopped and they would all have just continued living next to each other and disliking each other. Instead the US/NATO gangsters had to stir it all up. Kennedy was wrong to encourage his son to take a side - it's got nothing to do with the US. It's like brothers arguing and they would have sorted it out themselves.

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Wow John, you’re ok with an American risking his life as a mercenary for a country your literary agent says doesn’t connect to Americans? And I’m

Missing the noble cause. We have spent billions of our tax dollars on this boondoggle, most of which will likely be laundered back to this atrocious administration. All the while depleting our own soldiers of weaponry they will need when this idiot posing as a CiC eventually orders them, including my child, in to the fight. You’ve lost me here, sir.

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I hope the recommendation to "die for a noble cause" was sarcasm. This war is a terrible tragedy for Ukraine, and the sooner it ends the better.

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John, are you suggesting parents sacrifice the lives of their sons for Ukraine? Dr. Peter McCullough and you have done an outstanding job warning the parents regarding the dangers of the Covid 19 vaccines. I thought the objective of Courageous Discourse is to save lives not sacrifice them.

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These billionaires have many billionaire friends in Washington..

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Is Conor Kennedy courageous or just a foolish young man who was lucky?

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The corrupt UniParty thieves and the Ukrainian oligarchs have a mutual admiration society.

A contest to see who can be the most SOULLESS…in this life.

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'Courageous'? 'Noble cause'? The last paragraph is very confusing. I'd say he was not knowledgeable on the subject of 'Ukraine, USA, Russia', that's why he went. This is the second time I'm encountering some statements, where the writer isn't knowledgeable enough on the subject. The first time was about 'USA winning WWII'. It is off putting and makes me want to unsubscribe. If someone is a true expert, then they should write about the subject. I am originally from USSR/Ukraine. That doesn't make me an expert on the subject. But my background helps spot false statements quickly.

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I agree with you and am surprised that some of your readers don't recognize irony when they come across it. It is perfectly appropriate to write about this awful war. It has everything to do with the toxicity that is eating away at our country.

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I bet you could get it published today.

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Hi John

Do I respect the convictions of others? I try but it depends, as it does for all of us. It hinges on objective reality to the extent that can be established.

Human trafficking? A good thing? Of course not. Telling others the COVID shots are just great? No, this is not a conviction I respect.

The war in Ukraine is a topic that requires homework. One’s sources are important and we come to a certain conclusion if all we hear are government narrative MSM talking points and a different conclusion if we research more extensively. Likely our values stacked up against those of most other Americans are pretty much the same. The conclusion we pick depends on who is speaking to those values and who is telling the truth. It’s NOT this administration any more than they told the truth about the virus and the shots.

Belonging to CHD and reading substack is, to some extent the reason I am a living “mandate retiree.” Maybe the only one out of the 20,000 employee community of our hi tech corporation who gave up $2M of compensation through 2024 by ditching out on the shots in Sep ‘21.

Among those who took their chances are about 30 colleagues now dead (only an estimate … it will take an AG investigation to find out). These folks made a bad call because they did not do their homework. Doing homework on something unrelated to work proper was entirely new for me, so I totally understood, but grieve that no one listened. I sent Dr. McCullough’s 1h20m presentation from 2021 to some.

I don’t know the timing, but, possibly before Conor Kennedy ran off to Ukraine, RFKJR himself had posted on Spotify interviews of several sources on the Ukraine war. These early interviews definitely left us with mixed impressions of the conflict. Kennedy at that time took no position.

It was more recently that Bobby caught up with Ritter, MacGregor and Abelow. Links are pasted below.

My own vigorous opposition to US involvement in Ukraine was premised on interviews with Ritter and MacGregor prior to Kennedy’s discussion with them. I left a note on the mCHD website urging Kennedy to speak to them. Two additional references of mine are the extensive “Bandera Lobby” Substack posts (Moss Robeson) and several interviews with polymath, ex-GCHQ and current UK Column reporter Alex Thomson, found on Rumble.

In his interview with James Dallingpole, Alex gently chided his host who seemed to seek approval for encouraging his son’s ambition to serve in the Ukrainian Air Force. Alex let him know the only one to be “pleased as punch” if his son is sacrificed over the skies of Ukraine would be be Liz Truss.

Did Conor need to be machine gunning Russian soldiers his age? Was he really fighting for the free people of Ukraine or was he aiding and abetting the Bandera Nationalists in attempting to assert their authority over the residents of the Donbas who had been resisting it with their lives since 2014? What evidence did he have that Putin was trying to reabsorb all of Ukraine? I say there was none but for propaganda, confusing though it is.

And why were 100,000 Ukraine troops doing on the Donbas border when Putin invaded? What did the Banderists have in mind for the residents of Luhansk and Donetsk? Love for Russian speakers? The privilege of Kiev governance that approved the shelling of civilians by the Azov battalion since 2014?

Why should I be preoccupied with Putin when our own administration has exterminated 1M of our own citizens? Is that perhaps the reason propaganda directs our attention elsewhere?

And what do I care about the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine as if Kiev’s jurisdiction over the Donbas is some sort of divine right? It is a phrase bandied about as a platitude.

My sources lead to conclusions and convictions different from Conor’s. As a citizen I want us OUT. I’m glad Conor made it back but he may acquire a new perspective as so many soldiers did who served in Viet Nam.

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I understand that Ukraine was the home of the Khazars, which would explain a lot. You also have to realized that the country has extensive DUMBs, an ET ark, and that there was a deep underground train system that went all the way to Moscow. These are mag-lev trains, which travel at 3/4" above the rails at up to MACH 2. https://inscribedonthebelievingmind.blog/phil-schneider-murdered-for-talking-about-dumbs/

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I believe Zelensky was paid handsomely by the WEF Globalists to clear out Ukraine. What better way to clear out a country than to go to war?

I believe the WEF Globalists want Ukraine’s fertile land for themselves. Crops will be grown and cattle will roam.

The war is about securing a sustainable food source for the Globalists and a Headquarters. I think Putin may be in on the war charade too. If Putin were not in on the charade, Zelensky would have been a dead man a long time ago. His coordinates are public record when he is on Zoom!

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Leake is not going to provide any real perspective on the new & improved version of what the Neocons call an "evil doer," any more than he (Leake) will identify precisely who formed, funded and still control the so-called Neocons. Their new & improved version is Vladimir Putin, the man, as just one indication, recently outlawed sex change operations in Russia, and then was promptly vilified and demonized by the WOKE pronoun-crazed "West."

Perhaps a short clip of President Putin will provide some measure of a balanced view of him . . . As a second born of Hungarian immigrants, I am deeply thankful that President Putin purposely and consciously makes a distinction between the nation of Russia, and the prior sewage called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (15 in-total, of which Russia was the largest).

I can assure the reader that Jacob Schiff, and Lev Davidovich Bronstein ("Trotsky"), and Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov ("Lenin"), and Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili ("Stalin"), and Victoria Nudelman ("Nuland"), and Janet Yellin, and Antony Blinken, and even Klaus Schwab, et al. do not want you to watch; very recent:




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