It's more than obvious...the government wants you dead quicker than you can die. Next it will be 15 days to flatten the population.

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What is always ignored by omission, I have no doubt is that at best mRNA vax only effects 10% of human on earth

While TRUMP/POMPEO(CIA) had a great plan dump COVID on China, ignite WW3 in 2019, and deploy mRNA to the world get rich and selectively re-program the planet; Their plan totally FAILED;

While mRNA big-pharma lobby was able to force PCR tests and mRNA jab's up the arse of USA and all zio-nazi colonys on earth; The Russians&CHINESE did something epic, they knew it was a bio-weapon (COVID) and they quickly developed their own vax using traditional means calling them sinovac(china) & sputnik(russia) so called dual-vector vaccines;

Nobody in ASIA got the mRNA other than the zio-nazi colonys like japan, taiwan, so-korea

Blowback is a bitch; So the COVID act of War failed and the mRNA (bio-weapon) only killed off the Western Civilization;

In 2019 Trump/POMPEO dumped super-strain COVID on Iran, killing many politicians, dumped in Italy on all the chinese factorys from florence to milan, killing 10's of 1,000 of old italian men, since 1990's the chinese girls making "Made in Italy" had always supplemented low-wages with casual sex-work with older Italian men. So when USA dumped COVID on Italy, the old men went home and wiped out their family's, leading to a two year lock down in Italy, an economy that has STILL NOT RECOVERED;

In jan2020 all chinese girls go home to China for a month for 'china new year' that led to wide spread infection of elderly chinese jan2020 on, ... China reacted with MASSIVE lockdowns all over entire country, USA assumed this would destroy USA economy, like Russian sanctions USA CIA assholes were wrong.

You all think Nordstream is something new, USA destroyed Italy years ago;

Now slowly the USA people find out they got screwed, well the people who do the screwing killed JFK in 1963, did 911 WTC, & never go to jail so why in hell should this time be any different?????


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As someone with heart issues from Sinovac, and with friends suffering effects of both Moderna and Pfizer here in Malaysia, you might want to revisit your presumptions.

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BULLSHIT, there is no material in sinovac to cause heart problems, perhaps what you got was mis-labelled, perhaps you were lied too

They wanted to jab you with mRNA, you get mRNA

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It contains the virus, 'deactivated', so you get a massive dump of spike proteins injected straight into you, far worse than a normal infection (but better than mRNA making more of that crap inside you).

I can't be asked to type out the whole story but basically I suffered a transient stroke the same day, a blood clot in my leg that evening, then rapid heart beat the following day, with chest pains. My Garmin watch showed my pulse hitting 145 while sitting down. Chest pains and sudden spikes in my pulse continued for over a year, occasionally I still get them and still get swollen hands after 30 mins of walking.

I thought the stroke was some nerve thing and was worried about Bells's Palsy or GBS or something - until I read about a bunch of nurses in Thailand with the exact same numbed arms etc, from Sinovac. They were treated for blood clotting.

The local Malaysian heart hospital just gaslighted me, twice. My 1st visit met a lady with the same symptoms, except she had Astrazeneca.

It's the spike protein.

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Malaysia, where they aren't controlled MSM under CIA, compared all Vaccine and found Sinovac & Sputnik to be the best.


You are full of shit; Viral Vector vaccines do not contain spike-proteins, they contain DNA that tells the cells how to make inactive spike-proteins that do no harm.

'''In viral vector vaccines, spike protein DNA is placed inside a modified version of a different virus that doesn’t cause illness. This non-harmful virus delivers the DNA instructions to your cells – this virus is called the vector. Once your cells create the spike protein, your body breaks down the vector virus and removes it within a few days after vaccination. '''

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Dude, you think I don't know how these things work, you think I haven't spent countless nights learning this shit?


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Can't imagine how wrong this comment seems to be. While I've seen a lot on SubStack about various conspiracies, this comment wins hands down. The US is simply too incompetent to carry off this piece of fantasy.

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Record speed with record problems. Haste always makes waste, yet many are still stepping up for a booster. Complete morons.

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John wrote: "ruthless suppression of early treatment for COVID-19."

Fauci wanted no early therapeutics that were generic and inexpensive. Trump spoke time and time again about Hydroxychloriquine being a Covid cure, but was only ridiculed.

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I read your book when it first came out. It was an incredible story and made many events more clear. I have recommended it to all my friends. I had read RFK, Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, prior to reading your and Dr. McCollough’s book. They both helped me to clarify what had been going on in our country and why I was so anxious.

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Funny ... last week we had a new vax come out and this week we have another OUTBREAK of a new covid strain that can potentially kill another few 10's if thousand,, but rest assured, this new vax will sort it.

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Indeed and this highlights the massive conflicts of interest people like Fauci and Collins at the NIH had with regard to the vaccine. Not so much in terms of any personal financial gain, but in having the NIH be seen as the savior knight riding in on a white horse to save the day. And with that comes huge amounts of money from the federal government to NIAID on top of the huge amounts of money that may come to NIAID if their case for being included on the Moderna patent is held up in court. Given the billions of dollars in profits that Moderna has made, the amount that would accrue to NIAID is potentially ginormous.

In reality nobody at the NIH should have been on the Covid Task force as you cannot have people working on a vaccine or a cure providing unbiased, evidenced-based advice. At least in the UK Whitty and Valance were not conflicted in this way. But even then the pressures were enormous to push the vaccines. What's worse is when questioned about the excess deaths following vaccination, Whitty claimed that these were due to people not taking their statins. But that was shear rubbish as not only had statin prescriptions gone up, but more importantly,. people under 50 are not usually on statins and usually don't just keel over and die for cardiac events (especially on the soccer field, for example).

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Moderna had patents on the sequence in, I believe 2016.....but what is more interesting is Moderna was next in line for criminial prosecution by one of it's investor groups pending the outcome of the Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes Trial.....but, coincidentally a panicdemic intervened. ....

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It’s asymmetric to the hilt: the globalists + Democrats + RINOs can execute their murdering plans openly, but the victims in the conservative groups must obey the “law” (ie, to get enslaved like sheep).

There are many angles in addressing the tyranny and crisis, but a military tribunal to arrest and prosecute the FBI and DOJ officials who never even investigate the crime must be a top priority, if not the #1 priority.

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ART OF WAR…necessary to win, restoring Freedom and Constitutional principles. Begins with UNITY 101…



A Fierce Mother/Grandmother Lion (of 6 and counting)

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I knew about the contract between between DOD and Pfizer signed in June 2020 for Pfizer to manufacture a “vaccine” the DOD had lying around, but this timeline is a siren in a monastery conspicuous.


I had no idea.

I hate conspiracy theories, but most every conspiracy theory at the beginning of 2020 concerning SARS-Cov 2 has been shown to be true.

My top desire is to understand and make public exactly why the U.S. threw out 100 years of experience in dealing with a respiratory virus--along with the Bill of Rights--starting in March of 2020? This new (to me) timeline of Moderna and Fauci’s phase 1 trials for a “vaccine” is pretty damning.

What’s it going to take to hold some people accountable? Or is that a futile question since “We the people” are ultimately responsible for complying with the nonsense and therefore propagated it?

I was cynical about institutions of power and the motives of lauded individuals, without much basis aside from my own disagreeable personality, before SARS-Cov-2. Now that I am awash in reasons, however, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to not only feel contempt for the institutions and officials that brought about this unprecedented social/medical experiment, but also for my friends and neighbors that went along with the hysteria. Especially if they feel, through ignorance or desire, that nothing we did was wrong.

My trust in these institutions is irreparably damaged, but how do I move on if most of my neighbors and friends still believe in these institutions? How do I find common ground with neighbors and friends who advocated in the Nazi-like tactics of the State?

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Dr. Ralph Baric of UNC Chapel Hill worked on making Covid 19 (SARS CoV 2) in his lab before 2020. He outsourced the Covid 19 creation work to the "Bat Lady" to continue the work at the Wuhan Institute of Virology because the US had prohibited American scientists from continuing the dangerous Gain of Function research. Covid 19 was released to the public in Wuhan in the early Fall of 2019. American Intelligence Agencies knew of it's existence in Wuhan in the early Fall of 2019.

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I just want to know why HBO was sidelined.

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Has anyone confirmed that mRNA is actually in vials of the faux 'vaccine' because a number of vials contain NO mRNA according to some. These people do not have the expensive technology to confirm it. This is a disturbing CDC FDA QA problem yet to be officially addressed.

It is problematic to continue to use the "mRNA" language if in fact it is nowhere to be found in billions of doses.

Can states' surgeons general help the public to confirm this vital information? Someone should, it seems like a priority 🤔🤔

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Before we open that "CURTAIN"...lets examine the props. As some timelines indicate the arguments over what came first. The WIV/DOD Lab escape (albeit accident/deliberate) of DOD/NIH/brewed and stockpiled lab tested vials of "proof in the pudding" SARS-COV-WIV "gain of function" Bio-war mutate-able viral Juice? Or the blueprinted DOD brewed "OPERATION WARP SPEED" mRNA counter measure stockpiled vials of "Safe and Effective" global injection Juice? Answer...."BOTH"!

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