Dr. John Stone –was a cardiologist at Emory University School of Medicine and poet- in his book “In all this Rain” he wrote - “death that comes "slowly as rust" or "suddenly, as when someone leaving a room finds the doorknob come loose in his hand." When did we make life so cheap that it is not worth investigating the cause of the loose doorknob? When did we stop seeking answers? Millions can protest the tragic death of someone they never knew and use such to demand a comprehensive investigation, severe punishment for those involved and societal change -because doing so serves an agenda, while ignoring or dismissing the cause of untimely deaths of their relatives, friends, and associates whose death was attributed to the “medical protocol” for C19 or who died suddenly from cause unknown. God Help us - for we have truly lost our way.

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“The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

Albert Einstein (from 35 pop quotes Reader Digest)


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Aug 12, 2023·edited Aug 12, 2023

Another Einstein quote:

"No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong."

That's not a comment about physics. It's about being able to prove a negative. I think of it whenever the media tells us "The 2020 election was not stolen." That's something they just can't know.

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I'm just happy they found Tampering a real issue. Now who's gonna try and fix it?

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Sorry but likely no one.

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Ok...so who's gonna make it worse?

Must be a ton of options in this wretched theater.

There Fixed It! Hahhaha

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My favorite Einstein quote. More on target today than ever:

"The state exists for man, not man for the state. The same may be said of science. These are old phrases, coined by people who saw in human individuality the highest human value. I would hesitate to repeat them, were it not for the ever recurring danger that they may be forgotten, especially in these days of organization and stereotypes."

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Albert was tapped into the outer reaches of all forces that occurs in time and space,

fluctuates with that of it's own heart beat. And it's raw beauty will have no end.

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Dr. McCullough here is what a citizen, highly educated but not in medicine, seeks to understand.

I surmise that the connection between damage to the gut flora, immune suppression, both chronic disease and sudden death are powerful connections ... but the understanding is in its infancy despite all the research.

I cite the ability of ivermectin to treat advanced COVID. Both Hazan and Cole relate that the O2 concentrations of patients in big trouble were recovered in as little as a few hours. Hazan’s hypotheses was the support ivermectin gave to the microbiome.

I cite the 61000 group life payouts ages 25 to 45 in Q3’21. This group soaked up the proliferation of childhood vaccines after the 1986 VICA law, presented (had it been measured) chronic damage to the microbiome and consequent immune suppression. When they collided with the 2021 COVID shot mandate ... they died shortly after their shots.

The sudden death phenomenon apparently has a “tail”.

The destruction of the gut flora, the difficulty in recovering it, chronic and acute diseases that follow and the origin of the problem in pharmaceutical uptake including all kinds of shots is a connection I am convinced of, waiting to see it unfold.

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Planned pre-adult Poisoning with a pure percentage of positive success as proof in the pudding for prolonged profits! Pizz me off. Pizz on their plans to power pHARMA.

Brought to you by the letter "P"!

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I think you have put your finger on something. The connection between gut flora and health is well known, but apparently not by our doctors and hospitals.

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I'm thinking there's no real money to be made in treating gut microbiome devastation. Repairing the gut flora can be complicated, confusing, and time-consuming, and much of it relies on active patient participation vs. delivering quick treatments to them in the form of pills or medical procedures.

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I came across an NIH paper that said pretty much the same...even for cancer patients on chemo, it was "difficult" and drains the hospital finances/profits...but we know Chemo wipes out the gut biome...but there is not money in fixing it...so we just let them die, I suppose.

I am so angry about it. They acknowledge that chemo destroys the gut biome, and leads to a high rate of serious Adverse Events for patients...but its too difficult to treat and cuts into their proift margin.

Can you imagine? But I do beleive a fecal transplant works in two to three days...so the can't charge for that? Or maybe they can't get donors?

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Antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria along with the bad, but I don't imagine there are many docs suggesting OTC probiotics when they write antibiotic scripts, right? I hadn't thought about the chemo angle, but of course it makes sense that it would destroy the gut flora as well.

FMT (fecal transplantation), as I'm sure you know, involves delivering (there are various methods) the poop (sorry!) of a person with a healthy microbiome to a person with a compromised microbiome. It's apparently used most often for people with C. diff, which as I understand it, is often a life-or-death type of infection, so they're more willing to pull out all the stops. As an aside, some open-minded veterinarians are using it to save dogs with parvo, with good results.

I'm thinking lack of human donors is a problem in human medicine, coupled with lack of those oh-so-precious placebo-controlled studies, which will never be done because drug companies can't make money on natural substances (like poop), and so those studies will never be funded. Third problem is likely just the whole idea of receiving transplanted fecal matter ... I imagine many patients would freak out at the prospect.

I'm not holding my breath for this type of alternative, innovative, very inexpensive therapy to catch hold. It's probably exactly what is needed (like ivermectin during COVID), and will never really catch on.

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I have had several conversations with Dr. Orient. Her article is excellent. We must not let Big Academia 'off the hook' (using street vernacular).

My very first (COVID) letter to Fauci was copied to Cornell University administrator Martha Pollack; Dr. Pam Popper had uploaded, please note fourth page of link offered here:


On multiple occasions I have formally demanded that Fauci, a highly evidenced criminal, forfeit all Cornell affiliations and degrees:



My most recent letter to so-called Big Academia is preambled by a short video, here:


The open demand that all TWENTY Ivy League "administrators" resign immediately:


As you might expect, in their (apparent and ongoing) vileness, Big Academia has responded as follows:


As Courageous Discourse readers know all-too-well, Fauci is definitely "distinguished" (for all the wrong reasons). Senator Rand Paul has contributed to that "distinguished" stature as follows:


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Amazing that no one can recall Resident Biden, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and several media Newscasters saying (Maddow, Cooper,...etc) saying 'safe and effective?' That is almost unbelievable except in cases of Stockholm Syndrome. Captured Minds that are not open and not able to Think apparently. Freaking Super Sad the level of Cognitive Dissonance engendered in our World!

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How long can this bought off, sold out, group-coverup persist?

Bravo Dr. Orient!

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The injections are a bioweapon. That's why the CCP does not allow them in China.

Danny Huckabee

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Ahh, but they have their own deadly ones.

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These Doctors Are Drug Addicts.

- A Different Kind Of Addict.

- A Different Kind Of Low Life.

These Doctors Are Addicted To Prescribing Drugs.

The High That They Are Looking For

Is The Fake High Of Feeling Important

- However Temporary - And Deadly The Cost To Others.

These Doctors Are Addicted To Fucking People Up.

These Fucking Doctors - Everywhere " Have A Problem" .


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Aug 12, 2023·edited Aug 12, 2023

Conventional medicine is now saying that it is Covid that is causing the fall in cardiac health. Of course, since most people have had covid, including the vaccinated, anything that come on after covid can easily be attributed to covid. This article went out over MedScape, where most MDs get their information: https://apnews.com/article/covid19-long-covid-heart-3dd8f26c663e96bffcc2980830626153

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The world Leander’s will use all their power to suppress any dissent from the “standard” explanation. They full and rightfully fear what will happen if the truth of this is known.

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It should be “leaders” not leanders.

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So if the sudden deaths have nothing to do with Covid vaccines, then why are all the sudden death victims, vaccinated?

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All things considered...we may never ever be over this "HUMP" of the lies and it's continuum to white wash and deceive death and injury from the VAXX ,as guarding the golden goose is that 1986 Titanium hard protection of "0" liability that remains intact via the Legal Laws of this nation.

The money that flows to protect the poisoned timelines of slow deaths via vast varieties never stops

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Afraid for my children. None are so blind that cannot see. We only get one heart.

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She nailed it! Thanks for sharing!

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To be expected!

The Bottom Line: https://peterwebster.substack.com/p/the-bottom-line

The lies, misrepresentations, the censorship, smear campaigns, coverups, MSM control, mandatory empoisonings, perhaps even murders of prominent dissenters, have until just recently been all about MONEY. Gigantic piles of it. And all for one primary reason: a major industry in Big Trouble:


Today, however, the situation has changed. The dam holding back the truth about the last three years is cracking, and repairs are impossible. NOW the lying and censorship et al. is a matter of criminals attempting to get away with their crimes by attempting to stifle the truth. Criminality is rampant, and includes a sizeable majority of Western Government and Health Industry Employees and so many more that...

If all would be arrested and sentenced to the prison sentences they merit, we would be left without government and without healthcare. Despite a first impression or two, neither would be a boon.

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Disagree. We'd all be safer, and could figure out government and healthcare the way they should be...trustless...ie. we won't have to trust the humans that admnister it.

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Jessica Rose mentioned amyloid plaques, protein mis-folding in a post just 2-3 days ago. Is this a possibility too?

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