Dear Substack Readers, I (John Leake) thank you for your commentary, both negative and positive. Though my schedule doesn't all me to reply to all of the comments, I do read all of them and try to learn something from them. I was prompted to comment on this thread by the most recent post by Duane Hayes. I agree with Victor Davis Hansen that the Democrat Party was hijacked in 2020. This has prompted MANY to feel that the only solution to the problem is to abolish the party altogether. While I understand the sentiment, I don't see that this is possible or desirable. History shows that the revolutionary desire to annihilate corrupt institutions instead of reforming them rarely if ever yields a positive result, and often results in many negative, unintended consequences. It seems to me that what would be best for the Republic would be for the Democratic Party to be brought back to reason and moderation. What, precisely, is the practical alternative? I suspect that the madmen who currently control the Democratic Party would LIKE to provoke a civil war, and I believe it would be very unwise to rise to the bait. As for the Republicans: What have they done to restrain the crazy Democrats? Why have they allowed the inmates to run the asylum? As recently as 2019, the Republicans controlled the Senate, the House, and the White House. Why did they lose control of everything? Are they really just poor, hapless victims who are too naive to understand the dirty business of politics? I often talk with people who complain that the perfidious Dems stole the 2020 election from Trump. I predicted they would do this 2 years before the 2020 election. Why didn't the Republicans prepare for this obvious risk and take greater measures to prevent this? Where are the Republicans (aside from Ron Johnson) who made a vigorous stand against the federal government's tyrannical COVID-19 policies? Where are the Republicans (aside from Rand Paul) making an inquiry into the origins of SARS-CoV-2? Where are the Republicans protesting America's proxy war against Russia in Ukraine? Where are the high profile Republicans making a sustained and vigorous stand against the mutilation of children in the service of this gender madness? And as much as I have always supported President Trump (enduring endless abuse for doing so), why did he tolerate Dr. Fauci's innumerable acts of insolent insubordination, thereby allowing the unelected doctor to become the de facto executive during the pandemic? While President Trump tolerated Fauci looming over his left shoulder at the White House press briefings, RFK, Jr. has singlehandedly challenged Fauci and the entire vaccine syndicate. In return for his efforts to tell the truth about this public policy issue--the greatest domestic public policy issue of our time--RFK, Jr. has paid an enormous social, economic, and political price. To understand the threat he poses to the men and women who have hijacked the Democratic Party, just look at how these people and their media lackeys treat him. Thanks again for reading our Substack! Best regards, John Leake

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Psssst - John, there is just one unified and disciplined party running the show. That's the side that's not shown in public. But is SOP behind the scene. When the curtain goes up and the spotlights go on the stage is when the party affiliation side is on display. What better than theater to keep the masses from warring with one another. And more importantly, keep the masses from warring with the powerful uniparty and its backers. It's all a show. In case you haven't been paying close enough attention. The public battles are just small turf wars over who gets what part of the legalized shakedown of the masses.

- Former lobbyist of two decades who's been backstage to know.

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Respectfully Dr, I thank you for speaking the truth about Covid.

However, almost back to back I get four substacks from Steve Kirsch, A Midwestern Dr and you promoting a Democratic Candidate?

I barely trust any Dr ( since Covid and it should have been a lot longer).

My husband ( not jabbed) just recently had a prostrate biopsy and during the biopsy the Dr & Nurse are joking about all the new business they are getting with all of the cancer diagnosis. Pretty disgusting and disappointing comment.

I find it insulting that all of you think you can persuade us who to vote for. That all of you don’t think we are intelligent enough to do the research.

Why would I ever want to vote for a party that thinks pedophilia is okay, or abortion after the child is born, or letting China infiltrate our country, that it’s okay to have drag queens in schools, to take away our guns, to cheat at elections, to put Trump through hell with it’s phoney impeachments and phoney charges. To take away our free speech, etc.


That’s pushing transgender to Children.

That worships Satan instead of a Holy God. That doesn’t respect all of our laws. That wants to abolish books, our history. That thinks Antifa is fine. That puts people in prison who protest.

That mandated the vaccine. Trump did not mandate any vaccine. His one child is vaccine injured ( long before Covid).

That lied about Ukraine

How stupid do you think we are.

Wake up people. Stop being sheep.

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Apr 6, 2023·edited Apr 6, 2023

I agree with most of your assumptions. However, I do believe the Democrats may be almost irredeemable at this point. I can count the GOOD old fashioned conservative Democrats currently serving in Congress on “one finger” 😳

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I’m sorry, I thought this substack was about medicine.

Can you please start another, separate 'stack and post your political wisdom there?

BTW, in the United States there is just the Uniparty -- all others are to be burned at the stake. Repeatedly, apparently.

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The infamous criminal "Deep State" is owned and operated by the criminal Marxocrat Party, and so are the Marxocrat Party-protected potentially violent street groups like all the pro-aborts, homo-pride, free-dope, trannie-rights, illegal-alien-rights, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, La Raza, Code Pink, etc.

If it's a sexual perversion, the Marxocrat Party supports it. They love it.

Whatever is destructive of decent American culture they will support.

The southern border is being purposely held open to alien invaders and border/immigration laws are purposely not being enforced by the Marxocrat Party for criminal purposes.

Prisons are being emptied, crimes are not being prosecuted, criminals are not being held, justice and enforcement are being restricted by the Marxocrat Party for criminal purposes.

Fentanyl and other drugs are being allowed into the country to kill American citizens by the Marxocrat Party for criminal purposes.

Little children are being exposed to explicit sexual perversion by the Marxocrat Party for criminal purposes.

Students and non-students are being indoctrinated in rewritten false histories of America, the world, the races and the sexes by the Marxocrat Party for criminal purposes.

Education and News Reporting now promote Socialism and demonize Capitalism as directed by the Marxocrat Party for criminal purposes.

It's high time to do a review of Constitutional Federalism, and how the USA was originally designed to operate. ~


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Criticizing Government Leaders is now a Crime #MacronOrdure

Will the people of France be forced to frame pictures of Macron in their homes as they do with Kim Jung-Un in North Korea?


Free speech no longer exists. People are now scared to speak out against their government as if they were in the old USSR. Emmanuel Macron is an absolute tyrant and the French people have had enough. The protests in France over pension reforms receive little news coverage by design. The elite do not want the people to see how tyrannical governments across the world have become.


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OMGosh...Since when did the United States realistically return to having a 'Two-Party System'?

While it's possible to appreciate the sentiments; it's naive to imagine the United States to be as we're all INDOCTRINATED to believe it to be when the OBVIOUS REALITY IS THE FACT OF IT BEING A PRODUCT OF THE International Mafia Cult who has bastardized and purchased virtually EVERYBODY since the assassination of JFK.

If any politician STANDS TO OPPOSE THE Techno-Feudal Fascist Mafia Cult; that person becomes a pariah if not dead.

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I need clarity as to Kennedys stance with the WEF. To me that is significant in order for him to move forward. On the other hand who could better explain the Covid debacle, which may be the most debilitating event in US history (pun intended).

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Ask him what his beliefs are about the 2nd amendment, also his beliefs on climate change is a problem. I might be okay with Trump as president and him as VP but not RFK aa president. He's also not against vaccines. He believes in safe vaccines but that's not possible since adjuvants have to be added. CHD is shutting down and has shut down chapters. Their CA chapter team had to start a new organization because Mary Holand and Karen M are forcing compliance with BS. Bobby needs to concentrate on why he's allowing a few to damage his organization.

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Apr 6, 2023·edited Apr 6, 2023

There is only one party John and it’s the Democrat party who have captured our media, the judiciary, DOJ,IRS,FBI,CIA, IRS, NIH,CDC.FDA and it’s so deep and evil that it’s a delusion to even think that there will ever be a fair and open election again. Have you watched the documentary, 2000 Mules? Unless we go back to paper ballots and voting just on Election Day, there will never be fair and open elections again. No one has ever explained to me what those suitcases that were pulled out from under the tables in the Atlanta Convention center contained and why the Republican poll watchers were removed from the premises under the lie that there was a water leak. It’s naive to even think they won’t do it again, whoever they are, because there were no consequences. The Democrat party has fully embraced the vax as he himself admits and the Kennedy name means nothing anymore. Besides the MSM has already labeled him an antivaxer. Almost if not all commercials on the major news networks are big pharma ads. He should stay where he is and hop on the Trump train. Only Trump, who believes in medical freedom to try and is against mandates has a chance but the cheating will defeat them all. My hope is gone.

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It’s amusing to see those of you so steeped in Trumpism, you presume anyone critical of his questionable conduct to be a Biden voter.

I seek truth in ALL PLATFORMS, not according to party.

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You make a very good point. I wish RFK, Jr, all the luck and reward he can acquire on his way to seeking the NDP (New Democratic Party)'s nomination next summer to head its election ticket later, in the fall.

However, given recent political revelations/election-results in NYC, Wisconsin, and Chicago, an "NDP"---with emphasis on genuinely substantive and procedural "New," a seeming requisite to even consider the possibility that real game-changing, enlightened party-reformer RFK, Jr, could lead the party and, going on to assume the absence of any Dem rigging of the '24 electoral structures and processes, win the general; a Kennedy presidential victory, as inspiring and probably wholesome and good for America and the world as such a prospect sounds and can be readily imagined---seems unlikely to ever materialize from the start.

The Dem electorate is, clearly and simply, too far deranged, gone, and unrecoverable to even appreciate the possibilities, let alone the likelihood, that such a real mind, mensch and leader in the person of RFK, Jr, could effectively succeed for all's success as a non-Republican in our present, post-constitutional, anarchotyrannical, near-moribund republic.

I hope I'm thoroughly mistaken. A general, national resistance-movement, leading to a formidable voting bloc against a Biden-predicted "next pandemic" and subsequent government redux-attempt to lockdown America, in all the despotic, noxious, rights-and-life-depriving ways we saw in our recent past, might just be the political/electoral action-reaction-formula needed to prefix the "New" onto Democratic Party, or "N" onto "DP, " and create the all-American political party good enough to honestly and seriously rival the GOP and play, or even win, the '24 election fairly and legitimately. In such a very possible, future scenario, an NDP-nominated, RFK, Jr-led ticket would be a mighty, even winnable contender in '24.

May the best candidate, in the "world's last great hope for freedom and democracy," win.

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If I am to be the lone voice of support, then, so be it. John, I agree with you. I am a lifelong Republican; however, RFK Jr is a good and honorable man, & he espouses the same old-school liberal beliefs his father & uncle shared which, when viewed by today's standards, more closely mirror what we consevatives believe than what leftists believe. And he is decidedly not a leftist. I think it's wonderful that he is running! Think about it this way....in the event Republicans lose, would you rather have a center Democrat like RFK Jr win, or have another 4 years of a demented puppet communist? Our nation survives only with the former.

And John, please keep sharing your thoughts...all of them! Many of us do thoroughly enjoy the variety in the two of you sharing a Substack!

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Well, it makes sense that there must be some controlled opposition around here. McCullough sticking with just the medical issues would be okay. He needs to get Paxlovid off his McCullough Protocol chart, if it's still there.

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You are so wrong, John Leake. You can't backpedal what you published. I'm surprised at your timing, too.

I was also surprised when two months ago, Dr. Peter McCullough said boldly and loudly onstage to his audience,

"For those of you who like Trump, he continues to DOUBLE DOWN, AND TRIPLE DOWN pushing the vaccine." This was only TWO MONTHS ago, so it was absolutely not true of President Trump.

As for Kennedy, his claim to fame is writing books with footnotes. We don't want an author as our President.

Can't you see and feel the palpable DANGER our country is in from the Deep State Democrats? They won't stop for a Kennedy pussy.

We need a bull in a CHINA cabinet. You know good and well who will CRUSH the Deep State.

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