Given the track record of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, what is the justification for using these extremely expensive agents that are new, without long term safety studies, when IVM and HCQ are affordable and have proved efficacy and safety for years?

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Am I missing something here? Maybe this is going over my head.

I looked only at the chart displayed; did not go and read the paper. My concern is that using ANY drug recommended by the "regime" during the fake pandemic, while the government and our entire healthcare system coerced patients to take malnu. . . retin. . . whatever(!), is for the adverse events yet to show up-- not documented in this paper.

What about the potential for liver damage and other compromised function as a result of taking these? Is this being ignored? Including these drugs in Dr McCullough's protocol ,alone, is concerning. I would like to hear more. . .

At least, in the protocol offered here, Dr McCullough lists these drugs on the same level as HCQ & IVM combos. possibly offering priority levels for these three would be a good addition.

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I am deeply concerned that we may not know exactly what is poisoning us. If Pfizer et al have been lying to us about the trials what more could they have done? Have you tested the vials? And what do you make of this?


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Surprised McCullough supports molnupiravir......it comes with a black box warning⚠️.....and is developed by Merck......who also developed the deadly drug Vioxx, now taken off the market. Evidence during the time the drug was on the market, it may have killed up to 56,000 people and left up to 140,000 with heart disease. These doctors are pharma-happy....why not stick to ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine....that are proven safe?

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Dr McCullough may be afraid to entirely give big Pharma the boot. He, after many many years of indoctrination modern medicine, is still not admitting to himself the corruption and years of lies pharma and government. Why would anyone have any faith in these drugs.

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Just one thing to note. I'm 1000% a fan of your work, knew from the start I didn't want the covid vaccne, and will never get it. But that said, it's important that we are statistically pure when discussing the vax/unvax'd risks. The fact that "over half" of the hospitalizations & deaths were vax-boosted patients does not mean that vax-boosting does not confer protection. A much larger proportion of the population from which these patients were "sampled" is vax-boosted. The per-individual risk has to be computed on that base. So for example if 10 people out of 1000 vax-boosted die that's a per-individual risk of 0.01. If 8 people out of 100 unvaccinated die that's a per-individual risk of 0.08. Eight times higher.

Added to this my personal anecdotal story. My husband and I both got omicron. I was 71 and he was 67. I was unvax'd & he was vax'd. I did the full McCullough protocol and he did NOTHING (except advil for throat pain & fever). Result: We had identical course of disease. Only difference was his fever was higher which may indicate he was mounting a more vigorous defense. In retrospect I believe I needed that early intervention, that's how sick I felt. Clearly he didn't need it. That said, he also had a melanoma pop up on his head a couple of months after his booster so I remain firmly anti-covid-vax.

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Best advice I have experienced is Dr. McCullough's and the FLCCC's to use a nasal wash and gargle with Original Listerine the instant I feel a bit ill. I repeat it several times a day until I feel normal. Every time this quick action has stopped a 'cold' or respiratory illness. in its tracks.

I will also make a peroxide mixture to use in a nebulizer. Dr. Thomas Levy recommends it, along with numerous other doctors. (my daughter used it in an essential oil diffuser and had instant relief when she could hardly breathe). (pouring peroxide in the ears seems to help, too, which is interesting in and of itself....recommended by Dr. Mercola).

How and why the nebulized peroxide treatment works:


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Dr. McCullough gives amazing testimony in Europe.

Thank you so much, Dr. McCullough. You have unbelievable courage and integrity and are an inspiration to me, a retired physician/psychiatrist.

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Dear Jennifer Heaven,

I agree.

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Go tell it on the mountain, until they listen. Some will wake & some will choose to die, unfortunately

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I just wish the medical community and Jon Q public could read these important facts and get their heads out of the sand. The big picture is a sick America can’t defend itself. I now believe that’s what the hope for this country is. Our military is suffering from mandates. Certainly hard to get the information out there with controlled media.

So wonderful to see all the work of those on Substack unveiling the truth behind this fiasco.

Thanks to all!!!!!!

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I Took The Covid Vaccine.

What I Figured Out:

After Twelve Hours

- Can Only Type With My Nose

After 13 Hours

- Can't Move My Legs To Go Pee

After 16 Hours

- Can't Smell The Pee Anymore

- Or Anything

After 18 Hours

- Feels Like My Balls Are In My Throat

- No. I Have Swallowed My Tongue

After 20 Hours

- I Am Trying To Breathe Thru My Ears

- Now I Canvhfds't ReelySee WhhaatTheeFuckkknbhhffhSwdeeetJeeersuzzz

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Notice the conflict of interest disclosures of the authors that include Pfizer and Merck.

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Dr. McCullough, you are one of my heros, having the courage to speak the truth that is contrary to government propaganda. I pray for your safety since I’m sure there are those in the CIA and DOJ and others who wish to silence you. However, my question to you is, do you believe that, as part of informed consent, patients have a right to know when a product being recommended to them was developed, tested or manufactured using cell cultures obtained from the harvested organs of aborted babies? This information is often hidden and I call it one of BigPharma’s dirty secrets. I would like to see a law requiring the conspicuous labeling of this information on the products’ packaging. If you wouldn’t give a Jehovah’s Witness a blood product without their explicit consent, why would you give an abortion-tainted drug to someone who is prolife?

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Vaccination, testing, and mitigation efforts such as masking, remain a key part of prevention, even as more drugs become available, says Dr. Topal.

“Early testing is key to making these drugs work,” he says. “It’s always been the Achilles’ heel of these antiviral drugs that most people don’t get tested—or they don’t have access to testing.”

He encourages taking a test even if you think you only have a cold or allergies—and if you can get one. “Home testing is a huge part of the way to really ‘operationalize’ these medications,” he says, adding that while home tests may not be as highly sensitive as the laboratory-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, they are still very helpful in making a diagnosis.

Ask your doctor about Paxlovid and Lagevrio.

Trust Pfizer. Trust Merck.

(From YaleMedicine.org)

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