What on earth happened to the American public? Its blind allegiance to government authority and social pressure is beyond that of a cult.

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I don't have to read the article (yet)... You said it all when you mentioned that Lalani (falsely) claims that the mRNA "vaccines" have saved so many lives. As I have mentioned before, and not get tired of doing it, authors today, even though they are reporting data that shows the great disgrace with the covid management, and especially these "vaccines", always feel compelled to continue with the narrative pushing for the same BS. So-called "peer-reviewed journals" have become a joke.

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Is it accurate to say that MRNA drugs already cause more death than heroin and more cancer than smoking? That looks to be true from what I can see.

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Nearly everyone in medicine loves new technology. Society in general is fascinated by anything that flashes. But the poignant description in one paragraph of how almost the whole world leaped headlong into a genetic experiment where next to nothing was certain about the outcome, should be a lesson learned about areas of life tampering science where we should not go so blindly, so ignorantly, prodded by fear and stolen gov't money.

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And now, despite how unsuccessful and dangerous MRNA technology has been found, they are redirecting this technology to livestock, pets, wildlife, etc. Brought to you by Pfizer (Zoetis is the name of the company, presumably an aberration of the word ‘zoetic’ which means ‘pertaining to life’.)

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Stop the govt funding now for this vile Pharma biotechnology and all research and development. Time for Dr McCullough to testify before the House Committee on COVID -19 Origen. Stop the shots and stop the funding now.

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Is it fair to say that they will not quit the experiment no matter the cost to human lives? Does this leave no option except their complete destruction?

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What can be said about this, other than its reflective of just how Completely Lost our Government-Nation is... Rotted to the Core with various Predatory Govt./Corporate/Industrial Complex's pursuing Profits at All costs.. Big Brother thy name is America.. Lalani just another lost soul doing Big Brothers Bidding..

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Well summarized and well put, Dr. McCullough. Thank you as always!

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It is time to remind ourselves daily, should we attempt any progress moving forward, away from this cascade rush into tyranny and socialistic controls of so many .GOV sidesteps and false image transparency theories and dirty tactics used against us. The pinnacle thing for us remember is that this entire tax payer funded "THEATER", has only one giant trick in it's bag, that is always used.

This gimmick is what a Judge would refer to as "Operating under the ASSUMPTION of correctness!"

OWS (operation warp speed) deemed tactical, hard launched. Inoculums of "0" data injected into a human global test pattern. For known later greater usage under "SAFE AND EFFECTIVE" disguise.

Our .GOV had "0" intention to reveal what in fact was inside the vials being widely distributed.

With the 1986 "UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE" no liability for death or injury became a "Get out of jail free card" like that in the game of Monopoly. The reality is that pHARMA and .GOV are a MONOPOLY.

The likes of which now un-imaginable as Freedom and Liberty has been usurped like a kids game.

And we cannot afford our response to this, to be child like, pacified, nor nonchalant. It's War games.

Never allow any further "assumptions of correctness" to dictate our existence here. Question it.

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Almost 32 billion spent by OUR government for military objectives to be used against enemies, us now confirmed by Sasha Latypova and others! This is what WE get by allowing global maniacal psychopaths to take over our country!

I am VERY concerned about the answers to these questions…

Without UNITY of people and strategic planning with serious leaders can anything that matters be successful?

Where is America’s ONE UNITED Freedom Movement/TEAM with strategic actions that matter to STOP ALL TREASON…bioweapons events, military psychological media censorship, ruined schools at all levels, open borders, election fraud, etc?

Fact…No Treason can be stopped unless you stop ALL of it! How?

Where are the strategic planning meetings to stop ALL Treason?

How can we help any other country without cleaning out America of the ALL the Treason?

Keep an eye on Lex Greene pieces as he has a serious background…



Mother/Grandmother Lion (of 6 and still counting)

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I am under the impression that mRNA technology died one death under Dr. Malone. It needs to die again, but no one seems willing to execute it.

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Dr. McCullough,

Please keep hammering away at the truth. You and your colleagues may yet crack the titanium shell that encases the Mass Formation Psychosis, explained so well by Mattias Desmet in his Psychology of Totalitarianism. MFP could be in the DMS as the first psychiatric acronym for an entire population. I am nearly catatonic from vaccination injury. At onset, it was mild and puzzling. That was 2 years ago. Now, having read a stack of informative books, articles, studies and other media, it is neither. You were quoted by Robert Kennedy, Jr. in his Nobel-worthy, successfully suppressed book, The Real Anthony Fauci; "...the worst case of medical malpractice in the history of medicine". My most frequent emotion is RAGE. "I pity the fool" (credit to Mr. T), who asks me how I am, then tells me I must be crazy if I answer honestly. I usually reply "living the dream" to avoid more damage to my fractured immune system. I once made an appt to see an infectious disease specialist at the behest of my PCP. She probably still hasn't stopped shaking. I asked if she would prescribe ivermectin, since that is part of a spike protein detoxification protocol. Her jaw dropped. She said "I can't help you. I follow the ISIDS protocol (International Society of Infectious Disease Specialists)". I gave her the dollar amount of the CDC 'research' grants awarded to that organization, and pointed out the testimony her 'professional organization' gave in support of the CDC at a Senate subcommittee hearing. I'm not the compliant patient I used to be. That's how I got so sick. I'm out of patience.

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Simple as that...

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Another piece out this am by Lex Greene…writer with a serious background!


P.S. Judges 7…GIDEON’s ARMY!

Are YOU looking for that army yet?

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My sister lives in Rochester. I tried like heck to get her to attend the Summit for Truth event, to no avail. I even offered to buy her a ticket.

In fact, I've been trying to get her to wake up for at least a year and a half, to no avail.

She is totally brainwashed.

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