Really enjoying your new substack! Thank you.

Could I make a teeny suggestion? Please format your writing with ample paragraph breaks (more white space). My eyes and brain really appreciate visual breaks with white space and paragraphs clearly delineated.

Again, than you both so much for interesting and revealing medical education. So glad you've teamed up for this effort.

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I was just thinking exactly the same Big E!

Thrilled of course to find that Dr. McCullough and his writing partner John Leake now host a Substack.

After reading several other posts, and now this one, I concur these excellent stacks would benefit greatly from parsing into paragraphs. Separated thought chunks. Improves readability, impact, and retention.

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Another excellent article.

I am a retired RN, my former boss told me "Get the vaccines or you are playing with fire." Also, she was employed by a hospital to give the vaccines. She was totally "sold out" with the thought she was saving our world.

Unfortunately, she was duped and still believes the LIE of the CDC, government and news media.

I love my former boss. Sadly, she refuses to listen to the truth of science and the sudden deaths occurring all around us. What will it take to open her eyes?

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"What will it take to open her eyes?"

It's a real head scratcher.. two friends have developed "rare" blood cancers after being jabbed one died suddenly at 45 years old with no prior health issues & see no connection.. seems denial is a strong factor in considering cause but at some point must be undeniable.

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Nov 3, 2022·edited Nov 3, 2022

Awful events for this poor man. As stated in The Real Anthony Fauci movie, this is a "psyop" that has used fear to captivate most of the world. Had my daughter not sustained a vaccine injury from the rabies series the very same week we learned about covid, perhaps I too would have been one of the many. But the journey I've traveled with my daughter brought me to all of these wonderful people like Children's Health Defense, Dr. McCullough and all the others. As Dr. Kory has said many times, believe those who have nothing to gain. Hank Aaron was also duped and sadly passed I think a week after his shot. Regardless of the red flags it seems approval of this deadly substance for our children is on its way to becoming part of the already lethal vaccine schedule for school. All we can do is try to wake people up and RESIST.

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Thank you for that fascinating story.

It would be wonderful if such a world class athlete would admit his mistake about enthusiastically accepting the experimental gene therapy, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

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Wow…Excellent report!

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Great story moving forward into 2023. Now with the young Bills player collapsing from his heart stopping, after making a very solid routine tackle on the field and wearing the finest chest armor that sports technology has devised to prevent upper torso injury. What about that Mr. Sanders?

Was he so loaded with adrenaline the motor broke? The NFL runs on gameday adrenaline.

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