Aug 16, 2023·edited Aug 16, 2023

What is the difference in treatment to vaccine induced atrial fibrillation to the „normal“ one?

How can we heal?

Could anyone advise me on literature and papers regarding the combination of geriatrology and vaccine damage?

I would like to learn the differentiation of parts of the symptoms stemming from old age and from the vaccine.

And thus also learn to treat the parts adaequately.

So far I plan to treat my mother, 81, irritable immune system, IBS, autoimmune tendency (arthritis) now in hospital due to artrial fibrilation by

- progesterone


- hyalurone (short chained)

All three de-scarr so re-functionalise, so I hope.

- IL-6 blocker (5mg/d), perhaps also H1-blocker.

(And CDS, hawthorn, …)

Are there existing treatment regimes for this geriatric - mixed - vaccine induced or aggravated symptoms?

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