“With the many gene-based pharmaceuticals planned, a new era of pathology lies ahead.” Scientists are getting ahead of themselves. They are pushing forward on gene-based therapies that have and will result in new pathologies that we are unprepared to handle. The corruption of the Bio-pharmaceutical Complex here is pure evil that will have long lasting consequences. They are working hand-in-hand with corrupt governments incorporating psychological warfare against a mind numb public. We are living in a time of intense spiritual warfare. I hope it’s not too late for the public to wake up.

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Absolute truth!

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Enjoyed reading the article. Very timely, with logic applicable to all other nations that implemented the mRNA injections. Quote from the article: "We have a pandemic of the vaccinated. We must open our eyes to this global tragedy."

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Article is chockfull of important references, too.

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Greater data reporting NZ and Land Down Under where elderly hardest hit by % in some places.

The bad batch #s can become the evidence on record to use if lawsuits ever see light of day.

Some call this murder to shorten the shelf life of all in care centers as the easy targets. Sad Days!

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Thank you for finding that one.

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Dec 21, 2023·edited Dec 21, 2023

I continue to see comments like the one in the paragraph from the Rhodes and Parry published paper in Pathology, Research, and Practice stating "Neither risk nor cost can justify these products for the vast majority of people." I am baffled by this. For whom would risk and cost be justified? Truly trying to understand why it would be justified for anyone when it is taking down healthy athletes... how could it possibly be justified for anyone with compromised health?

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Karen, your question confuses me, and I don't mean this to sound aggressive, this is a sincere question cuz you are obviously extremely smart and so I'm wondering what I might be missing: I think, but I'm not sure, the conclusion you cited from the paper is a form of "science speak", the professional, more high minded way of saying "This mRNA crap is a damn joke, of course people can't be jabbing this weird gene altering crap into their body, unless they're playing Russian roulette or, like, the off chance they get super lucky and it actually fixes their Covid and makes a blood clot that can sing like Taylor Swift".

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Yes historians will look for those physicians papers etc that were concerned and went against the narrative but they won’t be found. You know, in an Orwellian society those papers and articles will be burned and scrubbed from the internet as if it never existed. Big brother will make sure of it.

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Not this time: Nuremberg 2.0.

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I have always been fascinated by those nature videos of massive herds of bison, caribou, birds, and fish. Why do they gather in such large numbers, the answer often given is for safety. I always wondered how is it safer, I could never convince myself that a large group is somehow safer. I guess if there is are 1000 in the group then your chances of getting eaten is 1/1000. But why not just keep your distance from the predators? The point is that herd behavior is not just found in animals but humans as well, and has not been a great survival strategy.

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I think the problem is not necessarily our instinct for preferring the herd but rather the technology that has enabled nefarious actors to co-opt that natural instinct and to use it for personal gain and for generally causing death/destruction and implementing control. Most of our natural instincts are helpful when living in a natural setting. Our species has just become technologically advanced enough to allow psychopaths to turn them against us.

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Even the animal kingdom reacts to a sense of fear & seeks survival. That is how they got so many people to take an untested bioweapon!

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The problem is, the corrupted systems won't let this happen. Especially in Australia.

There are lots of people pointing out the problems, but who is discussing solutions? Anyone want to think tank solutions with us?

First, let's identify the real problem: All of our important systems are corrupted.

Money is corrupted.

Food is corrupted.

Academia is corrupted.

Medicine is corrupted.

Science is corrupted.

Media is corrupted.

And of course government is corrupted.

We cannot expect these corrupted systems to fix themselves anymore. We need a new approach. How about we make new high-trust, decentralized and transparent systems that we migrate to? And if we want, we can plug them into the corrupted ones to fix them

Here is how we can fix corrupted government in 3 simple steps:


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Thanks for another excellent and informative post Peter. One thing that would really help me trying to alert my family and friends and legislators. Could you make a reading list of all the essential books around this subject on one page, in simple language, in an easy and quick to find place? Also a list of the top 20 studies that show the vaccines were dangerous and ineffective. A bit like your protocols but this time a protocol for evidence. The list could be by topic but above all it needs to be short. We are debating in a time of the 30 second attention span. This is how long it takes for those who I am trying to wake up to go back to sleep

It has to be pithy, ultra easy to read

1. Evidence for harms

2. Evidence for lack of effectiveness

3. Evidence of effectiveness of early treatment protocols

4. Evidence for censorship and obfuscation of early treatment protocols

5. Evidence for low death and infection rate of so called pandemic causing pathogen

6. Evidence for government and drug company corruption

7. Evidence for involvement of intelligence community in controlling free speech on these issue

At some point vaccine lovers will have to become aware that there is a veritable mountain of evidence behind our views and a mole hill to absolutely none behind theirs. We cannot let them get away with dismissing the evidence ( which is what they do)

Thanks for all you have done and are doing and God protect you

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