I convinced a few friends back in 2021 not to get their kids vaccinated by pointing out the obvious. The hope is one day they will be adults. While failure and side effects were evident to those paying attention by June/ July 2021, by the time it was "approved" for our kids and most of their friends (5-11) it was "okay" to say "We know young kids aren't at risk. We know it doesn't protect anyone from catching or spreading symptomatic disease and that kids have mild disease anyway." I simply added the point that one day our kids will hopefully be grown-ups. When my husband and I make decisions for our kids, we try to make sure we can justify those decisions to our children when they are adults. We spend a lot of time teaching our kids they are responsible for their own actions regardless of what their friends or some silly mob is doing - they shouldn't walk off the bridge or call to burn the witches just because everyone else is doing it. There is no way we can use "everyone else was doing it" to justify giving them an experimental drug that was all risk an no reward to them personally. Our responsibility is to them first. It got enough of them thinking that they've since thanked me for helping them pause long enough to realize they shouldn't have their kids get these shots after all.

There are going to be a lot of heart wrenching conversations down the road, and I am not sure the mindless sheep ever consider that. I can't help but think they might not be so mindless if they did.

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I am on Chapter 5 of your book authored with Mr. Leake. The entity, CEPI, along with the government officials who gave financial support to this organization, as well as the DAVOS DESTROYERS (as I call the attendees of the WEF conference) need to be prosecuted for fraud and multiple felonies including murder. The pharmaceutical companies who produced these atrocities need to be disbanded and their executive staffs should be in jail. It is difficult to get by this cruel hoax on the world that was produced by CEPI, Bill Gates and JohnsHopkins. Bill Gates is a monster.

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What bothers me immensely is that authors of this (an almost all other articles) will minimize the results. They will always make it look as is it was "normal" and will continue with their push for the "vaccines". This is disgusting. I wish we can find a way to stop this practice, which has become the norm in medical literature.

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Does anyone know what % of young children by age have received the bivalent booster?

I did some searches and nothing is available.

The Pfizer bilvalent booster wasn't available to ages 5 - through 11 until October and ages 6 months through 5 yrs until December.

However, there is a catch, which may be backfiring for the CDC.

They have to have completed the primary series to be eligible. That means 2 mRNA Jabs.

So that eliminates most children from being eligible.

Of course we all know that the the mRNA Jabs are worse than worthless and even some of the public understands this.

As a result, even if most parents want their children to get the bivalent booster, most children are ineligible, especially below 5 yrs of age.

I called a bunch of CVS and Rite Aid pharmacies and it is almost impossible to obtain the primary series. In fact many pharmacies are no longer carrying Covid vaccines, much less that for young children.

To my knowledge, the only children under age 5 who are mandated to get any Covid shots are those applying for permanent residence via their parents. Immigration (USCIS) requires everyone age 6 months and older complete the primary series. Boosters are not required.

However, there is an exemption if not routinely available in the area.

Of course this does not make any sense. If the bivalent boosters were really safe and effective, getting a shot should be better than going back and getting vaccinated for a virus that no longer exists (the original Fauci-Wuhan virus with a Gain-of-Function furin cleavage.

Thankfully, because of lack of availability of the primary series for young children, most will not be able to receive the bivalent booster. I do not believe this is what Fauci et al. intended.

With all the recent deaths, it is unlikely that many people will be voluntarily taking ANY jabs once the winter is over.

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A GREAT interview with Dr. McCullough on The Belly of the Beast. Rebecca asks Dr. McCullough questions that you will not hear on some of his other interviews. YT has shadowbanned this interview. A must listen (and share): https://youtu.be/9_1r2VapZCA

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One simple answer explains all which we see....systemic child abuse...from the real day to day in propaganda in public school, the pressuring to conform and take the jab and the destruction of the family unit...it is ALL configured by adults with the target on the kids....the vaccine is but one corner of this triangle and ultimately it the vaccine will greatly affect their reproduction into adulthood...something these pedos desired the World not to know about for 75 yrs. Where are the killing fields?...see the expanding funeral home business and fetal wasting from the vaccines.....Where are the groups who planned all this?...they can not use the “German excuse” from the Nurnberg Trials post WW2...

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Will the use of mRNA COVID vaccines change the genetic make up of children so that their children will have altered immune systems? I read a bit about experiments in rats showing mRNA can result in changes in future generations. If future generations have altered immune systems, could that be good or bad? I know it's likely to be bad.

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A body, a heart, a mind, a soul, are terrible things to "waste"!

Yet there is a revelation occurring to dispel the sources of Evil.

Answer and respond to the beckoning that is truth and compassion.

Big .Gov, Big pHARMA, has neither of these. So indeed Join the club.

As we are the observers who now become the collective witnesses.

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Seems criminal to me that we would allow children to participate in this huge experiment. There are no long term data on the mRNA platform methods. Where do those lipids go and what does the body do to remove them? Why would we allow children an exposure to something with no understanding what might happen years from now?

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