I just want to thank Dr. McCullough and Mr. Leake for starting this Substack. After the past two years of attempting to research various medical documents on my own, various internet sources, attempting to separate wheat from chaff, being able to find the ideas and information from such trusted sources, in one place, is a relief. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. Humanity thanks you.

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Thank you. It can go anywhere.

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Ischemic optic neuropathy. Another good reason to condemn the jab, as if more were needed. Thanks Dr. M.

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Nov 28, 2022·edited Nov 28, 2022

I deleted my last comment as typically having just asked if anyone could point me at any longer term biodistribution studies for the viral vector vaccines I immediately found some additonal information which I wanted to check. It was this: The BMJ said in April 21 "The study 514559 was aimed to examine the biodistribution of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 in bone marrow, brain, spinal cord, sciatic nerve, and other body tissues. The data from this study is not yet available in the public domain but this might provide evidence of vaccine delivery in the brain." The only study I can find is one which goes up to 29 days: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8637436/

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Whence is that knocking?

How is't with me, when every noise appalls me?

What hands are here? Ha, they pluck out mine eyes...

Knock knock knocking on Fauci's door, yeah...

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Dr. McCullough:

So, question...and I have to ask, because I have not done my research (enough anyhow--to answer my own query) relative to the spike protein, etc.

1.) The debate about the origins of the pandemic centered around the mutations...much was made of the furin cleavage site, which was said to be necessary for S-protein mediated cell-cell fusion and the entry into human lung cells. Many argued that it came from a lab, etc. Others, including our beloved Fauci, maintained that it came from nature. And we all know....how that whole debate has played out.

2.) While maintaining that it came from nature and not putting pressure on the WHO and China relative to the "lab origin" theory, Fauci set about with the lockdown and vaccination strategy as the only viable plan.....we know the measures used to do that.

3.) Fauci and his big pharma co-horts pushed exclusively the mRNA vaccine, which used the spike protein as that part of the virus to duplicate to jumpstart immunity against covid. Why did they choose that part?

4.) We know that China (the home of the lab that most now believe is the likely source of the virus) has not used mRNA vaccines in immunizing its population against COVID. I find that rather curious....don't you?

Seriously, we are extremely competitive with China in the area of technology and also biotechnology. I have done enough research to know that when it comes to these areas borders do not mean a whole hell of a lot.

So , did China pass on the mRNA technology in terms of immunizing its population because it did have inside information from the Wuhan lab about the engineering of this virus and the fact that the spike protein is not a harmless feature?

Fauci, et al and big pharma would have us believe that we only learned after the fact that the spike protein is in fact toxic. But how can that actually be?

It begs the question about why big pharma (particularly Pfizer and Moderna---and yes, I have traced Moderna's rather interesting creation and path in biotech) rushed to use the spike protein....

Am I missing something? Because if feels a bit like....China knew what escaped from the lab. They spared their population the toxic mrna shots, while our government did the complete opposite....they recognized and then tried to hide the fact that we had funded this kind of gain of function experiments. How much did they know? Did they know that the spike protein is toxic and purposefully model the vaccine after that so that it would be hard to differentiate between adverse reactions and actual covid infections? Thereby providing cover for their evil orchestrations and unlawful activities?

Just really trying to figure out...why the spike protein? Do you know the reasoning they offered about that choice?


PS keep up the great work. I think of the FDA as some castle with Lord Fauci sitting there....with his moat and high walls....and there you are and others....the knights riding around the perimeter lobbing grenades over the walls, building boats to cross the moat, looking for where the walls are weak and can be brought down....committed to breaching his righteous fraudulent ass. Stay the course. And if I can help in any way. Let me know.

The spike protein killed my mom by causing her to have the sudden onset of a Myasthenia Gravis crisis (just as you, McCullough and others described in their paper--even had a bad scan on the spleen...and fainted due to vagas nerve) and the docs did not even have it on radar...so they starved and dehydrated her to the point of a cardiac arrest because they thought she must have covid or have had a stroke (even though there was no evidence of both) and kept us away because of no access protocols. I diagnosed her based on my review of VAERS and listening to experts like Malone and you, but it was too late. They had sat doing nothing. And still the "safe and effective" narrative persists....while our most vulnerable die, many from the effects of the toxic spike protein. My mom never tested positive for COVID. But the fear of the doctors is so great....if they see any lung problems, like pneumonia, it is as if they are paralyzed and begin expected the situation to develop into a deadly case of covid. Ugh.

Stay the course.....thank you for being a reasoned voice in this madness.

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This is an interesting analysis regarding the blood clots we are seeing: https://expose-news.com/2022/11/29/how-covid-jabs-cause-intravascular-growths/

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Could Ivermectin cure some cancers? The NIH thinks so...


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Thank you Dr. McCoulough. Crimes against humanity.

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