Censorship is the best first step to stop, then I pray that the Crimes Against Humanity and to the ones that created these Bioweapons and continue to push them, are Tried in a Nuremberg Trial.

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In the infancy of the C19 debacle, I began to post some of Peter's early treatment protocols and Texas Senate testimony on LinkedIn. Each post was removed as ""misinformation" and against IT'S "community standards." I persisted. LinkedIn eventually got tired of me and kicked me off their site.

Evil censorship.

PS..I take Ivermectin prophylaxis to this day.

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We need to get widespread coverage of this case before the Supreme Court. We need the oral arguments to be live-streamed on C-SPAN and other news organizations, on tv and radio. Free speech and our Constitution are under attack in so many ways during the past 3 years. This is another reason why the 2024 elections are so critically important.

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Thank God for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons exists, whose motto is “All for the Patient.” When I graduated from my registered nursing program in 1963, patient centered nursing is what we were taught. Sadly I’ve seen it slip away and we are left with evidence based medicine that ignores the individual patient needs and treats based on a treatment plan for a condition. Most often it is another pharmaceutical product.

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Crimes against We the People.

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Peter and all,

Not sure why all the excitement over this case???

If decent doctors and scientists had UNITED, yes UNITED with Janci Lindsay, PhD to work TOGETHER with strategic planners the STOP THE VACCINE goal would have been accomplished LONG AGO…saving lives!

What should have been the #1 priority of all decent health professionals 4 years ago got lost? How incredibly shameful after over 17 million continuing global vaccine murders!

Entering our British Common law courts, yes that’s right BRITISH COMMON LAW COURTS to get a Constitutional ruling requires serious expertise that most lawyers at all levels do NOT have…and certainly NO scientists or doctors have!

Strategic planners are a necessity when entering our courts IF you want to win! Why? Because our courts are serious battlegrounds stacked in general AGAINST THE PEOPLE!

Why are doctors and scientists NOT understanding such a simple concept such that their priority LONG AGO should have been to work with THE BEST strategic planners…only to get distracted with things that do not matter???

These STRATEGIC PLANNERS whose advise these doctors and scientists chose UNWISELY to ignore a long while ago have serious expertise to win Constitutional decisions like STOPPING THE VACCINE in our British Common Law Courts!

Mike Yeadon stated online that he loves Janci Lindsay, phD…as I do!

Why? Because she has an enormous heart for humanity and is swamped doing the right things…whipping her colleagues together to work with serious strategic planners to…


I know Janci and the strategic planners and they are THE BEST America has to offer!

How come the scientists and doctors are still pussyfooting around as the global murders continue…even with the existence of a mountain of evidence without any reasonable doubt to…


P.S. I see no heroes among the doctor and scientist groups YET…only Janci if she can get her colleagues FINALLY moving in the right direction to STOP THE VACCINES…to stop the murders!!!

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The suit needs to include damages both from the federal government in terms of dollars and from the social media companies as a percentage of ownership in the companies. It should also open a path to criminal charges if not in this case at least from this point forward. A slap on the wrist does nothing. It takers money, ownership, and the threat of prison to prevent this from happening again.

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Will the justices know the AMA, et. al. are paid by Big Pharma? Who will make sure they know this?

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Are doctors outed for being AAPS supporters? I am retired military and Tricare routinely promotes covid jabs-- still. They choose what health network they will pay and that I go to for the most part--else would be more out of pocket. If given a choice, I would pick a primary care doctor that shares they affiliate with the AAPS.

My doctor is same for whole family and thankfully is not a covid jab promoter. While he doesn't like discussing early treatment, he is well aware of all my telehealth HCQ, IVM and kitchen sink of just in case meds and does not hold it against me. There should be no barriers (what insurance reimburses, health system policy/protocol) to what is best for patients. Thank you for carrying the torch Dr. McCullough!

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Obviously USA government head honchos think the relationship between patient and medical doctor, stops being private for the general public at large, in regard to vaccine usage labelled as mandatory, with an exception for head honchos. In other words do as WE head honchos SAY, because confidentiality between patient and doctor is not universal.

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And the power of this case is to insure that it will always remain a beacon of Justice and Liberty.

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Excellent move AAPS! Action for Retraction!! Get everyone's head on strait to "See" the Criminal activity that plagues the world today!! "See" it's the people we supposedly elected to have the our backs and act in our Best Interest! Are they challenged by semantics thinking BEST means Beast? God Bless All of You and your efforts to bring freedom and balance to Earth and its People!🙏

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