Serrapeptase and lumbricase have no studies with Spike protein yet so should stay with suggested regimen. Support www.McCulloughfnd.org

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Have anyone studied Lumbrokinase. This enzyme from Earthworms has a more power fibrinolytic effect than Nattokinase or Bromelin. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used Di Long (Earth Dragon) or Earthworm for years to treating thrombosis, stroke, traumatic injury, and both cardiac and CVS pathologies related to blood flow issues and clotting susceptibility for millennia. Canada RNA a company in BC (who I have nothing to do with) make a pure Lumbrokinase isolate, it beats Earthworm Tea. There have been numerous studies showing it’s efficacy. Likewise the Chinese Herb Dan Shen, for thousands of years used for angina and thrombosis has performed well with CoV symptoms relating to circulation. See papers by Stephan Bruhner (RIP) who wrote epic evidence-based papers during Covid despite his advanced age and declining health. A true Saint in terms of his selfless contributions to Herbal Medicine.

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Dr McCullough, I would encourage you to look into serrapeptase also. I am pretty confident that you will find like Nattokinase it dissolves SP and spike induced fibrin clots. But it also has some mechanisms of action that NK does not that would greatly benefit long Covid and long vax sufferers, specifically reducing inflammation and dissolving scar tissue and amyloid/prions. Lumbrokinase also has similar effects. But in my opinion it is probably too effective at preventing clotting to be widely used as a supplement without close medical monitoring.

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Link doesn’t work

Proper link:

Clinical Rationale for SARS-Co-V-2 Base

Spike Protein Detoxification in Post

COVID-19 and Vaccine Injury Syndromes

Peter A. McCullough, M.D., M.P.H.

Brian C. Procter, M.D.

Cade Wynn


Linked to your article and your paper here on my Substack


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How long can a person stay on Nattokinase? My hubbs had a d-dimer of 19 at dx w/Delta almost two years ago. D-dimer It is now down to 6. Please let me know.

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Would there be any side effects from the McCullough spike protein detox ?

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Why would we wait for a corrupt, captured and totally inept gov't agency at this point to tell us anything that is true?

These are the same overpaid people that pushed propaganda against harmless but effective therapies like ivermectin. Who would actually wait for their stupid conclusions and listen to these corruptocrats? I'll stick with listening to real, do no harm, doctors like McCullough, Khoury, Malone and company

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But the Spike Protein is really Nanotech, according to Dr. Ana.

"Many of us know this information by now, but many simply do not want to believe it. Dr. Sansone explains the context that should make logic to every human being. If scientists/ globalists tell you what they are going to do, and then we find what they said they were going to do, maybe it is true that they did what they said and it is time to wake up and see what is right in front of us - instead of denying it for political reasons and apathetic compliance. "It is just too inconvenient to acknowledge nanotechnology, lets stick with the spike story"... well friends, your spike is nanotech - a virus like particle manufactured by humans as a weapon in conjunction with using Quantum dot nanocrystals for biosensing applications. As Karen Kingston says- a technological DEVICE". - Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

She has shown over and over, what she has seen with her Darkfield Microscope. I like Dr. McCullough, but I believe Dr. Ana. Here she discusses it: https://rumble.com/v3bpp3s-theyre-trying-to-kill-your-family.html

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Dr. McCullough, thank you for answering my question in this post! I’ve been treated for a high platelet count for the past three years, taking ferrous fumarate for anemia and also one baby aspirin per day. I’m 76 and do bruise quite easily, so I was a bit leery of taking the Nattokinase, but I am taking it since I had the original series of two Moderna shots and one booster. The last one was almost two years ago in November, 2021, and I’ve had no effects from the vaccine so far, but I still want it out of my body! I’ve also been taking curcumin for several years. Now I’ll add the bromelain!

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Random question.. I used to follow Dr. Ryan Cole, early in this fiasco. Where has he been lately? Does he have a Substack?

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Dr. McCullough

I know of several otherwise-reasonable people who insist that the sars -cov-2 virus does not exist. Can you supply one or more links. studies or whatever demonstrating the means by which virologists have verified the existence & nature of the virus? We all know that the PCR test was run at too many cycles to avoid many false positives. Surely there are other, more reliable tests/viral analyses. Thank you.

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About a month ago, a dear friend and mentor passed "peacefully in his sleep."

He had been suffering from Amyloidosis, which "appeared" after this gentleman submitted himself, trustingly to walk the path of "Pharmageddon." For about 18 months, Don was being treated and, every Monday, he spent most of the day yodeling down the porcelain canyon of the toilet from reactions to the "therapy." He was taking shots which his superb insurance was suspected of paying "$56-thosand a month for him. He was stoically chipper and as active as he could be until the phone call came that he was "gone."

Seems that Amyloidosis is a likely suspect in the end of the trail events we find out about.

Unfortunately Don's family had his remains cremated in lieu of an autopsy.

It was great to have Don around for however long the $56K/month injections held his destiny at bay.

I am (and we all are) haunted by Steppenwolf's "The Pusher"

May God Damn the pusher-usurper-predators


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FYI - The link to the manuscript seems to be broken. This is the message coming up: "chrome-extension’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem."

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I am not Covid 19 vaccinated in any form. However, I am in contact on a daily basis with many people who are mRNA covid 19 vaccinated, as well as being in contact with the general populace.

I believe some muscle, joint, and respiratory problems I have experienced over the past 3 years, may be attributable to the spike protein from the Wuhan virology lab release of a man made genetically modified concoction which it appears cause the so called long covid.

After some research , I decided to administer a daily routine of hydrogen peroxide diluted with water 3;1 as a mouth and throat gargle, and sniff same up the nose. Results have been positive improvement.

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what if the vaccine injury appears to be brain ... "dementia" ? Could this protocol help if it is in fact caused by the spike protein?

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Sounds great! My only question is, what would you recommend if someone (not me, but someone I know) is allergic to soy, since Nattokinase by definition comes from fermented soybeans?

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