Great article thank you.

PS: I think there is a typo here - should read : “ These phrases come withOUT evidence or support”

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Thank you Dr. McCullough....you are truly a god send! I send out all your information to my "in the dark" friends...who still don't "get it"...And I give them you book "Courage to Face Covid19"

We've all been poisoned and it's going to be a long struggle to regain our health. The time to begin on that is now!--especially for the children...NO MRNA VACCINES ON THE CHILDHOOD PANELS---EVER! The combination of your courage, your commitment and your expertise is unequaled....I can only hope that more "medical authorities" step up to the plate and hit a home run for our children and our future...

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Your guess is plausible that the language in published covid papers supporting the accepted narrative despite contradictory content in the paper has been to fool editors into accepting the paper for publication. This is exactly the case in climate change research, according to my late cousin Olavi Karner, an atmospheric physicist, who published in that field.

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Great job here Doc. Sorry but I had a thought bomb in the shower this morning and am compelled to offer it-- off subject.

Hillsdale College(Michigan) is one of the very few not accepting Federal Funds from the government and an icon of Freedom in this country. You & other doctors like you are aware of the lack of TRUE, source cause, education given to med students, for example, their near total ignorance of the situation with vaccine, ingredients, and harms. Basically for a century there has been a purposeful omission on the part of allopathic medicine educational institutions(from what I can gather) to truly educate physicians how to solve the original causes of disease while treating to remove symptoms and ignore the root cause.

I entreat you, joining with other like-minded docs, to combine with Hillsdale College to create the first allopathic Med School to reverse this situation. The nation, the world, desperately need physicians who treat the cause and not the symptoms alone.


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Page 2 of paper states, "Political and financial incentives may have played a key role in undermining the scientific evaluation process leading up to the EUA."

This servility, this lack of ethical resolve is typical of what we're dealing with when it comes to the so-called medical profession. This is especially true/ironic given the early comment from Dr. Mead involving his disdain/observation WITH THE PRIMARY MOTIVATION HE-HIMSELF OBSERVED WITH "MED STUDENTS" : $$$$$$$$$

But then, in the same breath, Mead uses the term 'cognitive dissonance.' He even admits that he "went under ground" (exactly when the common people needed him and other MDs most). Maybe Mead should look in the mirror.

But let's get back to Mead's comment quoted first/above about the EUA.

How many times in this allegedly "peer reviewed" paper do the authors mention THE KEY INTENDED/WELCOMED "LEGAL" RESULT OF THE EUA?! Let's go slow for the likes of Mead and McCullough, with an alarm that I offered in December 2020 . . . I was quite alone when I did so (in that post EUA 2020 timeframe) . . . quote:

"Does anyone actually believe that Mr. Albert Bourla would have sold his mRNA needles into the market wherein he and Pfizer were NOT protected by liability immunity?!"

I have since repeated that not-so-rhetorical question MANY times, and done so with McCullough. McCullough's response? Let's go here, @31:20 Mead mentions the crimes by the needle makers against our children. Mead mentions that this criminal scheme, quote,

" . . . . is giving these drug companies immunity to put it on the schedule."

Is that supposed to be new-news?! But watch then as McCullough IMMEDIATELY pivots as fast and as far as he can from both the specific issue involving children needle schedules, and the general issue of LIABILITY IMMUNITY. Why is that Dr. McCullough?! My interview all the way back in 2021:


This paper is interesting but let's be blunt: It's more of what we already knew would result from the machinations of implicitly inept medical doctors at-best, and/or outright criminals in-truth. The paper is nothing more than a re-hashing of what the undersigned EXPECTED AND WARNED ABOUT DIRECTLY TO PRESIDENT TRUMP IN APRIL 2020, and then directly to Fauci as early as July 21 2020.:


In stark contrast, in 2020 McCullough went the other way . . . he openly shunned natural immunity, and promoted the mRNA needles when he wrote the following in August 2020, quote:

"Antibody production after COVID-19 takes a few weeks to ramp up but wanes fairly quickly after several weeks to months. Thus, the hope is that a vaccine could instill permanent memory in antigen-presenting T-cells that would remind the plasma cells and B-cells to proliferate and restore antibody production more quickly in the setting of re-inoculation."

The truth as to why McCullough continues to avoid the COVID-19 underbelly (LIABILITY IMMUNITY) is obvious . . . perhaps he should interview Dr. David Martin next:


I like the paper, I like Mead, and while I appreciate the heads-up from McCullough, context is what we need to avoid the future "pandemic." As long as so-called medical doctors, et al. hide behind or openly favor LIABILITY IMMUNITY, another "COVID-19" is not merely likely . . . it's for certain.

The way I stopped future "pandemics" of safety defects in automobiles, was to ensure and embrace liability . . . were it not for the plaintiffs bar and the legal operative of liability, I could never have gotten it done:


Up to and going straight at the criminals of US Department of Justice (a very risky affair for my person):


(See highlights last page)

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This is important information and it clarified something I had not understood. The fact that the people receiving the vaccines were not counted as vaccinated until 2 weeks after the second shot allowed the manufacturers to count some who died from the vaccines as unvaccinated. That blew my mind. Dr. McCollough, you have talked about over 1100 people dropping dead in the clinic right after receiving the shot, but they were probably counted as not vaccinated. It gave them ammunition for saying that unvaccinated people were dying in large amounts. This is pure evil!!

Congratulations to Nathanial on his great paper.

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Excellent article. Very encouraging. There is a typo that needs to be addressed: "These phrases come with NO evidence or support". Or withOUT evidence or support.

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The safety and efficacy trials fell apart when they 1st rolled this out for SARS-1, because the animals kept dying before the trials could be completed... That SHOULD, I think, have been a clear warning that it was never "safe"! However, when the real goal was to get their "kill shots" into as many humans as possible, safety wasn't an issue of concern, neither was contamination, in the grand scheme of the globalist plan for humans.

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Thanks Dr McCullough and all your team , All of you are, our only hope! Sadly, only a small fraction can understand what has been done to the world , even to this day I can't get my own family to listen to any of this but thanks to you providing links to all the papers, I print all them up! So I have scientific evidence!!!!

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The part that's ironic is this too and fro over the paper, it amounts to the reviewers doing a deep dive on stuff they might otherwise have missed or discounted.

So you converted some of the reviewers (I presume, as the paper was published), peer review is a sort of 'automatic redpill' due to its nature, on steroids. Its a nice scripted formal debate with folks credentials on the line. So now you got some influential people in the medical science world who may now be pondering stuff, they asked questions, got unexpected answers, were forced to acknowledge some factual matters. They may have showed up to critique and shoot down, not necessarily out of malignence rather just the usual brainwashed normie, in this case with some letters behind their names. And they had to listen and think very carefully about a whole bunch of stuff they otherwise never would have ...... ha - guess we had the public debate on safety after all. In this case you know you converted or at least stalled the normies (sorry credentialled medical experts and peer reviewers), you got the paper published.

MSM wont mention it, too bad, but what a ripple through the editing and scientific credentialled world it must be.

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Thank you both for your efforts to expose the flaws in the mainstream narrative and vaccine trials. Your expertise, professionalism and humility are greatly appreciated. In Australia we have endured a ridiculous media personality-driven circus coercing the population to "get vaccinated" and treating the unvaccinated like pariahs. Like many concerned citizens I began to smell a rat when medical coercion and vaccine mandates became the public health response to the WHO's declared pandemic. Our former WA Premier, Mark McGowan, will be remembered for telling us: " Life will become very difficult for the unvaccinated". This to me was like a threat for looking after my own health and minding my own business. Mainstream media simply did not report the many thousands of Australians who protested on a weekly basis throughout the pandemic. The totalitarian State response with our WA Police Commissioner appointed as "Vaccine Commander" took this absurdity to a higher level. Thank you both so much for shedding light and helping to restore global population health and sanity to a troubled world.

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So were the phrases “inserted to gain institutional approval for submission” or were they designed “to get past biased editorial boards and reviewers who want to keep the false “safe and effective” narrative flowing in the medical literature.”?

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"These phrases come with evidence or support, seem out of place, and I wonder if they are inserted to gain institutional approval"

Is this supposed to read .."...come with NO evidence or support....."?

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Thank you both!

We the People deserve truth, transparency, accountability, and CHANGE.

The Scamdemic was a criminal farce with massive collusion.

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One small step for vaccine death and injury "Data in Evidence" of massive fraud.

One giant leap for mankind! Thank you, best wishes as a new History will unfold.


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The lengthy foreplay here, in which the guest provides a weird and apologetic explanation of his meandering educational background, actually degraded severely his bona fides. It did not help that he used the verbal crutch “you know” over and over when speaking, like some dazed teenaged skateboarder hanging with pals at your local mall. I do fail to understand why McCullough did not tune things up much better before they did this show. I give this whole event an impact score of 3.4 out of possible 10 points. Sorry folks, it was a dud.

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