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Exactly. The legal arguments around Korematsu (the scotus case regarding this issue) are highly analogous. Yet somehow, even though the Korematsu decision opposing the policy is an article of faith for the left, they are all in favor of the policy now. Situational ethics again.

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It is no secret, but not commonly known, that Gavin (Plump Jack) Newsom is a graduate of Klaus Schwab's "Global Leaders for Tomorrow" school. And it is no secret that Schwab stepped aside on the podium to allow then Prince Charles "His Royal Highness" to be THE ONE to announce the Great Reset at the conference of the WEF in Davos. There are a lot of dots connecting but with so many among us who are seeing stars--the dots, deeds, misdeeds and trajectories go unnoticed, un-responded to and unresisted to a degree that---aware people who do their homework feel like they have an emotional ball and chain on their spirit of joy and optimism. Thanks to the courageous (NO--HEROIC) work of Dr. McCullough the disparities between propaganda and truth are being illuminated. I have never met a more gentle and conscientious person than Dr. Peter McCullough.

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John wrote: "As was the case of Executive Order 9066, legislative proposals for vaccine mandates are not motivated by facts or reason, but by unwarranted fear of a hypothetical danger."

John is more charitable than I am. These orders are not based on fear/danger. They are based on the aspiration to control, dominate, exploit, and weaken their subjects.

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It appears that the narrative is shifting?

Andrew Brigden in UK parliament. Australian past health officials talking about vaccine injury. German broad cast on vaccine injury. NZ broadcast on the vaccine injured.

I sincerely hope that precautionary principle, which was used extensively to lock healthy people in their homes during the pandemic, is now used for good. Which means halting the vaccination campaign whilst working out what is actually happening.

That would be the humane thing to do.

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And then there is Franco Harris. NFL legend Franco Harris “died suddenly.” Appears that the #1 cause of death, these days, is "Died Suddenly." Not a very good promo for your product when it kills your official spokesman. I know people who know him, and they ALL said he was the nicest man you could meet. My wife also met him at a business gig, said the same thing, and I played football at university (later transferred to U. of Illinos) with the brother of the guy who backed Harris up on the Steelers (Brumfield... originally, their back of the future was to be Penn States Lydell Mitchell, but he didn't pan out so they went to Harris)

See https://twitter.com/cdcgov/status/1358140908265295874?lang=cs

NFL Legend Franco Harris Dies Suddenly – Was CDC Spokesperson for COVID “Vaccines” Reports I saw say he was quadruple vaxxed; story below, link here:

NFL Pittsburgh Steeler legend and Hall of Fame star running back Franco Harris died suddenly today, just days before he was to be honored by the Pittsburgh Steelers and have his jersey number retired.

Franco Harris passed away suddenly on Tuesday, and here is to remembering his legacy and what he meant for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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And just like Executive Order 9066, this “pandemic” was used to take away land from small businesses, but on a global scale.

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Again, thank you for this history lesson. During Black History Month, I did a series of LinkedIn post on black civil rights leaders, hoping to draw comparisons. My wrap-up post had some of my favorite quotes with parallels to today. Thank you for all you do.

“History teaches that grave threats to liberty often come in times of urgency, when constitutional rights seem too extravagant to endure.” —Thurgood Marshall [quote from his dissent in Skinner v. Railway Labor Executives’ Association, 489 U.S. 602, 635 (1989)]

“I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.” —Frederick Douglass

“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” —Ida B. Wells

“Freedom has never been free.” —Medgar Evers

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I just reached out to the head of PERK on LinkedIn. I graduated near the top of a top law school in 1991, clerked on the 9th circuit in 1992, and practiced lit on behalf of Big Corps for corp law firms in the early 1990s.

Hated that work. I've been inactive in the California bar ever since.

Now with Covidland, and being one of the vanishingly few unvaxxed Californians, I'm itching to get back into litigation to fight the borg.

What with media, social media (except for Twitter today .. thanks Elon!!) and government captured by Big Pharma, it's up to us lawyers to force the truth onto the slowly awakening sheep.

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What??? Who?????Our sainted 1930's, 1940's Progressive Poster Boi Franklin Delano Roosevelt......you can't mean it!!! I'm BAFFLED.....ABSOLUTELY Baffled about how the Japanese Americans could have wound up there in those fake news camps. The left is INCAPABLE..... I tell you, INCAPABLE of misjudging, misdiversifying or failing to include ANYONE...........blah, blah, blah

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What’s it going to take? I’m sure everyone knows what I’m asking about….

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I can understand some of this hysteria when people thought the vaccines: (a) prevented the vaccinated person from spreading COVID; (b) lasted potentially forever; and (c) had no significant side-effects. I'm not saying I agree with it, nor am I saying that those in charge actually thought this. But, a large chunk of the population did.

Now, however, it's been shown that vaccines: (a) do not stop or impede the vaccinated from spreading COVID; (b) to the extent they are effective at all (debatable), the effect is weeks or months; (c) do have side-effects, some acknowledged and some not yet acknowledged; and (d) do not offer protection superior to natural immunity.

In light of this, I am led to believe this is no longer hysteria analogous to what led to Japanese internment camps. This is analogous to continuing the internment camps in 1970, years after we knew that such policies were bad mistakes. Something else is driving this, in my opinion. Perhaps it's nothing more than an unwillingness to publicly admit that mistakes were made, and perhaps it's something more.

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Windows on what was 100 yrs ago…never actually went away to anywhere in particular.

H.L. Mencken 1925

In order to keep any coherence in the governmental process, to prevent the wildest anarchy in thought and act, the government must put limits upon the free play of opinion. In part, it can reach that end by mere propaganda, by the bald force of its authority — that is, by making certain doctrines officially infamous. But in part it must resort to force, i.e., to law. One of the main purposes of laws in a democratic society is to put burdens upon intelligence and reduce it to impotence. Ostensibly, their aim is to penalize anti-social acts; actually their aim is to penalize heretical opinions. At least ninety-five Americans out of every 100 believe that this process is honest and even laudable; it is practically impossible to convince them that there is anything evil in it. In other words, they cannot grasp the concept of liberty. Always they condition it.

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Well, just wait until they start pulling out obscure bits and pieces of the Cares Act and the ACA and today's 4100pg spending bill with over 7500 earmarks - that no one could have possibly read. But the uniparty passed it. Gave the FBI and DOJ nice big raises too.

We have no representation any more. For all we know there is a provision buried in one of these purposefully gigantic bills that will cart the "anti-vaxx misinformation-spreaders" off to camps much like EO 9066. Almost sounds like they're preparing California for such a place.

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CVS sent my 81 year old mid-stage alzeheimer ridden mother (Estelle) an email to see if they could get her to participate in taking a flu shot based on the "mRNA" platform. I just sent the actual email to you at "info@peterMc.... :

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I once had a California High School graduate ask me if Arkansas was near Mississippi?

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Kids in California schools can’t even read. Why would you send a kid to a public school in Californication? Lived there for about a year and was back East, ASAP.

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