The Uk has been taken over by the WEF. Say farewell to all freedoms Brits. Your lives are being destroyed one parliament bill at a time. I know, I live here.

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Apr 21, 2023·edited Apr 21, 2023

I don't think it's any one event or tactic. Once you convince people they've been treated unkindly, then unfairly, it's a slippery slope. Years ago I remember a big deal made out of bullying in school. There was a lot of fear "for the children". Not to minimize something that should never be allowed, it was but a stepping stone to allowing $1000 shoplifting sprees to go unpunished as some kind of reparation for unfairness? Discrimination? A reason doesn't even matter any more.

It's time to see it for what it is - war against western values. Free speech. Free thought. Liberty. And property rights, including for one's own body. Piece by piece has been put into place over decades. I'm reminded of the game Go and am feeling increasingly encircled.

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Yes, it's obvious. But when do you stop? Might has always made right. Land has always been taken from anyone unable to hang onto it. We're probably lined up right now for our own Trail of Tears and don't even see it. Yet.

My problem is the framing of slavery being only a race issue. Slavery has always been carried out across races and is still to this day being carried out. Reparations is just one more tactic to take down the country. Not only is it infallibly divisive, it's bottomless. Remember when Russia got over extended in the cold war? How'd that turn out for them? I'm sure they're saying, "Turnabout is fair play" and China is just sitting back, calmly moving pieces in place.

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And where are the freedom loving British politicians? I constantly ask the same question about the Republicans in this country. Do they not realize the war for our freedom has already started even though a bullet has not been fired yet ?

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1984 was apparently an instruction manual.

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Insane, absolutely insane! When will people simply realize the power resides with them; they can take it back from the pols they gave it to, and say no, we will not put up with your bullshit anymore. Throw them out, physically if necessary. No elections, they are corrupted anyway. Take it back, or live forever under the heel of tyranny.

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For heaven’s sake John…WHY would you get anyone focused on censorship in the UK???

I thought you were an American?

How about focus on censorship in America?America has the worst military led psychological censorship operation on the planet because we have the worst government that is causing MASSIVE pain for the rest of the world!

Because of OUR taxpayer money…the UN, WEF, NATO, etc is allowed to exist. Why do you think Trump wanted to STOP that flow of money?

Does everyone on our side have ADHD, not being able to focus on anything that matters for 3 min to win this dangerous, destructive war?

Why is everyone reacting to yesterday instead of acting to get ahead of the FAST moving train heading straight towards all of us?

Is it because we are being attacked on so many fronts EVERYDAY that people are behind the train instead of acting to get ahead of the train?

If you are AWAKE and ready to help with viable solutions with real strategic war planning Leaders, volunteer at…

Northamericanlawcenter@gmail.com is the ONLY group with any wins the past 3 years because of their strategic planning skills!

Contact them if you have questions!

Again, God Bless those willing to help in this serious war that will take serious efforts and/or money!


Mother/Grandmother of 7 and counting

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The odd thing about Konstantin Kisin is that he keeps telling the world that the people of Ukraine really want to continue this difficult, damaging, deadly fight against Russia. And yet, Zelensky has all but eliminated freedom of the press and free speech within Ukraine. As outsiders, we cannot really know the true opinions of the Ukrainian people about this war because of this speech suppression. But we do know that something like 10 million people have left Ukraine. Does that not tell us something about the desire of the people to stay and fight Russia? I don't know if I want to take any advice about free speech from Konstantin Kisin.

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Coming to a United States near you.

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Hooray for Konstantin Kisin! I highly recommend his debate speech on woke culture at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJdqJu-6ZPo .

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The people have spoken, not only in UK but throughout the Western World. The voters have soundly rejected freedom, responsibility, and decency for whatever you want to call what today's sick politicians are selling. To bad for those of us who know what we're losing. The rest will get exactly what they deserve. I hope the downward spiral can be turned around, but how?

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Canada is no longer strong and free.

Trudeau is a WEF puppet.

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We need to stop focusing so much on the nuances of what the CDC or FDA or DoD or WHO did and more on defending key freedoms, and the rest will take care of itself. Key freedoms are the simple concepts that all people can understand.

Freedom of speech, freedom of association, bodily autonomy.

Totalitarianism begins with censorship and surveillance.

Totalitarianism does not begin with mechanistic thinking, and I fear that that ideology is doing a great deal of harm and taking the focus off the true beginnings of totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism begins with censorship and surveillance. Full stop. Why were we led to believe that it begins with the nebulous concept of "mechanistic thinking"? And why has this nonsense been promoted when any one of us knows better, with just a little thought?

We're seeing the beginnings of totalitarianism and it isn't coming in the form of "mechanistic thinking," is it?

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And King Charles III and even William are all worried about global warming. I would love to love the Monarchy but can't do it any more.

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Thanks for posting this, I look forward to listening.

By the way, if you haven't already, you might take a look at what the UK Freespeech Union has been combatting , it will raise your eyebrows, your hair, sombrero, oh, and any wigs about 57 feet into the air. https://freespeechunion.org/

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Well you seem to have a lot of criticism but no answers. Do you know what percentage of dead ppl voted for dems? Why they are cheating is most obvious. No one deserves this shit.

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