God bless you Dr. McCullough & John Leake & every Hero Whistleblower that has/is coming forward & exposing the lies & liars who orchestrated & profited from our unnecessary pain & misery of the manmade Covid virus & the killer Covid shots.

How many lives could have been saved with early treatment of Ivermectin & Hydroxychloriquine???

How many people would still be alive or not severely injured if the evil & corrupt Gates, Fauci, WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH, AMA, etc... and the vaccine companies whom all used innocent people as their Guinea pigs with their Covid shots???

I am unvaxxed & my first clue as to why I refused the shot was when we heard that our government politicians & vaccine companies were exempt from having to take the shots!

Unfortunately many of my family & friends who took the Covid shots are permanently injured or dead.

Because I’m older & high risk from being disabled from major cancer surgery & then major radiation damage I was pressured & ridiculed by many family & friends & doctors & nurses, thank God for one of my pain doctors who refused to take the Covid shot at risk of being fired, confided to me in private that he felt the same way I did, which gave me more courage to stand my ground.

I & all my family & friends know ALOT more people who died from the Covid shots than from Covid.

I cannot thank you all enough for your bravery to stand up against so many rich & powerful & evil people in our worldwide medical cabal.


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This pretty much smashes the whole thing wide open, no? Thank you Dr. McCollough and Mr. John Leake for your Courage to Face it.

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Will you be discussing the Event 201 Players in a future post?

Gates is only one of several megalomaniacs involved in pandemic plans. It's useful to know how widespread the corruption was, which you can get from the Players. All the way to Australia and Germany and China and Singapore.

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Awesome people stick together. Onward to forever!

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Someone gave to me their copy of the RFKjr Bible, the real satanthony Fauci Billy goats etc

I think you will want to have a way for us to read your work, for many such as myself are barely surviving, although I work every day.

Some days I make less than minimum wage.

Thank you for allowing my comment.

This cancel thing was done to me in 2007

Sorry they do it to you.

First amendment?


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Because clean water, clean air, and glyphosate-free food is too hard, so we need injections for all.

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When watching and listening to the Event 201 players they do not strike me, at all, as people that are dedicated and focused on the welfare of humanity by developing medicines and plans to save lives and suffering. Why is that? Maybe I am a poor judge of character.

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Nov 1, 2022·edited Nov 1, 2022

I never knew how tightly woven and multi faceted is the cartel, like a venomous and lethal octupus conquering its prey. Follow the money and the narcissistic ego. Thank you for this thorough picture and the detailed intentions of this "business plan." Every time I see Schwab or hear Harari I get the chills and feel rage. Be gone siamese twins. That said, I look forward to reading the book.

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globalists billionaires see us all as cash cows while pretending to care - that world governments in lockstep prevented anyone accesses provable treatments in other-words they criminally and negligently lied to get EUA so they could further their own business interests - we see now how many have been injured and killed by this experimental thing which as it turns out they created the actual virus in the lab and already had the injection ready all they needed was the lab rats - and bingo the world governments led their people - thats lied their people into this - this is beyond criminal- how did we ever get to a place where supposed democratise representative governments are now so unaccountable and beyond the reach of justice - when - the masquerade is over for so many we see through their lies but the herd still hangs on their every word and they rely on that - the US government and all its branches are corrupted and now they have corrupted the worlds governments too ...beholden to the one world government posing as the US and funded by billionaires with dark agendas given full power and no accountability - all of these people knew that GoF was being done to make a deadlier strain - they knew it was coming - I often wondered if it was deliberately released or an accident from a unsecured dirty lab but bill gates and Fauci give it away when they said there will be a pandemic - to expect it ....the knew so the answer is it was deliberate - how else could they gain so much control - these people need to be jailed - but we know they never will be - they are herding the gullible into a very dark agenda under the pretence of caring when we know they don't thats the worst betrayal

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So a wonderful non-profit CEPI arrived to save us. Vaccines at cost, oh yes. And Gates only got a 20:1 reward for his investment in some vaccine makers. It helps to lobby (nee bribe) nearly everybody to see cash rewards. One hopes the Midas touch is real.

Only the taxpayers got raped for their money and their health. How kind and generous.

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Thank you to Courageous Discourse for living up to your name. This is a great article that highlights activities in the shadows in the years before the pandemic. Whenever people ask my opinion about the pandemic, I always say, "Follow the money!"

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I am absolutely loving hearing from you Mr. Leake, and Dr. McCullough nearly every single day on Substack! Thank you!

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