"When someone declares 'people will die' as a justification for curtailing liberty, the correct response is, 'what are you suggesting - that liberty isn't worth dying for? That those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms made the wrong choice?" —OldMugwump

The following was originally written during the era of 9/11 boogie-man terrorism. For the purposes of modernization, please replace any instance of the word 'security' with 'bio-security', and any instance of the word 'terror' with 'virus'. None of this theater has ever been about safety. It has only ever been about control:

We no longer know the meaning of freedom. We have traded away everything to a false prophet. We refuse to see that belonging to a government is a fate far worse than any terrorist can reap; than any madman can sow.

The word of a terrorist has no power over us. The government's word is law.

In the name of security we will lose our security. In addition to the terrorist we will have the relentless uncompromising gaze of the government.

The power of the people is born from its freedom, and it is the people who must be the guardians of that power. It is from our freedom that we draw the authority to force our government to abide its boundaries. Through the guise of security we are slowly allowing our government to relinquish that authority, and ultimately, the government will know no boundaries.

Once we allow our freedoms to categorically run dry, we, as a people, will no longer have the authority to stand up to our government.

"Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both." —Thomas Jefferson

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"The U.S. Constitution was not written for children and the mentally incompetent, but for prudent adult citizens.”

We have arrived…it’s time for "prudent adult citizens" to STAND where they stand.

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The modern Golden Idol is this idea of "safety."

Americans have grown up obeying signs posted everywhere: Safety First! A pastor named Scott Dudley noted in a sermon how, over the last thirty years, we have created the most risk-averse society in history.

"We are the most seat-belted, bike-helmeted, air-bagged, kneepad-wearing, private-schooled, gluten-freed, hand-sanitized, peanut-avoiding, sunscreen-slathering, hyper-insured, massively medicated, password-protected, valet-parked, security-systemed, inoculated generation in history—and all it has done is make everyone more afraid of everything."

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“Willful Misconduct”…….I’d say that from the beginning of the covid plandemic it was ALL ‘Willful Misconduct” especially by the CDC, FDA, FRAUDCI, Birx, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and all the others including the criminal and corrupt Governors (and their so called Public Health Departments) who lockdown our states, killed the elderly nursing homes, harmed children and then started the attacks to cause all the injuries and deaths from the toxic jabs where the side effects were intentionally hidden from the public.

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For the record, on 9/11/2001, there were NO airliners used as weapons.

No airliner ever flown could have done as was alleged by the media on that day.

The laws of physics prove beyond any doubt that the "airliners" were FAKE,

Regardless of HOW it was done, the fraud is obvious.

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Sep 30·edited Sep 30

They used Covid to scare the crap out of people, so yes, unfortunately, most of the public accepted the restrictive measures.

The Patriot Act was essentially a package made up of things that law enforcement, the intelligence agencies and Congress wanted to pass for years and years. They used 9/11 as an excuse. But I'm not sure that a majority of Americans felt that it was really necessary but nobody asked the public. Sending troops into Afghanistan was much more popular, at least that's the way I remember it. And most of the public (including me) was not aware of the PREP act.

On the economic front, most Americans were against TARP but after initially declining to approve it, Congress went ahead and passed it without caring what Americans thought about it.

Representative democracy, my ass.

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There must be NO exceptions to the Constitution at any time, and most especially not for a "state of emergency".

If the criminals in government can simply override the Constitution by declaring a state of emergency, they will do it, over and over again.

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I see the demand for masking akin to the Heil Hitler salute expected of each German citizen in the 1930s.

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As a way to resolve your issue let’s revise the FDA. Their mandate is to make sure the drug is safe and effective. The industry fudges both. Let’s determine safety by measuring life expectancy in rats, rabbits, and even apes if there is any question. This is done by contracting out of the industry. If it’s safe let the Medical industry determine efficacy. Ivermectin soothe be allowed. So would xylitol.

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767s didn't fly into the Twin Towers; it was CGI.

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There as also the point that it was the unvaxxed who needed protection from the shedding vaxxed, rather than the reverse, unless we were actually sick from that virus, a point pretty much everyone just ignores, still.

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911 was an inside job that paved the way towards today’s tyranny. It’s designed from the get-go, not an accidental extension of human sins.

It’s still possible to confront he tyranny and defeat it. But we have to act asap.

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The mistake many make is assuming DC is occupied by individuals who are concerned about well being of the American people and our society. DC is now controlled by profoundly self centered authoritarians; criminal sociopaths who installed themselves via systemic election fraud (Joe is obviously just a pitiful puppet/facade). Absent valid elections those sick individuals, whoever they are, will continually tighten their grip on power until Americans are subjugated and utterly subservient; as with every tyrannical regime through human history. Tragically, given that blatant election fraud was perpetrated without consequence, there is no reason to believe the American people will have any opportunity to end expanding tyranny in DC by casting meaningful votes.

Those who can would be well advised to consider exiting this disaster, that being the only peaceful option for those who value their liberty, and my personal choice although I certainly regret being forced to leave our once remarkably free and prosperous nation.

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Except no planes hit the rowers. Are you serious? That's like covid logic. No planes hit anything.

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The physical system by which our federal government is supposed to protect us from harm is an example of a "complex" system. A system of this type exhibits one or more "emergent properities" each of which is a property of the whole system and not of the separate parts of this system.

In his his historical research, the professor of clinical psychology Matias Desmet has discovered that a "mass formation" of people who mistake a "complex" physical system for a "non-complex" physical system welcomes totalitarian rule over themselves out of the mistaken undersanding that the totalitarian rulers (aka Adolf Hitler) are "technical experts" who will protect them from harm though in reality these "experfs" are charlatans. See Desmet's book entitled "The Psychology of Totalitarianism" for details on his reseaarch

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"Early Stage" ???

Early state is when you don't notice.

Late stage is when the masks come off, which is where we are now.

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