“The world has concluded we cannot vaccinate our way out of future outbreaks with untested, unsafe genetic vaccines.”

Perhaps, but the Faucis and Gates of the world have not come to that conclusion. The mRNA platform, despite consistently failing in the lab, is now being introduced to almost every vaccine imaginable, whether for human or animals. What covid has shown us is that fear, and particularly fear of disease, is one of the ultimate ways of controlling the human population.

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Supportive care addressing symptomatic organ support regardless of viral etiology makes common sense. Fear of spread can’t be the premise of disease management - that lesson was clearly learned w COVID

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Clearly learned, perhaps, by those who may follow this Substack. But clearly learned throughout the majority of the human population?

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Given that the last 3 years of misery were planned by career bureaucrats and evil scientists, and that research done by Katherine Watt shows the legal mechanisms for that were begun many years prior, how do we know that any other 'pandemic' would not also be equally contrived?

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Can you point to “real professionals” in contrast to experts dealing with marburg telling us primary infection site and thus transmission paths?

Since all inorganic antiseptics are effective against all pathogens one-celled and smaller, actually, the smaller, the more effective, we should find out which one fits best to marburg, slight variations in effectiveness may be possible, done.


See Prof. zoltan Noszticzius on CIO2(aq):

ChIorine Dioxide is a size-selective microbial agent:


Please do not believe anyone telling H202 is worse than CHX on CoV, they lie — by PCR. We need cell cultures to measure this. And the charts showing dose dependant effects.

The better publications painted the picture H2O2 and NaHClO are in the same league, perhaps NaHClO better diffusing, whereas CIO2 is 10x more efficient.

It also has a redox lower than our cell walls explaining the relative good tolerability of it.

All inorganic antiseptics show effects also blood clots dissolving and immune system soothing. CIO2 is very good in blood clot dissolving, but may be inferior to H2O2 in immune system soothing effects.

To my knowledge, no alternating treatment was proposed yet, so we may be following this paths.

Please add multi-modal elements of therapy. As always.

Plant based:

As one yeared mugwort is the base for hydroxychloroquine, but has some 600 compounds more, it is certainly worth while to add several plants in therapy.

I had done literature research on amentoflavone as a 3CL protease inhibitor, that will be one mechanism of artemisine.

Searching for amentoflavone phytotherapy, one gets papers listing content in many plants.

By this, one finds a lot of plants show antiviral effect, but of course the dosing is crucial, and combination of working principles. I found 4.

- walnut leafs dried

- rock rose

- amentoflavone: thyme, sage, birch tree bark, oregano, torreya nucifera, black cumine

- moringa leafs as effect enhancer, delaying decomposition of amentoflavone in liver. Thus, add

- dandelions whole Plant or roots, and milk thistle.

Imho, most plants offer therapeutic effects, we just don’t know them (any more).

All the best against wag the dog psyop pIandemics continued.

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„An at-home treatment that can cure any virus“ by Dr. Thomas Levy:


Also get his free eBook:

Rapid Virus Recovery:


In short:

Inhalation of 10min. H2O2 in every waking hour.

You need

H2O2 (pharmacy)

Sodium Bicarbonate powder

Dead sea or stone salt or NaCl and a bit CaCl.

H2O2 is sold as a “sour solution, has to be, see below.

pH: get to near neutral. So:

Please buffer ie neutralise the stabilising acid in H2O2 preparations.

This is all I should add.

So read on if you are not sure how to buffer ie neutralise some acidic solution. Or never have done it.

You need a package of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda without acid). Pharmacists have a whole range of buffering agents at their disposal.

We can get it in every supermarket normally. If not artificially deprived of.

Called Kaiser-Natron in DE.


Sodium HydrogenCarbonate.


Get H2O2 from pharmacy. (In need, contact lens hydrogen peroxide may do, but I do not trust them to write on everything they throw in):

Buy it Pure and „Stabilised“ (bit acid added). Nothing else, except water of course.

(Do not buy „unstabilised peroxide“ - it is fraud, you do not get reliable strengths, as bumps on transport eg. degrade the H2O2 already, yielding unknown concentration, which is bad…)

One could try to ask a pharmacy to do “buffering”, neutralisation to pH ca. 6.5, but they are not cooperative on hippocratic medicine for us here in DE. Only hrrm and umm. You even have to tell them that surely they “might” have pH measuring paper in the preparation room (most are compounding in DE) if not a glass pH sensor. Ah yess, we have pH measuring paper. Can I have some? Ahh, if must be. Pharmacist: „But I surely cannot advise you to…“ Me: „I have not asked for advice…“ and so on — and I left :)

So just DIY. )

DIY Buffering to pH=6.5 ca. :

- eg by baking soda solution 0.5% (5g is ca. 1 flat TS per L water) as buffer solution ; so

- trickle in little droplets into a bit (eg 50ml H2O2) „till just not tasting sour any more“.

I needed 1% of the H2O2 volume of 0.5% NaHCO3 buffer solution ca, just as some clue. So 0.5ml buffer / 50ml H2O2. Only ca.. Will repeat and write protocol. Promised.

I also did measure by glass pH probe, but tasting was way exact enough.

Why is buffering necessary:

Originally producers mostly put in 0.05% phosphoric acid as a „stabiliser“, so concentration remains over transport and storage at exact the (eg) 3% the available products have written on the outsides of package.

0.05% acid: that does not sound much, but if you measure pH, you get pH = 2.3, which is that of „coke“, as acid‘s strengths, and it is „a bit“ .. hefty for lungs. But:

Anything near neutral is fine, 6.5 is perfect.

So trust your taste and everything is OK.

(Of course the effect of the oxydative H2O2 of „biting in the tongue“ a bit and foaming a bit is normal, suppress this sensation and ask : is it sour as coke or sprite, or just tasting as neutral as water? Done. Titration on pH by tongue that is .)

It was too long, as always, sorry.

Teach me to compress.

But I hope it was creating a live and practical and doable picture.

Do it.

I added dead sea or stone salt to reach 0.9% salt concentration.

Then I have another glass with 0.9% salt water ready for diluting the H2O2.

I used the 3% and inhaled. It was too strong for me to breath comfortably. So I wrote up the mL H2O2 in the inhaler head (2ml) and added from a syringe some 1 ml salt water, yielding 2% H2O2. I tried inhaling and this was ok _for me_ (allergic asthma, sensitive lungs).

When I reached 2%, I still found it strong but it did not impair free breathability I mindfully checked before and while and after inhaling.

THIS is the test. Do it.

Then try to inhale as much as 10min every hour. See links above. They also include literature links for further reading, toxicology, etc..

I always circle around problems and need unnecessary time to just do it.

If you have a bad bug in the system, you do not have the strengths and the time.

So TRAIN this while healthy. For your family with them and for yourself.

Trained procedures and supplies in shelf and inhaler machine, preferrably one compressor based and one membrane inhaler for thin low viscous fluids like H2O2 is perfect in family.

Try out inhaling at least one round and do dose finding. The mindful part.

Why CaCl or dead sea or stone salt: makes membranes less penetrable for pathogens for 6 hours, cuts down aerosol exhalation dito.

See: (Anti-SuperSpreading)

A New Natural Defense Against Airborne Pathogens


CIo2 inhalation :

Without inhaler nebuliser mahlne, you can inhale for upper airways by 4ml CIO2(aq)0.3% called CDS distributed as a flat puddle on a dish and breathed in covering under a rain jacket or tight woven blanket eg like doing a vapour sweat bath, cold this time. Does not reach lungs alveoli, but nice for upper respiratory system.

So 12mg CIO2 were resorbed in ca. 2mins. breathing time. Also working systemically, but not so easy and precise to dose as just swallowing thinned solution.

All this is not enough for Marburg, as I feel we both have to do something antiviral for biome in small intestine and mainly systemically.

(In biome: ozovit may do, magnesium peroxide, used for SIBO small intestine bacterial overgrowth, but of course cuts down on viruses as well. Dosing is relevant, some biome bacteria want to survive. )

But we have a „missing link“ here: where does Marburg replicate in the first stage?

Is it orally uptaken, infects the biome, then the host?

Or is it able to penetrate skin and this as a primary infection site (unplausible)?

Or is it already trained to spread by droplets (to some extend, probably), or did it have training sessions in some level-4 abyss from hell recently? We do not know. Reports are scarce this time. Perhaps as long as the 192 countries are subscribing the devils pact willingly, no “incentive” is now necessary.

Aerosols: not really.

If some one says „aerosols“, we have to call for hard evidence, as mask mandates prove:

a) masks do not prevent infections at all (flat line of incidence 10 days after introduction vs other areas without introduction) and this

b) also proofs NO AEROSOL participation is there, as FFP2/KN95 masks DO reduce aerosols by 99%. As „tested“ with population in DE of Bavaria first.

Also, aerosols are easily inactivated by nebulised inorganic antiseptics or self-distributing for 10ml CIO2(aq) per 10m² room area, fill up if color fades. For public buildings like kindergartens use „drinking water“ which legally is containing up to 20ppm CIO2. Done.

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Thank you! amazing work!

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Some grand investors should open a national chain of drugs/remedy/preventative stores that focus exclusively repurposed over the counter applications on all known global Corona type virus to date.

( DE-COV )

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Peter and all,

Astrid Stuckelberger, WHO whistleblower said their goals were…

1. Fear with continuing viruses/pandemics

2. Control of humans…Nanotechnology 101

Focus must be on stopping these psychopaths IF Freedom is your highest priority?

If so, the following message is 1 that needs to be repeated at this dangerous time in our history…

Unity AND funding a FREEDOM MOVEMENT is critical to winning this war for future generations!

Divided, we don't stand a chance! Only when we UNITE in working strategies on TOP PRIORITIES do we have a chance!

We must unite and fight with ALL we have…Satan cannot win!

Contact Lex if you are ready to FINALLY unite and fund serious strategic planners. Contact information at end of his pieces…



Personally…I have worked with Lex and the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER group for 15 years…America’s best brilliant and strategic minds!


Mother/Grandmother Lion of now 7 and counting

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The 2024 elections are on the horizon. Of course, there will be a deadly disease push. However, the Covid-19 virus and response will fail as people have lost trust in the media propaganda, the misleading CDC, the untrustworthy NIH, FDA, and most of all Big Pharma. Disease has been politicized and people will resist.

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The question is, how is Marburg, an RNA virus, sustaining itself in the wild with such virulence and replication competence for so long?

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Favipiravir requires a prescription. It can be purchased in tablets for oral administration from pharmacies in India.

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I don't think that any substantial efficacy against the Marburg virus has been shown at this time for HUMANS using Favipiravir TABLETS for ORAL administration (vs. Intravenously), but at least one research paper has shown an 80% success rate using the TABLETS with MICE.

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A Marburg pandemic is suggested by this article. When was the last time the world saw one of those? I suppose with enough digital currency and an industrious DOD / ARPA partnership that even pigs can fly. I can feel the goosebumps already. Yippee!

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oral zinc is effective according to Dr Zelensky

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For Marburg? Do you mean a pill or a lozenge?

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Sorry, it was Dr Zelenko, apparently it was the last thing he recorded before he passed and he recorded it in his car. The video was on twitter but I cant find it now, it was posted by someone else.

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The tweet was from Craig Kelly @CKellyUAP

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Fauci, a megalomaniac, but we must be cautious, he is still plugged into those who would destroy the world to achieve their goal of a Global Governance, or at least Governments who control our every action, just look at Australia, once a free people are now under socialist/communist rule. It is only through efforts of those like Dr McCullough and others that truth will prevail. Pass his truths out onto your Social media platforms, the public just is not taking the time to get informed.

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Bixler (2018), cited within the reference paper linked at the bottom of the Substack article, showed success in treatment of Marburg virus with INTRAVENOUSLY Favipiravir administered twice per day for 14 days.

Unfortunately, intravenous administration as in Bixler, are difficult to manage.

Zhu et al (2018) is a Pub Med article of a trial that resulted in successful treatment avoiding death, with ORALLY administered Favipiravir, for four out of five MICE infected with the Marburg virus.

Zhu W, Zhang Z, He S, Wong G, Banadyga L, Qiu X. Successful treatment of Marburg virus with orally administrated T-705 (Favipiravir) in a mouse model. Antiviral Res. 2018 Mar;151:39-49. doi: 10.1016/j.antiviral.2018.01.011. Epub 2018 Feb 3. PMID: 29369776; PMCID: PMC5844847.

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Excellent post, but I just suspect that all those "treatments" will disapear or will be demonized (or demonitized) when the bug will be unleashed. Same scenario again.

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Yes, demonized, but Dr. McCullough, Dr. Kory, FLCCC, and others will keep letting us know the truth for therapeutics.

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Excellent post and info. Thanks, Dr, McC!

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so....will this be Dr. Fauci's virus of choice for the next presidential election? Marburg....

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I sure hope not. It's about the worst.

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