How many lifetimes before the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex and their bought off medical association toadies regain ANY public trust?

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Many many of us 'early redpilled' predicted long covid was the cover for jab damage. Its a beautiful cover, syndromes similar, all sorts of organ systems affected, plenty of dust in the air.

Combine with iffy data systems and no linkage between jab uptake and medical records, well how much dust is needed? It has taken in many folk close to me, they already have deleted their memory of me telling them early 21 long covid would be the cover for jab damage, like I never said it. Literally. Just expunged from the memory record.

Long covid is great also because thank heavens the updated boosters on their way! Evil covid infections can be defeated, by consensus science and well meaning folk doing their bit for the collective. Sheesh.

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The Florida Medical Association made a horrible mistake by rejecting my proposal to Ban these Experimental Gene Therapy injections at their annual Meeting a couple of weeks ago. I had a dozen articles showing why this is needed, but they said these injections work (!) and people need them. Pathetic!

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Remain concerned for the 30-45yo crowd that all took the jab and continue with the bivalent flu vax required for work. Sending out the detox protocol is falling on deaf ears. Tired of being a conspiracy theorist who happens to be well informed.

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I am increasingly convinced that many individual doctors and nurses now know the score. Two years ago, I was being pushed hard by doctors and dentists to get my COVID shots. Now, flu is mentioned but not COVID. If a doctor or nurse or dentist tries to push it today, they don’t just get no, they get my litany of deaths and injuries - and I have quite a few stories to tell in that regard. Further, my background in chemical, biological and radiological warfare defense is quite useful.

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But yet we have to play whack-a-mole with crap like this :

Dutch Researchers Claim mRNA Vaccines Don’t Cause Myocarditis in Athletes https://www.trialsitenews.com/a/dutch-researchers-claim-mrna-vaccines-dont-cause-myocarditis-in-athletes-77041d37

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Insane that Alex Jones perfectly and articulately described the vaccine depopulation agenda way back in 2009. https://rumble.com/v23xgza-remember-when-alex-jones-warned-jesse-ventura-the-government.html

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The Government including DOD, Big Pharma and Big Media and all their stooges have been exposed and have ZERO CREDIBILITY now!!!

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We're missing the bigger picture. The governments are still doing gain of function. Creating highly contagious, antibiotic resistant bio weapons. And, just like COVID 19, the antidotes (vaccines) are produced right along side it. I appreciate Dr McCullough, with the utmost respect, but It doesn't matter if any of the AEs are linked to "long COVID". The Government Created BOTH, and must be held accountable for "BOTH"!

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First of all, and this is VERY important; the needles do NOT contain a vaccine in any common/historical usage sense of that term. The needles do not even contain an "mRNA vaccine." That is just ANOTHER lie, compliments of the utterly corrupt Ms. Rochelle Walensky (Note, I did not say incompetent; she knew exactly what she was doing/saying/re-defining.)

The needles contain modified RNA, as in modRNA gene altering poison. This is well-known. McCullough, by using THEIR verbiage ("vaccine" or "mRNA" ) prolongs the pseudo-credibility of the COVID-19 crime syndicate..

This modRNA distinction is not trivial or picayune. In a recent memo to a highly respected medical doctor (who, unlike other MDs, remains VERY vocal about LIABILITY IMMUNITY, and has recently lost her license as a result) I stated:

"modRNA is specifically designed for long term anatomical durability. So-called 'long COVID'?"

It is well-known that messenger RNA will not survive in the bloodstream; hence their need to inject the population with MODIFIED RNA, but never inform anyone about the true scope of their "experimental" this-or-that. This degree of precision about their criminal fraud is crucial to the rescinding of LIABILITY IMMUNITY. at a most fundamental level:

In other words, they disallowed through deceit, at a most fundamental level, the Nuremberg precedent of INFORMED CONSENT; a right they denied to EVERY HUMAN BEING INJECTED. ON A WORLD-WIDE SCALE.

First they scurried from the initial market-accepted term of "vaccine," to another market friendly label "mRNA vaccine. (messenger RNA is a natural protein, so it must be safe, was their coy sales scheme). All the while fully aware that their needles contained neither. We must begin exposing this horrific fraud by use of the truthful label: modRNA.

I go into great detail on this matter with addressees Congresswoman Mace and Luna, and Congressman Jordan. My Subject 2 is:

Criminal Fraud – Pfizer Needles are not an “mRNA Vaccine” : COVID-19 Injections are based on modRNA Technology

The Directory of that letter is here; the third link is the cover letter:


In the Support Documents sub-link I offer the following articles:



My Conclusion Part A states (Page 15 of 22 ), quote:

"The Pfizer needles are not an mRNA vaccine . . . these injections are based on

modRNA technology, and are far more dangerous than the ongoing data has already

demonstrated. The horrors inflicted upon Mrs. Jummai Nache (and Congresswoman

Nancy Mace) are the result of criminal fraud . . . a status that more than adequately

establishes WILLFUL MISCONDUCT, and therefore completely obviates the provision

of LIABILITY IMMUNITY (surreptitiously provided under the PREP Act, et al.)."

For perspective, my Outer Sleeve (to the binder sent is here:



Second ... McCullough mentions Paul/Fauci; the precise verbiage/focus of the former's letter is here:


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And we all must stay on this truth. Not let Government or actors hide or manipulate the truth. Period

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Isn't that the truth

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The virus was concocted is the US Biological Weapons Laboratory in the Ukraine.

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