Even smart people can be informationally blind. My multi-jabbed lawyer sister and her multi-jabbed pharmacology professor husband (with cancer) now have "THE COVID" and are taking "THE PAXLOVID."

Sister informed me yesterday that I should not send her any more information. A nurse friend said the same and said she has "moved on."

Sister, husband, and nurse friend trust Big Pfarma and alphabet military-biomedical complex implicitly, research only within their own echo chamber, and will not consider any dissenting views. I USED to trust those entities implicitly until I started researching outside the echo chamber and listening to dissenting views.

A friend of mine often says "A mind is like a parachute. It only works when open." Thank you Dr. McCullough for opening the minds of so many, including me.

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To a degree, I think we do have to "move on". When people are ill, we can offer help based on our own experience, i.e. ivermectin/supplements/hydroxy...) and if rejected, just let it be. It will be, and has been, sad to see a lot of our loved ones hurting themselves while maintaining great pride that they've been shot up, and confidence in the system, but we have to refuse to break or abandon relationship over this. We often can only pray that God will intervene and that we can shut our mouths unless information is requested. Maybe if we look at people as cult members and just keep existing in their world, it will be easier to wait for lightbulbs to go off.

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I disagree. They (big pharma with their complicit ostriches) are moving full steam ahead to make the mRNA COVID shot part of the childhood schedule. WTH?!?! Who will stand in the gap for the children?

And I have said goodbye to family members and friends who judged me and shamed me without even asking why I was not getting the vaccine.

One even said I should be treated as a prisoner of war. The effect of our government weaponizing citizens against each other—-take the whole Ivermectin smear campaign—is wholly unacceptable or should be. The effect on free speech and association is chilling! We are in dangerous territory.

Even if you agree to disagree and allow people to have their own opinion….that’s not the entire problem/issue we face!!!!

We need to get at the real issue which is the power being wielded by those promoting a deadly product based on lies WHILE censoring and suppressing alternative views. What happens next when it is not the shot but seizing your money because you will not comply with government dictates? Remember the Canadian Truckers…..well the tactics used on them are coming to a neighborhood near you…

Do you realize that despite calls for “amnesty” and moving on….those responsible for the bogus narrative and responsible for weaponizing our family and friends are still pushing for health passports, more power to the UN/WHO (so next time around it will be even harder to resist the measures used to control the masses because it will come from a global entity not your state or federal government).

And let’s not forget that such tactics are still in play here….kid can’t attend a state university without the jab. That’s where things stand on my state EVEN AFTER it has been proven that the shot does nothing to stop transmission. So exactly why the mandate?

Thank god I a a lawyer and have the ability to do research and present arguments….I was able to get exemptions for my teen daughters. Why?

Because the vaccine killed my mother. And yeah, the support for exactly what happened to her can be found clearly laid out in a paper published in January of 2022 by Dr. McCullough and others that explain impact on the innate immune system.

But the real kicker….I diagnosed my mom with sudden onset Myasthenia Gravis. The docs saw a stroke patient despite having no evidence of a stroke on scans, etc. so while she was being starved and dehydrated (which eventually killed her) I researched VAERS frantically….and found other cases of myasthenia gravis being brought on or flaring do to the vaccine. I told them to get a neurologist in. I was right. But little comfort. She had already been in the hospital for over a week with little hydration or nutrition. We had been blocked out due to a COVID outbreak.

She didn’t make it because she went into cardiac arrest due to dehydration (written right in the medical record).

I am haunted by the numbers of elderly who likely suffered a similar fate as my mom…alone, scared, anxious, dying and misdiagnosis leading to improper and deadly treatment. That is why I can’t simply “move on.” Never mind the toll and trauma to my family. Oh, and then there are the 4 previously healthly individuals who just died in their sleep or from cardiac arrest in their 50’s or so. One a close family friend left behind a second grade son. They said maybe his apnea killed him…forgot to put on his bipac machine when he went to bed.

Or my husband’s co-worker who expressed concern to my husband about his anxiety by saying “what if I’m next”…the co-worker had 4 friends who had died and attending the funerals had frayed his nerves. My husband got the call a couple of days later that his employee had died in his sleep. Then there is the local 30 year old who got up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom and dropped dead. Should I continue? But people will say, I don’t know anybody who suffered ill effects do you are a conspiracy theorist. But we know that the worst effects (95%) are in only 5% of the lots. So was that on purpose as well? A means to quell and treat as outcasts those who pull the short straw?! I don’t know. But I want answers.

I have actually become pretty good at helping others when an unexpected health situation arises. One can trace backwards as well….get that lit # put it in VAERS and see what kinds of effects come up. Can help lead to clues and might save a life. Just recently Dr. McCullough posted about the impact on those with kidney disease. Turns out my childhood friend’s father has been stable for years with his kidney issues. But two recent hospitalizations with strange symptoms had me researching. I hypothesized how and why the vaccine might be causing issues based on research. Then Dr. McCullough’s work in the aftermath and published here the study on impact on kidney disease suggested the same.

Point is, as a layperson (using my research skills and critical thinking) asking questions I can easily determine that there is far more going on here and that we are not getting the whole story. And it is very clear to me that some do not want us to have the whole story as they press ahead with an agenda of which the vaccines are only a part. Not only do I follow the money, O trace the players and where and what they are doing as we all fight about the vaccines.

Safe and effective. Good grief.

I had done a ton of research on these vaccines because of my family’s autoimmune history. I opted not to take it because they did not even test it on people with rogue immune systems. And if you have ever suffered from an autoimmune disease or condition you know how very little they actually know or understand about the full function of our immune system. It did not make sense to me to train my own body to make a pathogen….for my own body to attack. Seemed to me that would be like rolling out a red carpet for the dysfunctional immune system to strut its stuff.

I had warned my mother. But at the age of 82 with the typical profile of an elderly person she feared COVID. She figured damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. She chose to take the shot.

So when her doctor told her to take the flu shot/booster at the same time (and failed to tell her to take a break from her immunosuppressive drugs) the shit hit the fan about a month later. First it was elevated triponins and erratic blood pressure that required hospitalization. Then came the slurred speech, the difficulty swallowing, the fainting and fatigue.

The doctors do not even have the adverse side effects on radar in assessing patients. Far easier to say “safe and effective” and scratch their heads while our most vulnerable die….including kids forced to take the jab to attend school when they have little to no risk from COVID.

So “moving on” is not an option. We must give no quarter.

Some understand that better than others. But if we are to stop this from happening again, we need to refuse to move on until there is an accounting of how this could have happened and how the lies and dictates are being allowed to continue.

In short, time to connect the dots…follow the $$$$….and hold people to account for not doing their job or doing such a shoddy job they should be fired. And if we find that there were malicious or reckless disregard intentions….our justice system should impose maximum penalties.

This cannot stand. In my mind, the inhumanity of the whole COVID ball of wax is beyond the pale. And if people are not waking up to that….they remain a threat to my health in the future as well as that of my children. Not a time to stand down.

PS I will disclose that I feel so very strongly about this because I have already paid for big pharma lies with years of my health and I had to fight to get my doctor to do what I wanted based on my research. In the end, he said I changed his practice. I am a breast cancer survivor who lost years of better health because silicone implants were placed that have now been determined to cause cancer. The reaction and cancer is thought to be immune system induced from the texturized implants that flake off or release silicone into one’s system. I’m part of a class action lawsuit. Here’s the thing….the argument that big pharma likes to use is….”But, but, but the FDA approved it, so we are not liable.” Hey, the next question is and should be….”Well, then you will not mind us looking at exactly what you presented to the FDA and also finding out what else you might have known when you made your presentations to the FDA.” Sound familiar?

I recommend anyone interested in the corruption that plagues our public health agencies watch the Netflix documentary, “The Bleeding Edge.”

Real journalism no longer exists. Our msm is totally captured just like many of our regulatory agencies. It’s a club and we are not members….more like lab rats at this point.

My advice at this point….worry less about being nice and getting along. Worry more about the truth and our right to know it.

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Oh I am so sorry for what you have been through.....and I am as angry and pissed off as you (wish you lived next door so I could have someone to talk to!).

If you follow the $$$, you are gonna find out that this entire Covid operation was under our very own Dept of Defense. To which our representatives in Congress approved the series of laws that allows them to continue to do this to us with impunity. Please read Katherine at Bailwick News here on substack. She is looking very closely at what was done (legally) without our knowing, and trying to find a way to raise a case. It is very difficult because we have no longer any rights given us by the Constitution...they passed laws to take them away...including informed consent, no liability even for fraud, etc. etc. etc. let alone no supervision of the manufacturing process. And the DOD is Obviously not in the business of protecting us anymore, nor do they care. Please go read her substack on the unravelling of this entire legal framework...and why the police are not on our side, they are actually now working for Dod/HHS.

We need legal minds like yours if there is any hope of a future.

Our government has been waging a silent war against us and our constitutional rights, for over 20 years, and it also looks like the war is nearly over...and we are losing.

Between the WHO vaccine passports, and the coming ESG and Digital Programmable Currency, we are headed straigt into digital slavery with no escape..and we will be the ones who sold our progeny into servitude for ever.

They have the above battle suprises in store for us, but it is coming by May 2023. Time is almost run out for us....

Please...and thank you.

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Laura. THAT was a monumental post. Excellent, take no prisoners. My opinion here but it seems to me with you teaming up with Dr. Simone Gold, and Naomi Wolf would be a dynamite threesome against this insanity. Take on Duchess below and Emerald Robinson for good measure.

YOU GO GIRLS. Fire in your belly, give 'em hell.

By the way, I am newly signed up here with Doc Mc's substack-- mostly because of what YOU wrote.

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Laura, excellent post and I agree -give no quarter. The military industrial 3 letter agency complex has been weaponized against us-and who can say how long ago it began? The Patriot Act is a notable jumping off point, but we can go back to the vaccine issue of 1986 even. I remember the IRS targeting the Tea Party members, but it may go much deeper than even I fathom.

With 2 sons in the armed forces who were forced to get the vaccine-you can imagine my level of anger. And as a fellow autoimmune sufferer, I too realized that taking a “vaccine” (using their misleading terminology) to train my body to attack a protein it is now programmed (hijacked?) to make is the very definition of insanity.

Thank you for your research, for your “voice in the wilderness”. God help us all.

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It most certainly goes deeper and back MUCH further.... My 'great awakening' came via the stupendous whistleblower books of Eustace Mullins. For example, on related topic see Murder By Injection.



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I am not ready to move on. My brother in law, who works in this field, is still telling my daughter to get the booster even though she’s had Covid at least once that we know of and probably 3 times. She only got the shots because she wanted to visit them in California and getting the shot was his pre-requisite for coming. I was against it but she was going through some mental health issues at the time so I thought it would do her some good to get away for a week or two. She is totally against the shots now and questions why he is so for them. My wife (who had her 3rd shot a year ago) and I (non-vaxxed) just had Covid for the 2nd time. She gave it to me but we thought it was just a cold as she had tested negative a couple of days after symptoms. The only reason we tested again is because my parents(whom we had seen recently) tested positive for Covid. I had a relatively short go of it and while my first case was fairly mild, this one was even milder. Just an annoying cold basically. Again, as long as they want to force these things on us, we can’t just “move on.”

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Nov 20, 2022·edited Nov 20, 2022

Dear Big E, I was just gonna ask if this is the kind of information I should send to my fully jabbed and boosted sisters. You just told me what I think is true for all of those who have taken the jabs. Don't send me any more information and I have moved on.

I think our biomedical "Defense" security state knew this before they rolled it out...they have been studying our psychology for years. If you have taken a ticking time bomb, do you want to know?

No. no way. I think it is point, set and match to them.

And as my sister says (about the coming economic collapse) well, there is nothing I can do about it, so why should I care?

PS. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Saved me not just from emailing my sister, but also explains why NO ONE wants to talk about the 3-4 sigma continuing "died suddenly" excess deaths in this country.

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That phrase has been recycled for a century, 'never goes out of style' and is ever more relevant today.


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Good morning doctor, thank you for this wonderful article I found it very insightful and will be sharing it on all the media social platforms. Thank you. I am your ally and I wish and pray for all and longevity, happiness and freedom. I know how stressful the situation you have encountered having your license temporary Lee suspended or revoked. We both know that this was done very nefariously and I will not stand for it. I know you will be in Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks and I hope to get a recap of that weekend. Thank you so much for staying so lucid and on track to remedy the wrongs and you’re not alone. Warmest regards, Dr. Horelick 🌎🕊❤️🌞🌻🙏😇

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Dear Dr. McCullough,

May I share my story with and your readers?

Late 2020, I knew I had to take my health into my own hands in a new way. The vaccine distribution system was in chaos. A friend shared Dr. Pierre Kory's U.S. Senate testimony with me. At age 71 with a scarred lung, prone to lung bacterial infections, I found a way to obtain ivermectin and start a weekly dose protocol. I was already taking most of the recommended supplements.

Even though I shared my concerns about the new mRNA with my husband, age 76, he was able to schedule appointments with the VA to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 mRNA vaccine in January and then again in February. I had to respect his choice as each of us have had to navigate the muddle of medical information the best way we could.

All went well until sometime in May in 2021, my husband began to have highly erratic heart beats and wild swings in blood pressure. His primary doctor sent him to a cardiologist who had him wear a heart monitor for 10 days. The cardiologist never followed up with the results or called my husband back in for a consultation. The primary doctor brought my husband in later to adjust his blood pressure medication and to also put him on Coumadin with a weekly visit to draw blood to check his blood levels.

After over a month of all the above, my husband was still having wild swings in blood pressure and heart rate. He felt lousy, frustrated, and was getting madder by the day. This is a guy who would go for fast paced 3 mile walks 3 or 4 times a week, climb ladders, work outside, lift and carry, all at the age of, then, 77.

My husband came to me and said that he was ready to start taking Ivermectin. He saw that I had remained healthy without even a sniffle since taking ivermection. He had also read up on some of the reports I sent to his email. We started him on the appropriate dose after a Telemed doctor visit. He would not take the dose for the initial 5 days as recommended but did start on a weekly dose for his weight. My husband then went off the Coumadin and went back to the lesser dosage of blood pressure medication he was on before. It took a few months, but the wild swings in heart rate and blood pressure steadily lessened.

He has never felt as good as he did before getting the Pfizer vaccinations. But heart rate and blood pressure have remained stable since late summer 2021. He now understands that there was likely permanent damage to his heart and is lucky to be doing so well now. He gets tired much more easily but is also 78, nearly 79.

At age 73, I can do everything I've always done such as gym time 3 times a week, long walks with my husband, work in the yard for 4 to 5 hours at a time, etc. I attribute this to the FLCCC preventative protocol.

Am so grateful to my friend who shared Dr. Kory's video with me. I have continued to follow the FLCCC's activities as well as your important research and voice Dr. McCullough. I so appreciate you, Senator Johnson, and so many others like Dr. Tess Laurie and Jessica Rose doing great work for us all. Dr. Paul Marik is another hero I highly regard.

Keep up the great work as those of us who see through the sham of pharmaceutical companies and government have eyes wide open.

Best regards always,

Linda Walker

Bellingham, WA


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Wow, what excellent testimony. Perhaps this will instigate my wife getting on the FLCCC ivermectin (vaccine injured) protocol I am starting already!

Thanks Linda.

. . . Elk River,MN

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Thank you for sharing your story. I do believe that while studies and data are critical for understanding impact of medicine/treatment, etc. Nothing convinces a patient more than their own experience or the watching the experience of another.

My mother began having the same problems as your husband following her booster/flu shot combination. That is, her heart rate became erratic, dangerously high, with elevated triponins. Because she had a heart history they assumed heart attack, but there was no evidence of a heart attack or heart damage. So they felt it was an n-stemi. They adjusted her blood pressure meds, which she had been stable on for quite some time. They sent her home. She landed back in the hospital with again an erratic blood pressure, including spells of it dropping out. Again, they adjusted meds and sent her home. Her third hospitalization was for slurred speech....which given her age, they attributed to a stoke. Yet, no damage of a stroke. Then her swallowing started to go. Still no evidence of a stroke. In the end, what had occurred for her, in addition to the heart issues, was that the shot combo had triggered an autoimmune reaction and she was suffering from sudden onset of mysathenia gravis that was left undiagnosed until after over a week in the hospital I diagnosed her. I diagnosed her based on the knowledge I had acquired from watching and listening to Dr. McCullough, Dr. Malone, Dr. Kory, etc. I had also done extensive reading and research about the vaccine, including the money trail related to the companies that were manufacturing.

I am so very relieved that your husband has opened his eyes and has begun reading along with you the advice and counsel of these trustworthy doctors. They have never professed to have all the answers, but it has been clear to me since the beginning that their hearts are in the right place and they have been desperate to save lives not sell vaccines.

Sadly, by the time I diagnosed my mom, she had been too long without food and hydration (seriously neglect in the hospital, but we were limited in our ability to advocate or keep watch due to being kept out for a portion of her stay and limited in access early on). She went into cardiac arrest due to dehydration before they could begin treatment for the MG.

I have a good friend whose mother died a little less than a year before my mom----from COVID. She was one of the supposed "rare" first breakthrough cases in our state of COVID infections in vaccinated individuals. Her story is equally unnerving. First, the hospital failed to give her monoclonal antibodies despite her having co-morbidities. Then they sent her home basically like so many others with the caveat---don't return until your lips turn blue. Her daughter took her back. She was doing well in the hospital. Even the doctor told my friend that she was beating the odds. But then, my friend gets a call saying they ventilated her mom and that they were giving remdesivir. Her mother died, in part due to kidney failure.

Early on, when the vaccine first rolled out, I was in the habit of reviewing the adverse reactions on VAERS. I was doing my own cost/benefit analysis given my family's extensive autoimmune history. Around April of 2021, while reviewing reports, I noticed a definite trend. There were many immunocompromised and elderly who had obviously survived covid for a year. Then they were vaccinated. And the reports would go on to say how they then developed covid in the week or two following vaccination. I honestly, was not surprised by this. My thought was, that unlike other vaccines, the mRNA vaccines actually do give one's body a real pathogen that it must mount a defense against. So it stood to reason in my mind that elderly or those with compromised immune systems would be more susceptible or vulnerable to infection immediately following vaccination. I noted the number of deaths. And the kicker, because they caught COVID before the two weeks after the shot----their deaths would be counted among the "unvaccinated" and be used to push the shots more with reports of unvaccinated dying in greater numbers than the vaccinated. The signal was so strong in VAERS that when my husband opted to get vaccinated, I told him to make sure he isolated himself before and after the shot. Sadly, those in assisted living facilities or even living alone who then had to interface with others and the public were actually more vulnerable immediately after the shot to the actual virus. And if they got the shot before they knew they might have already contracted symptoms, they could find themselves in a world of hurt. Yet, there was never any public service announcements about the importance of recognizing that this vaccine was not a traditional vaccine and one's body would be burdened with an actual pathogen.

I am floored that so many people, mostly out of fear, have been unable as this saga unfolds to stop and consider why some things do not add up.

I suspect, your husband, like my mother was led to be fearful of COVID. That makes me angry as well. Why did the msm run with the fear mongering and the one off stories of people dying that would make people focus on the worst possibilities when there actually was reason to hope and possible treatments.

This, in my opinion, is a criminal case for the ages. It is easy for people to dismiss the comparison to the Nazis and the holocaust. Yet, just because murders are done in more subtle/discreet ways under the guise of "medicine" are they not murders none the less if a person's life is threatened because another is lying and cheating for financial gain and fame? Do the means matter in murder? Or is it the intent that makes the unfortunate and untimely death of a victim murder? I believe it is the intent. And I would like to know more about the intent behind the architects of the COVID scandal. We all have a right to know. I think I have my answer---but I reserve judgment until they offer their defense, beyond keeping their documents secret for 55 years (arguably until all their victims are dead and can no longer bear witness or complain against the crime committed against them). That is not justice.

I hope you and your husband enjoy good health going into the new year. You deserve it.

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Thank you Laura,

Am truly grateful for the videos offered by the FLCCC. They helped me understand how Dr. Kory, Dr. Marik, and other doctors were experiencing a high level of success treating their ICU patients with off-patent readily available drugs and supplements.

I could not understand how the most published ICU doctor in the world, Dr. Paul Marik, could be ignored and disparaged while saving lives at a very high percentage rate. However, I have come to understand that people are easily led and the alphabet health care agencies with the money from Big Pharma behind them, were happily getting the mRNA jabs and feeling smugly self righteous about doing so.

The mainstream public could not even consider that Big Pharma knew exactly what they were doing, or that a small core of powerful pharma researchers and administrators would purposely unleash intentional harm to so many because of the desire for money and power. And it continues with the G20, through the WHO, are setting up a global vaccine passport system. Never mind that the mRNA vaccines will now be a part of children's vaccination schedules. What madness.

Sadly, we have only begun to see the far reaching health effects due to the mRNA spike protein, a dangerous toxin.

Each one of us must take our health care into our own hands. Exercise (just 15 minutes of aerobics a day) and a healthy diet are so key to good health to begin with. But where does one turn to for meaningful health care advice? It is a great challenge for so many now.

I hope your mother is doing better and getting the medical care she really needs. How tragic.

Substack is a good place to tell our story and pass on any helpful information for us all.

Thank you again for your story Laura,


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Thank you for this. The risks are obvious to anyone who’s really looking.

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There is a legal fund for Dr McCullough created by Mark Brugge: The funds from this campaign will be received by Peter McCullough; goal is $2,000,000. Donations can be made on his website, petermcculloughmd.com with this link https://www.givesendgo.com/G2DR5

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You can't live stupid or ignorant either! Risk vs Reward, survivor's motto.

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Amazing the cognitive dissonance here. Of course, I should not be so surprised as the Wuhan virus / fake vax debacle never ceases to pitch out more irrational events almost daily.

Science question here:

Wondering why in the world there is a REDUCTION in the myocarditis death curve as one ages. I expected(being only an engineer!) deaths would explode exponentially higher with age. . . wrong again!

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There is no award for the most hysterical person but he certainly was that.

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I still wonder why all epidemiologists were mute on the 2020 CoVid emergence year transmission rate in the Untied States. Would like to get your thoughts concerning this topic. This is a link to my twitter account where the cases/yr graphic is posted. I continually search social media and medical documents waiting for others to speak to this information, however to date I have never found anyone publishing this information. (All data is from the CDC website. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/ ) This is the graphic showing the emergence year 2020 and back to 2009 (H1N1). https://twitter.com/drawsfades/status/1593686291325018112/photo/1 This CDC data shows CoVid19 emmergence year was the lowest cases/yr for the last ten years (back to 2009 H1N1). Thank you for your consideration and response to this data.

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Hi Pretty-Red,

Thank you so much for your response. If sharing our personal experience can help someone else - am truly grateful. I did, under vaccine-mandates-duress, get the Novavax vaccine in September but have continued with taking ivermectin and the recommended supplements as all the continuing research has shown this to be the safest and effective choice. Would not be surprised to see vaccine mandates back in effect this coming winter.

Best, Linda

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There is a legal fund for Dr McCullough created by Mark Brugge: The funds from this campaign will be received by Peter McCullough; goal is $2,000,000. Donations can be made on his website, petermcculloughmd.com with this link https://www.givesendgo.com/G2DR5

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