Even smart people can be informationally blind. My multi-jabbed lawyer sister and her multi-jabbed pharmacology professor husband (with cancer) now have "THE COVID" and are taking "THE PAXLOVID."

Sister informed me yesterday that I should not send her any more information. A nurse friend said the same and said she has "moved on."

Sister, husband, and nurse friend trust Big Pfarma and alphabet military-biomedical complex implicitly, research only within their own echo chamber, and will not consider any dissenting views. I USED to trust those entities implicitly until I started researching outside the echo chamber and listening to dissenting views.

A friend of mine often says "A mind is like a parachute. It only works when open." Thank you Dr. McCullough for opening the minds of so many, including me.

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Good morning doctor, thank you for this wonderful article I found it very insightful and will be sharing it on all the media social platforms. Thank you. I am your ally and I wish and pray for all and longevity, happiness and freedom. I know how stressful the situation you have encountered having your license temporary Lee suspended or revoked. We both know that this was done very nefariously and I will not stand for it. I know you will be in Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks and I hope to get a recap of that weekend. Thank you so much for staying so lucid and on track to remedy the wrongs and you’re not alone. Warmest regards, Dr. Horelick 🌎🕊❤️🌞🌻🙏😇

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Dear Dr. McCullough,

May I share my story with and your readers?

Late 2020, I knew I had to take my health into my own hands in a new way. The vaccine distribution system was in chaos. A friend shared Dr. Pierre Kory's U.S. Senate testimony with me. At age 71 with a scarred lung, prone to lung bacterial infections, I found a way to obtain ivermectin and start a weekly dose protocol. I was already taking most of the recommended supplements.

Even though I shared my concerns about the new mRNA with my husband, age 76, he was able to schedule appointments with the VA to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 mRNA vaccine in January and then again in February. I had to respect his choice as each of us have had to navigate the muddle of medical information the best way we could.

All went well until sometime in May in 2021, my husband began to have highly erratic heart beats and wild swings in blood pressure. His primary doctor sent him to a cardiologist who had him wear a heart monitor for 10 days. The cardiologist never followed up with the results or called my husband back in for a consultation. The primary doctor brought my husband in later to adjust his blood pressure medication and to also put him on Coumadin with a weekly visit to draw blood to check his blood levels.

After over a month of all the above, my husband was still having wild swings in blood pressure and heart rate. He felt lousy, frustrated, and was getting madder by the day. This is a guy who would go for fast paced 3 mile walks 3 or 4 times a week, climb ladders, work outside, lift and carry, all at the age of, then, 77.

My husband came to me and said that he was ready to start taking Ivermectin. He saw that I had remained healthy without even a sniffle since taking ivermection. He had also read up on some of the reports I sent to his email. We started him on the appropriate dose after a Telemed doctor visit. He would not take the dose for the initial 5 days as recommended but did start on a weekly dose for his weight. My husband then went off the Coumadin and went back to the lesser dosage of blood pressure medication he was on before. It took a few months, but the wild swings in heart rate and blood pressure steadily lessened.

He has never felt as good as he did before getting the Pfizer vaccinations. But heart rate and blood pressure have remained stable since late summer 2021. He now understands that there was likely permanent damage to his heart and is lucky to be doing so well now. He gets tired much more easily but is also 78, nearly 79.

At age 73, I can do everything I've always done such as gym time 3 times a week, long walks with my husband, work in the yard for 4 to 5 hours at a time, etc. I attribute this to the FLCCC preventative protocol.

Am so grateful to my friend who shared Dr. Kory's video with me. I have continued to follow the FLCCC's activities as well as your important research and voice Dr. McCullough. I so appreciate you, Senator Johnson, and so many others like Dr. Tess Laurie and Jessica Rose doing great work for us all. Dr. Paul Marik is another hero I highly regard.

Keep up the great work as those of us who see through the sham of pharmaceutical companies and government have eyes wide open.

Best regards always,

Linda Walker

Bellingham, WA


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Thank you for this. The risks are obvious to anyone who’s really looking.

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There is a legal fund for Dr McCullough created by Mark Brugge: The funds from this campaign will be received by Peter McCullough; goal is $2,000,000. Donations can be made on his website, petermcculloughmd.com with this link https://www.givesendgo.com/G2DR5

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You can't live stupid or ignorant either! Risk vs Reward, survivor's motto.

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Amazing the cognitive dissonance here. Of course, I should not be so surprised as the Wuhan virus / fake vax debacle never ceases to pitch out more irrational events almost daily.

Science question here:

Wondering why in the world there is a REDUCTION in the myocarditis death curve as one ages. I expected(being only an engineer!) deaths would explode exponentially higher with age. . . wrong again!

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There is no award for the most hysterical person but he certainly was that.

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I still wonder why all epidemiologists were mute on the 2020 CoVid emergence year transmission rate in the Untied States. Would like to get your thoughts concerning this topic. This is a link to my twitter account where the cases/yr graphic is posted. I continually search social media and medical documents waiting for others to speak to this information, however to date I have never found anyone publishing this information. (All data is from the CDC website. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/ ) This is the graphic showing the emergence year 2020 and back to 2009 (H1N1). https://twitter.com/drawsfades/status/1593686291325018112/photo/1 This CDC data shows CoVid19 emmergence year was the lowest cases/yr for the last ten years (back to 2009 H1N1). Thank you for your consideration and response to this data.

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Hi Pretty-Red,

Thank you so much for your response. If sharing our personal experience can help someone else - am truly grateful. I did, under vaccine-mandates-duress, get the Novavax vaccine in September but have continued with taking ivermectin and the recommended supplements as all the continuing research has shown this to be the safest and effective choice. Would not be surprised to see vaccine mandates back in effect this coming winter.

Best, Linda

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There is a legal fund for Dr McCullough created by Mark Brugge: The funds from this campaign will be received by Peter McCullough; goal is $2,000,000. Donations can be made on his website, petermcculloughmd.com with this link https://www.givesendgo.com/G2DR5

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