It's incredible that we are still vilified for saying no one has given informed consent to these products. Instead so-called health experts are doing everything they can to hide facts and cover up the risks.

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Thank you for this. Ugh—so many unnecessary harms and deaths.

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Your article will serve as the gold standard for informed consent which everyone should use. I wonder how many did not even consider or research any of the 20 adverse events detailed on the FDA website. As always your article is an incredibly scientific explanation which is above my education. There is so much evidence. I wait for trials when the Republicans take the Senate and House. After reading Steve Kirsch's substack I await the return of your board certifications. You are the hardest working MD in the Covid nightmare.

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Dr. McCullough / Mr. Leak:

I read the Tsilingiris, et al. report when published in Sept 2021, because of my efforts with Mrs. Jummai Nache, but could not (legally) connect to her "medical report" because it does not specify the Pfizer needle.

However . . . in my letter to former Trump defense attorney Mr. Michael van der Veen, I excerpted a small piece of the 1100+ page U Minn report ("Assessment") on Page 21 of 21 here:


Note that, all the way back in May 2021, Dr. Andrew Boucher mentions VITT but quickly diverts to J&J.

When I look at the photos, and review specifics with husband Philip, it appears that bleeding and clotting are simultaneous (ala Tsilingiris, et al.) A highly thrifted set of post-second-Pfizer photos are on Pages 79-90 of 92 here:


But it is the RAPID ONSET of VITT-like presentations in Jummai that convinces me . . . that a similar paper needs to be written about Pfizer . . .

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Thank you. Are you aware of the legal framework that has eliminated informed consent? How about the fact that there were NO real clinical trials for the shots? Please review Katheryn Watt's Bailiwick News Substack:


No clinical trials, ref. Mathew Crawford: https://bailiwicknews.substack.com/p/mathew-crawford-realizing-that-there

I have followed the fraud since day 1. Thank you for writing your book; I have read it and recommended it to others. Thank you!

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