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"In countries like Australia, the population was vaccinated first and then most became COVID-19 vaccine failures by contracting the SARS-CoV-2 infection."

Dr. McCullough, I'm a nobody. But because of my upbringing, my military service and my 20 years as a DMH Case Manager, I see patterns very well. The pattern the above excerpt from your substack describes doesn't make sense to me. I've had this discussion with Mike Yeadon and he concurs with my conclusions. Have you spoken with him about this?

Nobody "contracted" SARS-CoV-2 Dr. McCullough.

There's no argument that those who took the jab were given an agent that instructed their cells to make the spike protein that causes the illness.

So why is it so difficult for people to see this? These sociopaths, Fauci, Bright, Baric et al, maybe intentionally maybe by accident, created what behaves like a self fulfilling illness. A perpetual COVID shot to replace the perpetual flu shot that more and more people wouldn't take.

You take the shot you get the illness they gaslight people into believing they need to continue to take the shot to protect them from the unseen threat that keeps getting them. All the while;


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Please give us details on LipiSperse...we are very wary of anything with hydrogels or lipids now.

Each 500 mg dose of HydroCurc contains over 90% curcuminoids complexed with LipiSperse.

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Australia. I had 2 Astra Zenica and only became suspicious afterwards. I had discovered Dr Borody's instructions re Ivermectin, Doxycycline and zinc in Bloomberg Business I think early 2020. I found that no one would prescribe it. Plus I saw that the Israelis found that immunity was not really achieved,, and so on.. I was not happy with a 3rd dose of Pfizer but I do like my GPs and went along with things. After the Pfizer I found some 'antidotes' listed in Epoch Times and curcumin and krill oil was available in our pharmacy so I went through one bottle of each to clear away the spikes. It's good to see now that I chose well. I'm 81 and have mild heart failure, but have just found that I have had coronary artery spasms for at least 7 years. Never smoked, modest alcohol and no interest in cocaine. That's by the by.

So far I have not had Covid and neither has my husband although we go out normally. Neither has our daughter or her partner and they both work in hospitals.

Yesterday I had my care plan review for the elderly at our medical clinic and the nurse was keen for me to have a 5th Covid booster!! I emphasized that I had stopped at 3. She was keen to explain that the new vaccine worked against new Covid and soon we would be having annual boosters. What to do?! They are building some frightful factory in Melbourne. I had my flu vaccine that she said reassuringly was the old fashioned type but I won't be having anything out of that factory!

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A university study I read a couple years ago indicated that black pepper increases the bioavailability of curcumin by many orders of magnitude. It’s interesting that HyrdroCurc doesn’t mention black pepper.

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I have tried everything in the kitchen sink from the FLCCC. Without favorable response. Including Curcumin. 2 years of SOB, memory issues, muscle paralysis, what presents as arthritis but is not, what presents as asthma but is not. However, why do the nicotine receptors in the brain influence the diaphragm to relax and allow a modicum of relief from respiratory paralysis? Dr. Chetty once said and now has been silenced.

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Thanks for another bit of light.

We're hopeful.

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We Always Knew


Would Be What Killed Them.

It Went Like This:

FEEL Scared And Unprotected

FEEL Safe And Effective

FEEL Dead. Service Disconnected.

That’s … The That … On That.


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Wonderful news!

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Sounds very helpful.

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