We should be very wary. At the same time, that's not an excuse to not see how threatened the current system is, with a vast multi-polar alliance emerging and arguably many more people becoming aware of the darkness rearing its head than the bad guys feel comfortable with. If they rip off the mask and go for pure dictatorship, they've essentially lost and shown everyone their true hand. And that point, the non-linearity of events will be such that no amount of their modelling and "preparedness" will really be able to anticipate what they're faced with.

If they keep trying to play a long game, their system may very well blow out at any moment. The economy is one giant ticking timebomb. Meanwhile, the alliance of nations that represents the overwhelming majority of the world population outside the “rules-based order” has already organized itself to reject a common enemy, whatever the differences. While the many sides are arguing with each-other, the reality is that all the tribes right now should be unifying themselves against the single tribe that threatens them all: The Wall Street/City of London, Five Eyes and WHO octopus. It's one thing and needs to de defeated as one thing.

In the history of Western civilization, whether Solon in ancient Athens or FDR during the great depression, the system has been put into bankruptcy re-organization multiple times. From there, a return to our natural tradition of building great generational projects is an easy sell. America was built with such an outlook, from Hamilton, Lincoln, McKinnley to FDR. Wall Street, JP Morgan and Chase/Manhatten had very little to do with any of the greatest developments in American history, its revolutions, or victory in the civil war.

Knowing our story is more crucial than ever now.

Let's remember that the devil always overplays his hand.

Now’s not a time to be demoralized but to get folks politically active and organized in ways they've never been before. It's been done before. "The New World Order" was once called the "League of Nations" and was thwarted years ago. Things did not work out the way the bad guys wanted. Or as FDR put it, "They [who] seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers...call this a new order. It is not new and it is not order."

March 15, 1941

People just need to know their real story.

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Agree and sad and thank you guys for standing up.

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Stay strong and focused John. We win or we die. Dr. Marik, Dr Kory, and Dr. Mercola are all on the side of truth.

They are true Warrior Patriots. They will never give up or surrender. After reading Dr.Kory’s book, The War on Ivermectin, I can tell you he is more committed than ever to stand against the corrupt medical / Pharma cabal.

With the FLCCC they are building a alternate health system which actually has health as it’s goal, unlike the oxymoronic system in place now. There is an army of Patriotic citizens fighting the corrupt government/corporate agenda to enslave us.

It won’t work. We will prevail!

We owe it to our children and grandchildren.

Stand for Freedom!

God bless us!


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It’s coming to Australia with the new Disinformation Bill designed to shut down any dissension from government policy. Of course the government is the biggest spreader of disinformation.

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Be comforted as you watchfully await the unfolding of living American history before your very eyes. Our people’s will was initially shown in 1775 when farmers and mechanics and merchants faced the Imperial Fascists of George III at Lexington and Concord, and began our fight for freedom. And re-watch the film , “Red Dawn “, fiction so very close to reality, that tells needed truths about the American exceptionalism of not allowing tyranny of any kind or type to enslave us. We will not shirk our responsibilities to guard our G-d given rights, nor will we be fey and feckless in the face of the newer fascisms of within our country and from foreign sources. These statements are no mere boilerplate; rather, they accurately depict the spirit of the American people in these increasingly dangerous times. We will stress and fret but we will, again if need be, revive the spirit of Lexington and Concord. Populism is of the people, not merely of the mob. Be comforted- we will prevail!

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Enough of this shit! The Medical Boards need to be entirely dismantled. They have become nefarious agents of the government. They serve no purpose in public health. They are government agents out to silence the good. The names of the people who are on these so called "medical boards" need to be written down and documented. Justice will be served on them. In the meantime we absolutely need to dismantle these joke agencies. Good Doctors should not have to engage or be compelled to participate in kangaroo courts. WE NEED TO DISMANTLE THE MEDICAL BOARDS NOW! WE ARE IN A WAR!

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Aug 5, 2023·edited Aug 5, 2023Liked by Peter McCullough, MD

As an immigrant from former Soviet Union, as someone who always had ability to see and sense things earlier than many people (If I may say so myself), I have been saying the same thing for years now: That our country is turning into something very close to what Stalinist Russia was. The tragedy was, even some of my conservative friends didn’t understand me… Americans are somewhat naive (And that is another thing I have been saying for years), I say it lovingly, because I think the reason of being so gullible (Hence, easily brainwashable) is the good-hearted nature of Americans, but also lack of knowledge and some degree of isolation from the rest of the world… If we are talking about conservatives, they also tend to be more optimistic… My good friend/client, a man in his mid-70s, used to argue with me up until the end of last year that I lost my mind, I was paranoid, that we will vote Biden out, we will get both presidency and Congress back, and everything will be great again—it’s not the first time it’s happening in our country…. The more he learned (He retired and now he has more time for information), the more appalled he was, and finally, one day he said to me, “OK, you were right, are you happy?” He is still optimistic, the exact opposite of me—I am a pessimist (Or maybe, just a realist).🙂 However, after having privilege of recently meeting my heroes, Dr. McCullough, Steve Kirsch and another amazing man I knew nothing about, a lawyer, Tom Renz, I have a tiny glimmer of hope: There are still honest, decent, old-school Americans in my beloved second homeland, they are fighters, and they are happy fighters, they are optimists, so maybe there is hope that we will overcome this dark time in our history? We have to be brutal to the regime (I wince every time when I hear conservative talking heads use the word “regime” about American government!), there is no other way! Please, don’t tell me that we will be doing the same they are doing—there is no going high when the left goes low! They don’t understand that language! I am not saying to replace one ruling party with another—it will result in the same dictatorial regime at some point, I am talking about crushing the extreme left, draining the Deep State swamp and demolishing and rebuilding our education system. Tall order, but if we don’t even try, we can kiss our country goodbye! We are almost at the point of no return…

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Another fine piece. Thank you! Biden's infamous 1 September speech was yet another intimation that he is indeed a sinister character. He appears to be playing a part allotted to him by faceless people behind the scenes. He has seemed sinister to me ever since he conducted his election campaign against Trump from his bunker, and announced as an absolute certainty 'we will win'. Even before the election and the counting of votes, this seemed to suggest he knew the election would be rigged. Then there was his blatant use of bribery to pervert the course of justice in Ukraine when he had the special prosecutor fired. His bullying demeanor, which often reveals a nasty streak in his character, is reminiscent of an ageing gangster in a movie. He and Hunter are not the kind of people one would invite to one's home. It is a great tragedy for America that such an unsuitable person - even without taking into account his obvious physical and mental decrepitude - came to hold such high office. Written from Australia, where we too have our share of problems - every government here, state and federal, is in the hands of 'socialists' i.e. proto-communists.

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It was a scary book even worse now we are living it.

Amr Australia.

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I was fired for vaccine-refusal in October 2021, after treating COVID with repurposed antiviral regimes including vitamin-D, zinc, HCQ ,ivermection and macrolides like azithromycin and doxycycline. That was a political uphill battle, but I was left alone prescribing ivermectin-based treatment for a year or more, having started in August 2020.

The American Board of Family Medicine decertified me this spring for "advising patients against COVID-19 vaccination", which was previously known as "informed consent". CVS reported me to the Texas Medical Board for "endangering patients" with ivermectin and HCQ, which mainly just caused me problems, since I had done no harm, but had to prove it, and so on.

I remain unemployed, but I took the stand that I knew history demanded of me, to stand against the tyranny which makes some people sub-human, "untermenschen".

After that step, the horrors begin.

I put my body in the"unvaccinated" line after leading my clinic's testing and treatment of COVID from day #1.

My conscience is clear, and awareness of the evil and lies is broadening, but the power-cabal cannot change its position, it can only double down on principled dissenters.

I am free to blog, for the moment.

I think we should see that North America is already a form of battleground, and that it may become a physical battleground as well, even if that is a creeping change, and explained as something else that "just-happened".

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Very well stated.

From all appearances; too many people are not troubled in any way and continue to turn blind eyes to the events marking murder of The Constitution of the United States as they unfold.

Bizarre world with so many living denial and avoidance as though in a dream where the possibility of waking magnifies reality.

Recognition of threat demands action in an unconscious sense and it's as though uncertainty in the options of fight or flight keeps so many frozen in time as gas-lit statues trapped as bunnies breathing hard with eyes darting as they hide in brambles when hunting hounds are baying, howling and running the scent-marked trails.

Operating beyond the corporeal, it's fascinating in a depraved way; observing and tolerating the social psychosis and occasional responses of panic or momentary catatonia upon an individual actually becoming conscious. From a purely psychological aspect it's anomie for most as our world was never unpredictable as now. We're experiencing, first-hand, all the stories of threat and danger all kinds of scientific research, investigation, our ancestors and actual survivors living in tyrannical places have reported and in all the knowledge acquired in our world, few know how to confront and survive this.

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"Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one's thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down. They know its power. Thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers, founded in injustice and wrong, are sure to tremble, if men are allowed to reason."

Frederick Douglass, 1860

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I’m not sure if this is meant to frighten the shit out of me but it has.

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There are millions of us, they cannot silence us all.

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That speech gave me shudders. He is obsessed with Donald Trump. I believe he should do what Nixon did: choose a candidate to replace him who will also pardon him. He will be impeached.

Thanks for reminding me of the book. A boyfriend recommended it to me in the 70’s.

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Back in late 2020 when the Control Group lawsuit was filed (in an attempt to obtain a nationwide injunction against ALL vaccine mandates) only 3-5% of the American people questioned vaccine safety. Now, after the "warp speed" covid jabs, approximately 50% of Americans question the safety of ALL vaccines.

Do not lose hope. The awakening has begun with a bang, and it's happening at warp speed;-)

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