Disease X. Brought to you by Pfizer, Moderna, WHO, the Gates Foundation, NIH, Eco Health Alliance, some random lab in China or Ukraine, the military industrial complex, the Clintons, and WEF. Please add to the list if I forgot some of the key players.

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Disease X is a placeholder name that was adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in February 2018 on their shortlist of blueprint priority diseases to represent a hypothetical, unknown pathogen that could cause a future epidemic.. What is it with "X"? X marks the spot, Twitter is changed to "X" with the vision that it will be the app for everything, weird.

Within the past say 110 years or so, has there been an outbreak of any bacterial or viral disease that has not been the result of either a lab leak, bioweapon use or testing of, vaccine enhanced or facilitated variant, or vaccines contaminated with human, monkey, mice, cow, horse or avian viruses? ???? The earliest man-made outbreak I am aware of is the 1916 polio epidemic which was first reported in NYC. It was a highly virulent strain that affected over 20,000 and had an unusually high mortality rate of ~25% (compared to typically 1% at that time). It was unlike any other reported and apparently showed up and disappeared (probably because they did not have a vaccine). The outbreak was blamed on immigrant children from Italy (which actually arrived after the epidemic started). An interesting paper in 2011 looked at where this historic outbreak came from - and notes the pattern of early cases were within a few miles from the Rockefeller Inst where they just happened to be conducting "research" passaging spinal cord tissue containing poliovirus in Rhesus monkeys and reinforcing it with with newly acquired viruses from patients. Personally - I think it was the wet market. I really think all vaccines need to be tested first on the scientists involved in their creation and the institutes and organizations funding them

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Terrific assessment, and bit of history.

Test all new "vaccines" on the scientists involved, and their family members.

In the 1930s in a Los Angeles hospital a polio vaccine was being tested (from Rockefeller Inst.. scientist) and it left some 150-200 with a chronic fatigue condition. Many nurses and doctors had their careers ruined. It seems the vaccine was contaminated. This was not intentional but I believe that most outbreaks are intentional (as you implied). I read from bioweapons experts that outbreaks of Marburg and Ebola are from lab engineered viruses.

In a decent world the mainstream media in the USA would all be jailed for lying about near everything and for making the public think that the Covid virus came from an animal and that the vaccines were wonderful.

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Great example and there were/are so many horrors like that - I believe they, at first, refused to accept there was a link with the symptoms and the vaccine - blame the victim. Many of the later cases of diseases classified as "Polio" are believed to have been caused by the use of DDT - so we have the incorrect labeling (as with HIV in Africa) and the incorrect treatment of the disease (immobilization of limbs) to assist in the fear porn . I think the Polio vaccine was probably the most horrendous vaccine ever developed (prior to the mRNA vaccines) because some of the vaccines failed to inactivate the virus and caused Polio in the children and care takers, created new strains, and even worse the vaccine introduced SV-40 into hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The governments' reactions were: to continue to administer vaccines which they knew were faulty; conceal from the public ("If word got out that the PHS had actually done something damaging to the health of the American people, the consequences would be terrible" - 45 yr hold put on documents), to fire scientist that leaked the information and direct the blame onto one of the manufacturer (Cutter Labs); to increase funding to the NIH (15 fold in 13 yrs) and the PHS; to secretly begin research on developing a vaccine against SV-40 while at the same time working on creating a faster acting and more potent cancer virus for use as a bio-weapon (New Orleans branch); refuse to fund research investigating the link of certain cancers with SV-40; and with great fan fare declare a war on cancer (with focus on viral causes (excl. SV-40) with huge funding to institutions that created the problem in the first place. Create the problem, direct the reaction, offer the solution.

As a note - I heard that two of the "scientist" on the Proximal Origin paper were linked to the lab which is believed to be the source of the Ebola outbreak -not sure - but it would not surprise me - but nothing surprises me anymore.

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Funding for cancer has been massive over the past 40 years or so and what have the dividends been?

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Disease X is expected to be an enveloped zoonosis RNA virus, such as Coronavirus, Herpes simplex (cold sore), Shingles, Epstein-Barr, Hepatitis A & B & C, Zika, HIV, Dengue, Yellow fever, Measles, Mumps, smallpox, monkeypox, ebola, rabies, influenza A & B, West Nile, Valley Fever, Croup, Lasa Fever, Hemorrhagic Fever, H5N1 bird flu - - - -

All of which are fought by Vitamin D. https://vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=3780

If seems that stockpiling Vitamin D would be an excellent way to prepare for >20 different Disease X's

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What is not generally known about vitamin D is that in very high short term doses it totally destroys many viruses, in fact better and faster than oral vitamin c (in my experience). The basic protocol is outlined here:


I used this for about 8 years to stop colds and flus; for me it worked about 3/4 or more of the time. It needs to be used early in the illness cycle. When I was late in using it the virus was difficult to stop.

Two years ago I stopped using it when I began taking zinc (25mg) and quercetin 1x daily which is part of the simplest version of the Zelenko protocol. I have caught zero colds, flus or covid since starting this. On days I am not out of the house I do not use it (no need). So now my vitamin D is solely a maintenance dose.

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Your reference has been on VitaminDWiki for 7 years and seen by 23,000 people

1 dose of 50,000 IU often called the Vitamin D Hammer


- - - - - - - -

See also: Cost to prevent a COVID death: 11 dollars of Vitamin D - Nov 2022


- - - - -

Yes, Zinc is an excellent way to stop many virus, if taken every 2 hours


- - - - - - -

COVID and Zinc - many studies in VitaminDWiki


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The "Vitamin D Hammer" -- it is shocking to me that many prominent folks - BIG NAME people - in the vitamin supplement movement do not know this !!! I won't name names here so as not to embarrass them. They have expressed that vitamin D is useful only as an adjunct with other supplements. NO, it can function very well as stand-alone.

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Exactly. The vaccine is invented and developed first, and then a disease is chosen for greatest potential for fear-mongering, and then the new vaccine is named after it. There's no way the development and massive production and distribution of any of the COVID shots could possibly have happened at " warp speed." Those were waiting in the wings.

When a critical mass of the public perceives the vaccine cult's scam, it should collapse.

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Terrific interview, as always.

Re the WHO intention to establish a totalitarian rule over ALL health-related activities and regulations, James Roguski is probably the world's leading researcher on this issue. He has a Substack account and has published a great deal about the WHO and their plans to assume dictatorial powers over all pandemic-related situations. I recommend his Substack account to learn what the WHO intends and is actually doing.

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Yes, James Roguski is an expert, and has researched and urged we get out of the WHO for a long time.

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Thank you Dr. McCullough, for this short but powerful video!

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May God bless you for all you are doing!

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Just wondering where I should invest my money. I missed out on the casket/funeral home play.

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CD`s and treasury money markets 5+%

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Uhhh...cremation oven manufacturing?

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What a champion of SANITY and courage…Dr. Peter McCullough.

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Dr. McCullough and Mr. Leake - this is off topic but is there anything the freedom and truth movement substacks and their followers can do to protect and help Karen Kingston? Is there a fund-raising effort to provide her a 24/7 security detail, if she resurfaces? Thank you for your thoughts on this. I appreciate your work and dedication to truth.

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@Dr. Peter McCullough,

You mentioned "vaccine ideologists cannot wait for another pandemic to ... reap copious sales of vaccine lots to governments.".

Yesterday I listened to a Canadian YT show discussing the burgeoning drug abuse and overdose crisises which have exploded throughout every North American city. The two of the guests expressed surprise by the huge negative backlash reactions they received from those who were profitting handsomely providing the "safe drug supply". Both are actively involved trying to prevent the many harms caused to those injecting these "safe" drugs. They had identified some serious debilitating diseases (spinal infections) discovered working with the afflicted many, creating paraplegic and quadriplegics. Like yourself, these two have been vilified for pointing out the risks associated with a "safe drug supply".

I suspect it's the profitability of the drugs which has caused their societal cancelation. Today's discourse from you reminded me of these parallels and its lesson, greed causes death and suffering.

We may not be as courageous as Dr. McCullough or these two, but we should be at least be morally discerning who we support. Apparently some marijuana companies have siezed upon this profitable opportunity.


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