"they PROHIBITED supplies from being delivered, claiming that only FEMA was authorized"

These officials need to be tried for treason and murder and then hung publicly.

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At a certain point, doesn't incompetence transform to malevolence? And what came first, incompetence or malevolence? How is point #1 anything BUT malevolence? And what about the water supply issues? And how in the world can anyone with half a brain (or heart) refuse assistance for those suffering? Laser beams from space notwithstanding (LOL), there's so much to this that stinks to high heaven, and by now we ALL know what bullshit smells like.

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The biggest travesty of our time is outright corruption covering for blatant incompetence. It’s at every level of society and Lahaina is no different. Totally incompetent people in all leadership rolls throughout society do what they do best; bungle things so badly that people die and lives get ruined. Then they band together to malevolently cover each others tracks and paint themselves as victims and hero’s. Incompetence and corruption so pervasive it endangers civilization itself.

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Up here in B.C.( Canada ) the property owners are actively being prevented from saving their homes or livestock etc by the military, RCMP and check points which are manned by unusual choices for such a job. All efforts for boats to cross the lake with supplies for those trapped are being blocked by the "authorities. Citizens here are upset that " bureaucracy is hampering efforts and making things worse as time is of essence. All roads are blocked intentionally and so people are literally building their own roads in the backwoods to put out fires in their properties. Lots of unanswered questions.

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Aug 24·edited Aug 24

Since when, John, do brush fires melt car tire rims, windows on cars and homes, vaporize ceramic toilets and melt all things metal in the homes that were burned in this fire? You went to Maui and still spout this nonsense? Please do a little research on temperatures needed to melt glass, rims, doorknobs and vaporize ceramic toilets. This is below your level of reporting, and if I were you I'd be ashamed of what I posted in this apology to incompetence. For someone as "switched on" and on target with all of your previous posts I fail to see how you could miss the obvious and take the "safe" mainstream approach to this crime against humanity.

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Why was the water shut off, why was the road blocked, why did the govmt block supplies for the people of Lahaina. Everyone deserves answers but more importantly, how can we help Lahaina now. Send the USNS Comfort hospital ship and let it dock in Lahaina for 6 months. Let the survivors live on the ship while they try to rebuild their lives and homes. We need to do better, we are all Americans.

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Evil behavior cost many lives. Also, that doddering idiot is NOT the president. People should stop calling him that. Basement Joe was not elected by the people; he was installed by the globalist, Satanic deep state and its Swamp toadies. He is a fake.

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When God wants to judge a nation, He sends them wicked leaders. (John Calvin)

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I am with you on the DEWs, been banging this drum for years, not that they don't exist, they do, and even a primary place they exist is on Maui. But, with these conditions, not at all necessary.

However, I am still entertaining the geoengineering angle on this. Again, like DEWs, the tech is there, but in this case, would be much more necessary than a DEW.

If you are stating these types of winds are normal this time of year, that takes some pressure off the geoengineering angle.

Either way, the government response is horrendous and we need to have a serious discussion in this country about how are tax money and debt is spent, because this shouldn't have happened and the post response should not look like this.

I'm out here in the hills of NorCal. Can't help but to feel next. Further north some fires are ripping. Lightening in August is not normal. Theres just too much of this going on for to believe its all happenstance or climate change.

It feels orchestrated.

Thank you for your reporting. I hope the truth comes out.

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Wildfires do not behave like the Lahania fire. Two good eyes but you still won't see.

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having lived on Maui and still being in touch with Hawaiian natives who have lived for generations in Lahaina that's what my friends tell me. They suspect the use of DEW's which are produced on Maui to ignite the fires which the wind spread to highly combustable grasses, no sirens, no water, the fact that the storm was ca 500 miles away and therefor could NOT have been the cause of the enormous winds, the police barricading the exit sending the people back into the flames, government officials being away on Oahu when the firestorm hit, tourists having been evacuated 24 hours earlier, the governor presenting his 15 min smart, green Maui plans at the UN recently, Hawaiian natives living in Lahaina having refused to sell off their land, just to name a few points. They think this fire or fires were part of a plan to drive Hawaiians off their land and institute WEF directives of 15 min green, smart cities

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Thank you for the effort you have made to investigate events at Lahaina. As someone who has worked with securities fraud, as well as the nature and sufficiency of legal evidence in highly counter-intuitive situations, I hope you will consider some additional thoughts.

First, fraud, or any type of deliberate malfeasance, is always made to look like an accident, like something that can be attributed to mistakes, to unnatural coincidence - anything other than deliberation. The more sophisticated the perpetrator, the more difficult it will be to find evidence of what has really happened. Sometimes, it can be impossible.

I will argue that we are NOT bound to assume the innocence of actors who control global events. We are justified in taking what we have learned from recent events, and using that knowledge to create presumptions about what has taken place here, even when it is way too early for critical evidence to prove that we are right. I say this because, in a court of law, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty for a reason that serves THAT system - we are dealing with incarceration and criminal punishment. By comparison, we, as individuals assessing events on substack, are not ethically or morally bound by that same presumption because we are not sending people to prison. To the contrary, we are pursuing truth for its own sake, and should be free from the intellectual restraints that are imposed by an entirely different system, with an entirely different purpose.

In this vein, in view of events that have taken place over the past 3-1/2 years, I would argue that we are justified in presuming the worst and letting facts prove otherwise, rather than the other way around. It is not difficult to see the many problems with presuming that what took place was the result of natural events. It is, first, a problem of oversimplification. We should not be asking what we see, we should be asking - who benefits? The evidence on that is already abundant, and we should establish our presumptions from there. Second, it is important to recognize that presuming that what has taken place is the result of natural events is not a neutral starting position. It is actually the narrative that will always be prepared for us by perpetrators, when there are perpetrators. Nothing to see here, folks. Just some bad actors after the fact.

In cases of deliberate malfeasance, what cannot be made to look like coincidence will be covered up by the perpetrators using the authority they typically have to deny access to information. Does that sound familiar in the case of Lahaina? That is the third reason I would argue that we should not place so much emphasis on saying nothing deliberate has happened until we have proof. In a court of law, discovery is supposed to assure access by all parties to relevant evidence. Here, if there were those who deliberately planned the fire, they have exclusive access to the evidence. If we base our presumptions on the evidence we have available to us, we will be forced to work with a skewed perspective on reality. We do not have a neutral set of limited information. We are fed a skewed set of limited information and need to adjust for that in our approach.

The question is not whether or not directed energy weapons were used. That question cannot possibly be answered definitively at this point. The evidence, if it exists, will not simply appear while we wait. My own approach is to say that, in view of world events over the past several years, the action taken by those in authority after the fact, which was inhumane in the extreme, is sufficient to establish a presumption that the Lahaina fire was planned down to the last detail, that the date was chosen, that mechanisms were put into place to be sure that the destruction took place as scheduled, and that nothing was left to chance with respect to the completeness of the destruction. Does anyone think those in power are unaware of the extensive evidence of convenient "natural cause" excuses that would be available to them?

Were DEWs used? I would not start by looking for evidence, which is probably being destroyed behind chain-link fences as I write. I would ask what known technology or combination of technologies would be capable of ensuring that this fire would produce the desired devastation on this particular day. I would ask if DEWS meet that description, and if they do, I would look for evidence. If a different deep-state technology were used, does it really matter that it was not a DEW? That would be a trivial distinction. What I will say, from my own research, is that few people are aware of how far the technology of the deep state exceeds what we know as standard physics, and few are aware of the extent to which its stealth utilization is already a part of our everyday lives.

References to DEWs are not unreasonable, even if based on nothing more than intuition at this point, because we can look to 9-11 for a parallel analysis. An investigation of 9-11 narratives will reveal three major approaches: First, for the naive - two buildings in NYC were taken down by planes. Second, for the reasonable investigator, it was a controlled demolition and it impacted three buildings, not two. Third, for the serious researcher, we have evidence that directed energy was indeed used. See Judy Wood. Attention should also be given to the earthquake in Turkey, the raging fires in Canada, and a list of other "natural" events that continues to grow.

Why is it important to push these questions to their limits? Why are we justified, as critical investigators, in saying that we will pursue our intuition that some form of advanced weaponry was used? I would argue it is important and we are justified because at a spiritual level this looks very much like an occult sacrifice, by fire, of hundreds of innocent children. And for that, I will put aside my intellectual respectability and stick my own neck out based on my intuition, and my sense that we are fighting a spiritual battle. Then perhaps, by God's grace, we will be led to know the truth so those who suffer loss can take comfort in the fact that, if not in this lifetime, then in eternity, justice will be served. God will not whitewash evil.

Our Lord knows the suffering of the parents who have been left behind:

"A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children; and she refused to be comforted because they were no more." Matthew 2:18

This is where the Bible begins, and it leads us to find comfort in the Psalms.

But even beyond that, we know the children, who are sorely missed, will be waiting in heaven to be reunited with their parents who put their faith in the Son of God:

"See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father Who is in heaven." Matthew 18:10

I have crossed a line. I will not be a person who waits for proof before I stick my neck out so I can always be right. Rather, I will allow myself to be called a fool in the pursuit of truth. It is only by having done this in the past that I found the determination to keep looking for evidence that nationally recognized experts in their own fields told me did not exist. But I found it because I followed my gut instinct, based on what I could glimpse as a hidden truth. As a result, those who were innocent, who would otherwise have been penalized unjustly, were not.

I fully expect, that if we do not forget about Lahaina and her children, the same thing will happen here, only instead of vindication of the innocent, we will have a fuller grasp of the reality of our world, and of the nature of the battle between good and evil. And when we grasp the nature of this battle, which will test us to the core of our beings, it is my hope that more of us will see that we take our stand with good when we follow the Son of God in obedience and faith.

J.P. Kerber, Esq.

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Absolutely rational points. So much of what’s happened over the last several years does read like a conspiratorial movie script. So I don’t blame people for embracing wild theories. Still, none here are necessary as the truth is stranger than fiction. Silent sirens and fire dept that turned back as things were still smoldering are hard to swallow as simply unfortunate coincidences though.

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I'm bringing up another issue - the children. Their disappearance needs to be investigated immediately. Did they actually go to their homes from the school? Who can verify seeing a child return home? Were they loaded into buses and driven to airports or put on a ship? In other words, abducted for the purpose of child torture and pedophilia? If this sounds crazy, please view the new documentary, "Out of the Shadows." There must be witnesses who can help identity the true fate of these hundreds of missing children? John, please include this in your investigation and let us know.

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I'm still completely on board with the DEW + chem trail accelerants theory. These globalists have demonstrated again and again it is not incompetence, it is *intentional harm.* They lie in the face of clear evidence and think nothing of it, nor of the millions of deaths those lies have caused. This kind of "neglect" in Lahaina is no accident; it serves their purposes. We have to come to terms with THAT and process that and decide whether we deserve to have systems and leadership that do in fact and in action transparently reveal the whole truth and work for the good of the people. In the face of antihuman actions, we should fully consider and process that it's due to their antihuman agenda.


The 15-min cities are NO JOKE. This is what they're going to do if we keep buying into their nonsense. They aim for complete control and manipulation of us all. The globalists have no affiliation to nation or "parties." They are self interested only: https://www.bitchute.com/video/bwcnOTGI4nd7/

And look at the similarity in Maui ... orange "passes" required to go to another place on the island.


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Guess the laws of physics (steel and glass melting points hundreds of degrees higher than a natural fire for example) are just "chatter."

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