I forgot to say thanks for this dynamite post (nowadays the young whippersnappers say “awesome”). I

look forward to your update!

I am “mandate retired, fulfilling the “McCullough mandate” from 2021 when you said to your audience: “What I need from you is to stay ‘unbroken’ .”

So far so good!

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Love that young mothers put on this very educational and prestigious event. Wow to get Dr McCullough and RFKJR to speak at their fundraiser was incredible. Can’t wait to hear the recordings! Thanks once again Dr McCullough- when do you sleep?

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Thank you Dr McCullough for clearly and succinctly summarizing and exposing the three false government narratives crafted by the global Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex who is the benefactor of vaccine ideology: I am also glad you added that this obsession with vaccines started about 150 years ago. Looking forward to hearing the recording!

"1. COVID-19 illness was unassailable, all we could do is wear masks and wait in fear being locked down from society

2. The genetic vaccines are completely safe and effective and everyone must take a shot every six months without exception with no end in sight

3. All the chronic diseases and sudden unexpected deaths we are seeing now are not caused by mRNA, but is attributable to COVID-19 infection"

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The real surprise is RFK Jr. leaving the Demo-destruction party.

Will it happen?

Is this the way back home to peace and love of liberty freedoms?

Has America had enough Dirty Laundry thrown on their door steps?

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He needs to call out their corruption - he's got no chance as an independent - he needs to join up with Trump and help destroy the corruption - too bad Pres. Trump didn't bring him into his administration when he said he would. I keep thinking of all the millions who would still be alive.

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Wonderful, encouraging post!

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Sep 30, 2023·edited Sep 30, 2023

Dear Namesake- When we met in Menlo Park, your calmness and slow burn energy was initially deceptive and I saw you as a very nice man with a long and successful career. Then you began to speak and I heard, not words, but the voice of your soul, combined with the sprit of all humanity. I heard a relentless hunter, not out to kill, but out to nurture. Your work is nothing short of super-human in the breadth, depth and relevance to the revelation of truth and the preservation of the quality of life of our species. And, it must be said that you are growing a garden of informed people, prepared to share truthful information with others in the same, non-aggressive way you do. You are one who knows that a "garden" is well-made by constant gentle care. This-in contrast to those who attempt to cause produce by yanking upwards on the scions. Perhaps beating the analogy into the ground--it is clear that you are cultivating a bumper crop of beautiful, fragrance in which we all will glow and shine and enhance lives of others. In contrast-so many others are just growing GMO veggies to be consumed for profit in a mad dash to Hell.

Godspeed, brother/doctor Peter.

P.S. I captured some nice reflections of you at an event. Where may I email them?

Alas! Drat! and Woe....It seems I cannot post a photo here!

As the "Glass Gun" Photographer...My weapon is a glass gun and I cause no harm.

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WeThe People Must Trust in physicians who do not expound based on $ome profit they receive from the pharmaceutical.industry but rather from their belief in GOD OurFather and All HIS Children. This doctor speaks the Truth.

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Our government will do everything possible to prevent Kennedy from becoming president. So we have to do everything we can to help him.

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Truth be told, Bobby is depending on US --to be the heavy lifters and the ones who will carry on into the future. He is aware and smart and knows the daunting challenges he is entering. We, boomers, fell to our knees when JFK was taken and we went prostrate in agony when Bobby was felled. In both cases we needed to be as is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. We need to be resolute, philosophical, empathic, generous and know that each step we make is destined to be in imprint in the sand of the legacy we leave behind when we ascend into joy, free of this human jungle. It is WE who need to get elected; it is OUR will which needs to surmount the dastardly tactics meant to discourage, if not kill us.

Thank you for your every effort, small or large.

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he's just there to split the blue vote

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Awaiting the release of the keynote address with great anticipation.

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The Dynamic Duo and Fighters for Truth and Freedom Together-How Wonderful!

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Dr. McCullough

Do you know that RFK, Jr. has publically said at least twice that he will "negotiate with the WHO from within," before considering Exiting the WHO?

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I have been praying & advocating loudly for a third party here in the United States of America to form. It is desperately needed in my opinion because each side of the isle has it's own whopping blind spot, and unless we elect significant contingent of those who have neither classic holes in their world view and perceptions, we will continue to move forward very destructive agendas along with the more positive ones from the "right" and the "left."

The Right comprehends the issues of, (or, at least used to,) excessive government regulation for individuals and small businesses, the need for inexpensive and abundant energy production for economic stability and human thriving, and perceives the dangers inherent in communist, totalitarian & Nazism.

They know the first requirement for a successful civilization is independent thinking, Freedom, and creativity through commerce, invention, and hard work. And that for this to exist there must be security and the rule of law,, as well.They also know personal and societal responsibility all begin at home, and a government attempting to control, parent or heal the citizens is a terrible, and doomed to failure, idea. We, the citizens, pay the Government, to do the jobs we, as individuals, cannot. But Government itself is the most dangerous force on Earth, and therefore must be kept small and watched VERY carefully, with any overreach into the private lives of citizens or violations of Civil Liberties exposed, and nipped in the bud instantly!

Honesty, integrity, and the conservation of American Values, God, Counrty, Family, must come first, in many right leaning families and together that triumvirate sums up a lot.

On the Left they have been much more aware of the exploitation of the working classes by powerful individuals and economic strategies, the ingrained prejudice of many authorities, institutions & individuals against women & minorities, etc., the abuses of history towards specific races, and the destruction of the natural environment we all depend upon for life itself.

They comprehend the value of whales, insects, songbirds and Ecosystems. Sadly the right too often has not. Nor has it always comprehended the abuses heaped on American Indians, African Americans or the damage done to American women by sexist and aggressive who men who still wield vast amounts of power inappropriately here inside the USA. Also the left sees the need for strong social safety nets and believes that most problems in society can be fixed or improved by more Governmental action. They believe in the Social Systems in Europe and wish to move American Government that direction.

Each side of the isle has gotten in bed with special interests to fund their political ambitions.

Republicans typically with the Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, Coal, Gas & Nuclear, some Banking, telecoms, & business in general.

Democrats are now tied to the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, Banking, and the war machine also, today.

The differences between the two parties is evaporating rapidly, except in "flavor."

Gay rights, and the new "Trans" rights issues color Democrats, the Ukraine war, and forcing experimental products on people, the entire commercial pandemic response, replete with vast power and money grabs, runs the Democratic show.

Green energy is also a big money maker and fear of CO2 is their current & next psychological operation, in order to push the UN's 2030 Agenda.

Republicans will try to slow this down, but they are also owned by the forces pushing this forward, so their resistance is weak.

Sound money, restraint by Government, are now missing on both sides. As is the importance, the necessity of PEACE.

The Bio-security state is on the rise & neither side will face it or our demons and the destruction of the Environment, Human Health and American Liberty, head on.

To survive as a People we must. A third Party, supported by People, not the Billionaires feeding off the bodies of Americans and American Small Businesses, must Stand Up.

I pray that the horrific abuses of the Covid Coup on America & the Free World, activate our National Immune System to make this happen!

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Was this fundraising event? I live in NJ and would have loved to attend

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We attended both fundraiser at noon in Roselle and campaign HQ evening celebration in Elizabeth on the 28th. That was a challenging schedule for our candidate to say the least!

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I am a retired physician and through observation, I learned how best to convince my patients that I was correct and the FDA was incorrect about the efficacy of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. Patients and audience members are not as ill-educated nor unable to understand rudimentary statistics or clinical trial results as so many believe. In fact, they like it when you explain the clinical investigation methodology and the results. This is much better than making assertions, because listeners come to their own conclusions and can ask questions.

I found the strongest evidence you presented regarding SARS-CoV-2 as being an engineered virus, was the sequence of 12 nucleotides patented by S. Bancel in 2016 which were later discovered to be present in the altered Bat Coronavirus of 2019. Please include the mechanism of action of that sequence in its ability to confer upon this virus the ability to infect human cells in your talks. Be prepared for the critics, who will counter that this sequence has been found in nature rarely, with the statistical likelihood that in three years after the patent, the SARS-CoV-2 virus could have acquired this sequence naturally.

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