John, thankyou for all of this. Dr. McCullough is an American hero! No less than those who fought in WWII! As my Dad did! I am a retired RN. In March of 2020 I knew it was BS, and as DeWino was shutting down Ohio, I jumped into my cat (at 74) and drove to my daughter's. She has 8 kids. We both thought-BS. Yes, we all got covid, but I was on the hcq, and Ivermectin within days!..Save my sister in Minnesota. She ordered hcq overnight and was out caring for her horses the next day:)

I have 5 kids, and 27 grandchildren-none jabbed. Please thank Dr. McCullough for me, and I thank you deeply for all you have written! May God bless you both and your families!!

Susan McInnis

Steubenville, Ohio

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All I can say John, is thank God you, Peter McCullough and other legends like the late great Dr Vlad Zelenko and Dr Rashid Buttar are alive during this time in history. Keep shining the light where it really needs to be shone, which you are doing. We all appreciate you and I pray the EU separates from the evil UN/WHO, they are not peacekeepers or appropriate public health advisors. In Australia many are aware that this organisation does not exist for the benefit of humanity.

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A good story/lecture/presentation is worth listening to more than once and often even better years later. Dr. McCullough will go down in history as one of the great ones.

An old one: The Devastating Legacy of Obama's Presidency - A Point of No Return | Thomas Sowell


A new one: The Biden Family is Hopelessly Corrupt


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Excellent book. Your true crime writing skills show up well, John.

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Read Katherine Watt at Bailiwick News and learn th at t it is Constitutional laws that brought us bio-weapons/counter measures called vaccines and continues to do so. Mc Cullough is engaging in theater with no substantive changes to these laws. How is this really helping? It isn’t. Our government continues to poison its own people, we are all Palestinians they suffer genocide we suffer democide at the hands of our government.

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Great. But do they have ears? I don't think so. A conscience? Only bank accounts i think. . So what's the difference

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There is no need for response to the fears of pandemics, as it is now seen to be an instrument for globalisation and control.

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I watched most of those hearings and roundtables. My thanks goes out to Dr. McCullough for his courage and leadership. The man was obviously put on this earth to serve humankind during this dark time.

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You can’t kick Eunuchs in the balls because they don’t have any more, but just whispering in their ears softly, constantly and in the same way as their mass formation strategy....the moment they break will come, and when it doesn’t the vaccine(s) will take them out

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Bravo to Dr. Peter McCullogh for exercising fundamental rights and freedoms against the bunch of money grabbing psuedo intellectual politicians in USA government, that are un-educated conspiring lackeys acting for Big Pharma profits, that endow those lackeys with monetary crumbs as gratitude..

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The proper question, is this:

What is the biggest solvable problem we can fix if we can find ways to work together better as humans?

We believe the answer is this:

Stop the corruption in our systems: systems of government, medicine, science, food, academia, and more.

BUT -we cannot fight the old systems. We need to create new systems that make the old ones obsolete, and migrate to the new ones. High trust systems. Transparent systems. Decentralized systems. Systems that are much much harder to corrupt.

We are working on these types of systems and need your help. Come be part of the solution, together.

This article explains how we can run systems like governments or businesses with this type of high trust system. But that's not all Human Swarm Intelligence can do if we build the right ecosystem for it.


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The book is excellent. I bought right when it was released. Couldn’t stop reading until it was finished. There are so many truths that must come out from the dark shadows. We know what they’ve done. We must keep talking. The truth will prevail.

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I'm sorry, but I have to laugh. All of these appearances, before various govt bodies, and just WHAT has come from it?? NOTHING! ZERO! ZIP! NADDA! Matters NOT 'who' is 'appearing', nor to what 'committee'.....it's ALL THEATRE!! Made to keep the Slaves/Dumbed-Down Masses appeased!

I WANT to trust McCullough......but he is STILL, THREE YEARS later, going around saying that there was/IS a 'CV19 virus'. AND......he is still going around saying the word 'VIRUSES'.

There is NO, and has NEVER BEEN a 'CV19 virus'. it WAS a Bio-weapon.

And during the past THREE YEARS, I LEARNED that there was NO SUCH THING as 'VIRUSES'. You'd think, being a DOCTOR, who is supposedly AWAKE, McCullough would KNOW THIS??! Doctors, Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, Lee Merritt, just to name a few, can lay out the EVIDENCE that there is, NO SUCH THING as 'viruses'.

Again, if someone is NOT laying THE WHOLE TRUTH, be very, VERY WARY of them! When one 'tells a tale' with just SOME truth in it, it is STILL A LIE! A NARRATIVE is being pushed! A DISTRACTION is being done from the REAL issue(s) of this PLANNEDemic!!

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