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Dr. McCullough Joins Jan Jekielek on American Thought Leaders

Lancet Censorship of Valid COVID-19 Vaccine Autopsy Paper Triggers Concern

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

I was honored to appear back on American Thought Leaders produced by Epoch Times with lead correspondent Jan Jekielek. We updated the world on the disturbing issue of censorship in the medical literature, now creeping down to the level of pre-print servers which exist to rapidly provide data that have not been peer-reviewed.

I had a chance to give the editorial dialogue on our paper and some important perspectives for the consuming public which is growing increasingly distrustful of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. The paper we discussed is on the Zenodo Preprint Server as of July 9, 2023, has amassed a stunning 33,997 views and 25,837 downloads. Take a look at it for yourself!

Nicolas Hulscher, BS, Paul E. Alexander, PhD, Richard Amerling, MD, Heather Gessling, MD, Roger Hodkinson, MD, William Makis, MD, Harvey A. Risch, MD, PhD, Mark Trozzi, MD, & Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH. (2023). A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF AUTOPSY FINDINGS IN DEATHS AFTER COVID-19 VACCINATION. Zenodo.


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Courageous Discourse™ with Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake
Courageous Discourse™ with Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake
Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH