Still wearing the 'white lab coat' costume. I get it, it is the ultimate honor in the field, a white coat with your name followed by some letters.

But honestly, with the number of liars and grifters with white lab coats, names and letters, it should be a bit embarrassing to be seen in such garb. Maybe the color or style could be altered to allow some distance from those who have used the costume to defraud humanity.

At least he's not wearing a bow tie, the sure give away of the goofy narcissist.

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questions - how long to do the protocol? is it safe? If you have a thyroid condition - can you use the iodine wash?

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Why is Dr. McCullough being silent about synthetic snake venom being the actual spike proteins? That is hurting people, since there ARE easy, specific antidotes to the venom in the shots, wrapped in graphene oxide. Dr. Bryan Ardis has studied long and hard on this, and cannot get any of the other "truth teller" doctors to look at his research, or talk to him about it. Why are they ignoring this, when it seems very probable? Most import videos I have seen on Covid and Covid shots:





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Dr McCullough, will you please do a sub stack entry on the new Beyfortus that was just recommended for infants by the cdc? Suspect it's no better than anything else they have recommended recently---

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Not only young and bold, but very easy to look at and listen to! ;-)

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