Filthy Gatekeepers. Another cabal, clique, cartel, guild. A rigged game, a fixed system, a self regulating, self congratulatory wankfest for all the guilty. Safety being numbers bought, souls sold, all for "The Science" TM. The lies choke themselves.

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You forgot bastards, mobsters, gangsters, crooks, hooligans, rapscallions, and dirty pricks.

Just to describe further the finer points of characters, of the Evil ones at the big wheels.

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Jul 17, 2023·edited Jul 17, 2023

Sometimes doggerel speaks when science is silenced:


Vaxxie, vaxxie, so obsessed, Wore your mask and took your tests.

Still got COVID, every strain, Spike proteins inside your brain.

Short of breath at 24, "Dr. Fauci, gimmie more!"

Proteins tangle and misfold, Amyloidosis taking hold.

Swollen heart at 25, "Thank Moderna I'm alive!"

There's no cure for microclot, Getting worse with every shot.

Heart attack at 26, Prayed to Pfizer for a fix.

Vaxxie, vaxxie, death is lurking, Doctor says, "that means it's working."

Died of SADS at 27, All good vaxxies go to heaven.

His family is quite upset, But they're alive, with tears to let.

And, they say, "it's for the better," Without the vax "he would be deader."

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🤔 ... needs a banjo and this baby is shooting to Number Wan👏👏👏

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I’m a Delta Survivor Sept 2021. What’s your survivor story? Mine was pure hell. Fully recovered though, thank God

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Never had the flu like body aches/head aches etc. Minor fever for a few days. That went away. And then the cough set in. That did not go away. Lungs micro clotted. Oxy saturation went down to mid 70's after about 4 days. Could not get medical help from VA. They just kicked me down. Tele health was swamped everywhere. Finally a nurse on the phone asked me my oxy number. When I said 74 she insisted I drop everything and report to the hospital ER. They admitted me and immediately put me on 50L high flow O2.

A DO (osteopath), not an MD was assigned to me. He administered an allowable low dose steroid, heparin, pepcid as a histamine blocker and some other stuff. I was in the hospital 6 days. Lungs were wasted. Went home with a 5L oxygen concentrater. Off of that in a week. Two weeks I was 80% back. 6 Weeks 95% recovered.

None of this had to happen had they system allowed oral steroid out patient treatment at first onset. I applied the rest of the good protocols right away at first symptons, which really damped down the disease, but I did not have steroid in my kit. It was on order from India but did not arrive until after I was home from the hospital. So there was no way ahead of time I could have prevented the pulmonary micro clotting.

The DO knew his stuff and saved my ass. A regular MD would not color outside the lines. This guy did. After discharge, when I looked at the list of the drugs he administered they were all stuff on the good protocols.

I did have some lingering brain fog and weird vision for a while. But that all went away. Like yourself, I am fully recovered. And as well, I thank God.

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Wow! I came down with the couf in late august. It started off like yours, slowly and sneaky with a fever and aches but on day 4 and for weeks after, a never ending bout of cough spasms that I couldn’t control. My muscles hurt so much that it felt like my ribs were going to crack. I made my husband get me a Velcro brace to wrap around my middle.

I was telemedicine antibiotic and oral prednisone but I had those before for bronchitis and that never worked. It didn’t help this time.

I had pro air and advair inhalers but they were not helping me like they had in the past. 3 trips to ER, they took my chest X-ray and told me 1. You have Covid, gee thanks I knew that. 2. My X-ray showed that I had evidence of pneumonia in my past which was true but I never knew it was h be visible on X-ray. I guess I have scar tissue in my lungs? So that explains why I have suffered from bronchitis after colds. 🤷‍♀️

The hospital sent me home because I never got low enough o2 so I guess I was lucky. Took a month to get out of fever and coughing spasms. I was traumatized and had PTSD. It scared my husband so he took me back to the same ER for mental check which made me laugh so hard that it really scared him. 😂

After I got better the doctor told me to get vaccinated and I said, “ I thought I have at least 3 months natural immunity!” I hoped after 3 months they would acknowledge natural immunity but they didn’t. God I hate big pharma and stupid people.

I didn’t know about taking pepsid and I didn’t have IVM. I was very active and healthy before I got Delta. I finally got IVM months later. In December of 22, I came down with a flu-like I’ll was. It came on quick and fast. I started IVM and the fever went away in 24 hrs. My cough never got beyond the usual clearing back of throat. I missed 1 day of work. Ivermectin works.

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Likely that trial is meant as a warning to physicians to shut up or the same fate will await you. Thank you Dr. McCullough for bringing integrity to the profession in the face of the corrupted establishment and big pharma.

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I would say at this point it has evolved into more of an ever increasingly bold policy than a warning . I have been practicing Internal medicine > 30 years. All that time they have culled the profession to eliminate those individual physicians that would not go along with the system's corruption, political correctness and institutional priorities.Those that would place patient well being and good medicine above the ' good ' of the institution were hunted and eliminated. Dr McCullough is a great example to demonstrate -that it does not matter how many papers you publish, how much you know or do, how sincere you might be --- all that matters is compliance. I witnessed it only in medicine. Trump has exposed the underbelly of the entire system mistreating the people.

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That is one heck of a birds eye view, hands on, all in a nutshell, bullseye, description.

The type that folks need to realize for any duration to make best health outcomes when practicing medicine becomes weaponized. The Covid theater illustrates this clearly.

Seemingly unconcerned in regards to victimizing all of humanity for assured and protected future profits for the topside controllers. They in fact, released the Kraken!

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Indeed. It's absolutely against their pledge to do no harm. And it's physicians being coerced. We need a public uprising similar to Bud Light and Target to reject the docs that don't stand for their principles - they are victims, but that's the touch point we as citizens have. The doctors in turn need to rebel against their overlords, who are 100% corrupted. And we as content producers and socially aware need to raise the tone of our voices to awaken broad protests. Our FDA / CDC / etc are 1000% corrupt! I've been taking more care of my health knowing that I cannot trust my physician, who is a salesperson for big pharma. They are regulated by their employer to be as such. But they remain silent and the head in a hole to avoid facing reality.

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It's like your time served in military directives. If I see something...then say something....

I will surely no doubt suffer my rank/status/but more importantly my pay grade!

My role has been made quite clear....do as you are asked....stay in your lane. Is that clear?

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You are an international medical hero. Thank you!🙏

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The country is dying. Heart attacks, strokes, blood cllots, car accidents and dead babies. Then we place hope in nesara gesara and medbeds that aren't here to save anyone from anything.

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Yes....we are witnessing some kind of a diabolical unraveling of the human race in real time

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Jul 16, 2023·edited Jul 16, 2023

Thankyou Dr. McCullough for standing up to my country's genocidal medical college. Dr. Trozzi was suspended by the Provincial Genocidal College of Physicians and Surgeons. I sent two letters to the college in support of Doctors Trozzi, Luchkiw and Phillips. As one substack poster said on Dr. Luchkiw's substack "The CPSO wanted their heads on a pike". The college's goal is complete subservience to the interests of big Pharma and whatever genocidal authority is bribing them.

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Jul 16, 2023·edited Jul 16, 2023

What Irony.

A medical board has no expertise. No institution does. It is not a human person and has no knowledge or consciousness of its own.

If it did, it could not be infested and coopted by rent-seekers and disordered personalities in pursuit of narcissistic supply. Only healthy, responsible personalities of good character can defend against the motivations of avarice and malignancy that hunt for personal advantage among us.

There is only expertise.

Expertise in attending a particular patient. Expertise in a particular practice or process. Expertise in the infiltration and bad faith use of institutional authority and station.

That and the sophistication of trustee duty and the use of knowledge and instution in a good faith manner. The rest is but politics on the road to depravity plagued by the malignant pursuit of narcissistic supply, however venal.

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I left the 'system' years ago. The institutions i.e hospitals have the hubris to award 'Privileges' to physicians. Privileges confer the right to bring patients ( business ) to them, take care of said patients and pay homage to the institution - which is little more than a building with equipment and support staff.

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Jul 16, 2023·edited Jul 16, 2023

Usurping the physician/patient relationship of the patient's choosing by fiat of administrative policy and adhesion contract is an inherently unlawful act, and should be a criminal act. The hospital executives and conspiring others responsible should face personal criminal liability for such extortionist policies implicitly demonstrating the intent to defraud the patient of otherwise lawful attendance by the duly licensed physician of their choosing.

No hospital administrator or administration should be allowed to usurp the lawful right of a physician to practice medicine per the laws of the subject state. The hospital administration and its administrators have no lawful regulatory authority over a duly licensed physician as any such attempt is fundamentally preempted by lawful physician licensing.

Further, how is any hospital's attempt to do so not also fundamentally a form of racketeering that might reasonably fall under the jurisdiction of anti-racketeering and monopolistic practices statutes?

The patient is the object of the exercise. The primacy of the physician/patient relationship should be inviolate relative to any other interloping 3rd party that conspires to usurp it or otherwise interfere with their mutual determination of what is/was medically necessary.

Model legislation to preserve and protect such rights to attend and practice should be created and adopted into law by all 50 states. Physicians mutually have the power to accomplish this.

They haven't used it as effectively as they could. Now they are against the wall and at risk of become virtual slaves of the administrators and their inside legal counsel.

The old adage still applies: Use it or Lose it.

"Physician, heal thyself."

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Along with the time honored oath of "Do no harm".......Sadly losing all medical integrity.

Dragged thru the muddy waters of a highly funded and scripted dis-info campaign, unabated as a tool never before witnessed within our nations Bill of Rights.

Any level of a personal awareness, becomes challenged with a massive public confusion.

The real problem is this was all scripted.

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Jul 17, 2023·edited Jul 17, 2023

Two sets of rules. That's the way anti-mutualists roll. In today's pseudo Bidenocracy, RICO and monopolistic practices shall be unlawful for some but not for others.

"Special rights for special people," and they get to say who the special people are.

Anti-mutualism is the very root of everything unjust and cruel in politics and human behavior in the furtherance of their wealth and power. Two sets of rules.

To see a John Kerry, Maxine Waters, Tim Scott or Mike Pence or any other venal Uniparty hack with clear eyes and a fresh, correct perspective, we must realize that whether Left, Right, Red or Walking Dead, they are first and foremost Anti-mutualist. This is the fulcrum on which the quality of power pivots in human affairs.

Today, to call someone an anti-mutualist is to merely confuse them. Our rhetoric has been so meticulously manipulated and dissembled by paid actors and cynical clowns that most don't even know what the term means, much less its significance.

To call someone an anti-mutualist should be the pinnacle of insult. To do so spins the pre-programmed rhetoric on its head.

Want to blow up the malignant rhetoric the worst have prepared for us? This is a good place to start.

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Extremely acute and accurate. Not certain that Hunter Biden's daddy is the worst US Pres

in the history of them all. But his cast of rejects and the bad actors all leave me to believe that is an understatement. This Admin is poised on self-destruction. Never before seen.

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Jul 17, 2023·edited Jul 17, 2023

I don't know the bodies connected to the invisible hands doing the dirty deeds, but our institutions, the for and not for profits, the NGOs and government, seem to be infiltrated by a 5th Column of some sort.

Others are concerned our institutions are in the throes of a self-organizing monopolistic ad hoc conspiracy working itself out. Some think the Big Uni has formed a secular religious cult based upon the hollow competence of the typical university administration culture that supplies acolytes and eunuchs to the corporations and institutional entities of the nation.

There is one camp that worries the SES (Senior Executive Service) has collapsed into a rogue malignancy. There are others who sense the infiltration by foreign interests. They can all be right.

We need to better appreciate how our native corporations are a form of alien non-human person in the law. They are inherently 5th Column actors where the running of our municipal, state and federal governments are concerned.

If I had to guess, the old money of Old Europe is up to its old tricks. There are vast informal cartels and shared monopoly interests in the modern world. Those are in play too.

All we have as citizens of a nation arise from the strengths of our mutual interests in common. Mutualism is the key to our formation and our enduring national survival.

This is why the Anti-mutualists of our era are taking the gloves off. The do not come to serve the mutual well being. They come to rule over others and serve only those who rule over them.

This is not alien to human history. This is human history.

Thus the beauty and fragility of the American experiment and the uniqueness of The Enlightenment traditions versus the same old same old tyrannical collectivist crap.

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A true global mutual agreement must rise again.

Will it be from the ashes?

I hope not.

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The neo-Malthusians are a very tenacious, treacherous lot.

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As akin to the depictions as art and authority of Roman civilization that believed that the Gods lived high above the clouds and watched over it always and had forever.

Your assessment is no doubt more compelling. There is a hidden endless funded force.

Wishing to remain that way. Man, have they done one hell of a job so far.

An Experiment is the proper term. There is only one absolute certainty, raise our awareness.

Experiments do have a habit to explode, particularly under pressures. I have 3 kids. I care.

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If they can keep us trapped in the "liberal v conservative" identity narrative they will likely prevail. We can't preserve the right to rule ourselves lazily stuck on stupid. We need to throw off the contrivances of rhetoric and identity politics created by them to keep us subjectified. It's fetish. The obsession is as venal as it is fatal to our mutual interests in common.

My dad would often say: "Be careful. Don't become what you say you hate."

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They are not fit to lick his boots.

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Once again I am INCREDIBLY PROUD of you for your testimony in defense of Dr Trozzi! God bless you!

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He couldn't have a better expert witness.

Danny Huckabee

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"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?

And Dr. Peter McCullough said, 'Here am I. Send me!" Adapted from: Isaiah 6:8

God bless you Peter and may our Lord and Savior guide and protect you...

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It is plainly evident that these 'tribunals' are largely populated with globalist reset swine.

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Thank you Dr. McCullough for standing up for the remarkably bright, honest, and caring Dr. Trozzi! In the big picture, justice will triumph!

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Thanks Dr McCullough! For all the hard work you are doing , we support you and the effort! Keep it up, the more your out there, I pray the more minds will open up and change , thanks 🙏

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Are there any Canadian doctors that aren’t brainwashed or cowards?

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I describe them now as "coin operated paint-by-numbers white coats." Certainly not physicians, even if they have M.D. after their name.

Real Physicians are critical thinkers with extensive knowledge and clinical experience deployed to help in the best possible ways the patient in front of them.

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Integrity vs. anti-integrity says it all. Thank you Drs. McCullough and Trozzi for standing up to those not just lacking integrity, but against those who have zero integrity.

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Jul 17, 2023·edited Jul 17, 2023

They failed to discredit you because:

1) You speak the truth.

2) God is speaking through you.

I know because I've seen God's power in you on the public stage and in private conversations. I've spent hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours examining the medical literature you reference for myself and followed your recommendations with tremendous success. I know your words are true. Keep fighting the good fight knowing nothing can stop the truth or God's power. We're praying for you in NC. Luke 12: 11-12

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And in WI and MN. You will prevail Dr. McCullough!!

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