Dr. McCullough Talks with Mothers about Dangers of Transgenderism

Indoctrination, Victimization, and Horrors of Hormonal and Surgical Treatment Revealed


By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Over the past few years of the crisis, I have found that young mothers have an appropriate set of alarms going off about COVID-19, vaccines, and now the “in-your-face” transgenderism craze. I had a chance to spend time with Miriam Shaw and Julie Woolslayer on “Moms on a Mission” podcast, and review the developments in the explosive transexual movement.

They were surprised to learn that the twin epidemics of autism and transgenderism are linked. Multiple studies have demonstrated that autistic children are prone to ostracization, and are suggestible. This makes them easy prey for counselors and others who are pushing transgenderism. As pornography and indoctrination becomes a routine part of the school environment, autistic children are attracted to the LGBT fantasy.

Pride flag has been recently modified to include the autism infinity symbol from the Autism Society originally crafted in 1999.

We summarized the data supporting these epidemiological observations. I cited the studies on how puberty-blocking agents and hormones make children sick. Finally we reviewed the outcomes of ill-advised surgeries including mastectomies of normal developing breasts, penile inversion vaginoplasty and castration, and phalloplasty and metoidioplasty (surgical creation of a false penis). These procedures are sterilizing, disfiguring, and loaded with complications and need for additional surgeries.

Miriam, Julie, and myself agreed that transgender medicine should not exist, because no good and ethical doctor or nurse would perform these medical interventions. Since the house of medicine is in moral and ethical free-fall, states have had to step in and shut down transgender programs before more children are harmed.

Watch this wonderful program and feel free to share it with other young parents and grandparents as we attempt to battle this new menace that has settled into Western societies.

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