He signed an NDA and is now terrified for his life at the hands of Pfizer. As someone who watched people get sick and die from his products I felt extreme joy at his terror.

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Additionally, the guy is an obvious sociopath. Working for a giant hive of psychopaths.

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It is representative of the mass moral decay of younger generations in the US. The customer is a target to be abused, deceived, taken advantage of. The game of how to do this = 'business', a cult of belonging driven by psychopathic pleasure in how well the game is played.

Many doctors who have pursued the arrogant honor of working in the US treat their patients with equal brusqueness, scorn, and disregard. It is a nation plagued by arrogance and inner decay, which is taking over the ethical foundations, strong work ethics, and quality products that previously guided our steps.

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It IS within the realm of possibility that Walker was telling the truth;

That he had been in a Pfizer meeting where they discussed ‘directed evolution’ and using that technique (which sounds suspiciously like Gain of Function) to bring more vaccines to market to make money.

He was drunk and shooting his mouth off. That doesn’t mean he was lying or setting someone up.

It looks to me that his admissions are damning enough to get him and Pfizer in serious trouble.... in a normal world.

Many people seem to think that there just HAS to be more to the story. He doesn’t work for Pfizer, he’s not a scientist (he never claimed to be), he’s setting Project Veritas up, or some other ‘thing’ that makes someone suspicious.

Sometimes a thing is just a thing.....

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Pfizer has an interesting dilemma: to go after Walker for violating an NDA or just quietly get rid of him. I'm sure they want to go after him, but that will also bring a lot of negative publicity on Pfizer over what are apparently true statements about what it's been up to in the dark.

I do feel a bit sorry for Walker, BUT he wrote the script that landed him in trouble. We can hope that his travails might catalyze others to leave the evil company, or even better to turn state's witness against it.

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I would love to be a fly on the wall in a Pfizer board room today and in the office building where this guy used to work. 😉

Typical Tiny Tyrant... When confronted they squeal like the rats they are.

Fraud voids the immunity they were given.

At the very least he's an accessory to murder.

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He was scrambling around on the floor like Hunter Biden looking for crack chunks. What a shizz show all of this has become, we live in the matrix baby.

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I disagree with the concluding paragraph.

In my view, the truth is that the DOD and BigPharma are jointly “in the business” of engineering and manipulating PUBLIC FEAR OF viruses for the purpose of developing population control weapons falsely labeled as preventatives, treatments and risk management tools: vaxx-weapon passports and CBDCs tied to vaxx-weapon compliance.

Don’t fall for the fear campaign psy-op and informational weapons being circulated by Project Veritas (probably as unwilling, unwitting participants who just want to get scoops) and spun up by other people whose words have the effect of directing public anger away from DOD/HHS/US Gov/WHO and toward expendable Big Pharma.

Pharma must be prosecuted, for sure.

But Pharma *could not* have pulled off its part of the crime without the US Gov/DOD/HHS orchestration.



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Methinks he doth protest too much...trying to grab the laptop after telling the crew they can’t leave--he is obviously terrified. It’s not an act. It probably would have been safer for him to turn whistleblower on the spot and ask for immunity.

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Follow the monkeys. If Pfizer can't account for them properly, there's a problem.

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This is all being rolled out as a Big Pharm corruption story and not a long planned sinister gene editing plot to test the world with military prototypes under a State of Emergency called because of the bioweapon that the US developed and released.

(and also cull the herd of useless eaters.)

(and also to create a compliant digitally surveilled slave planet)

Congratulations, Laser Pointer you always win. You control all the nodes of information and you always win. Doritos Time.

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Would that ALL of the psychopathic parasites involved in this genocide experience terror like this before their end.

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I saw a driverless waymo at Sacramento Taylor a few minutes ago.

It was playing Beat It.

There was literally no one in the car.

It stopped at the sign then kept going.

I've never been more scared in my life, still.

Regards from SF killafornia

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Forgive me, but this is the result of "Affirmative Action" on full display. People elevated to positions for which they truly do not have the intelligence or skills - just to check boxes on university and corporate filings. This guy made it to medical school, graduated and only worked a short time before being scooped up by Pfizer. Two research papers, seriously? He is victim of liberalism and the assumption that people of color and/or alternative lifestyles cannot make it without help from the government. The same government that provides just enough income to survive and substandard education. It's actually cruel, high brow discrimination.. He will go the way of the severely injured, without the need for public sightings.

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I looked at it the other way, what if they’re developing viruses that can destroy the world just so they can fuck a stranger on GRINDR?

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The video looks staged and fake. The ultimate goal of the PV propaganda is to legitimize the virus, which has not been isolated and proven to be the cause of what is called COVID-19, and thereby legitimize vaccination. As a result, the planned genocide vaccination program will then look like Pfizer and others trying to respond to a virus rather than just plain and simple planned murder. Its remarkable we're concerned with the phantom of mutating viruses when the alleged SARS-COV-2 virus had a higher survival rate than the flu, which magically disappeared during the covid scam.

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