Where is the evidence that masking the immunocompromised makes a difference in infection rates or outcomes? Most people infer that if masking is good for the compromised then it will be good for them. Masking in hospital operatory settings is barrier protection for the patient from operator spittle. Masking in respiratory isolation might make the staff feel safer from an actively coughing TB case, but where is the evidence that masking hinders the spread of viral respiratory disease in the hospital setting?

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Dr Mccullough ... in a recent interview you refered to a study by Helen Banoun which talked about vaccine shedding. If the unvaccinated are exposed to the vacine through shedding does it equal having taken the shot? I.e. is it permenant and gene editing? Please clarify your opinion on this most important question. https://www.tmrjournals.com/public/articlePDF/20221114/483e983160eb24f1ef94bdd666603ac9.pdf

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I see people who've worn a mask since day one, I bet they sleep in them. One girl has rotten teeth now because of wearing her mask non stop.

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"masking has preoccupied the public and the (largely un) questioning media"

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Dr. McCullough, doesn't the study your referred to that identified igG4 prevalence after multiple injections indicate those injected are developing illness as a result of spike protein they make reaches toxic levels?

If so wouldn't that render the mask debate moot?

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I will begin distributing this article to anyone that offers me a mask in the future. Thank you 🙏

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Jan 31, 2023·edited Feb 2, 2023

I want to contribute the link to 160 studies or more all telling one story: in theory, masks are nieece, but in daily life they are horrible.


The most 2 appalling arguments against masks - for me - are:

- children suffering masked caregivers in kindergarten and elementary school are 3% dumber. IQ is based on EQ, and not being able to see the mouth deprives a child the possibility to train empathy and develop deep emotional intelligence; who may want us to be less connected…

- incubated persons wearing masks with water-binding filtration tissue will have +70% probability of severe cause, as up-concentrated viral particles get re-aerosolised and are drawn deep to alveolae and this makes a severe case.

The masks from water-repelling tissue do not suffer from this effect.

Anyways, if I‘m forced to wear a mask, I intuitively am MORE eager to prevent by


Use any inorganic antiseptic as nasal spray (has to be corrosion resistant).

We DIY nasal spray (to rim, e is 24,5ml) and use 2-6ml 0.3% CIO2 ad (ie fill up with to) 24ml dead sea or stone salt water (salt 0.5-2% depending on demand for astringating effect). This results in 250-750ppm ClO2.

Now the procedure:

„In 1 min., do 4 rounds of ‚breathing in, spray to nose and mouth to throat, and 1 under tongue‘.“

Preventively, it is enough to do this once in the evening.

Of course, after beeing sneezed at, I pull out my spray :)

We do it on any symptoms, as often as you like. Anywhere. Small wounds, herpes, tick bites (there 70% DMSO and 0.5% ClO2 we produce by diffusion is most efficient, put by cotton wool or wound patch or cloth in 1-2cm more radius than symptoms on skin variable rash, erythema; lyme is very „local“ in the first stage, kill it there. DMSO drags in CIO2 2cm deep into tissue! Also useful for dental root treatment. Also kills small caries and it heals afterwards. WHO may not want to tell you?).

In pollen season, I sprayed 1/4 puff to the eye and it lasts 1/2 hr to give me calm from pollen allergy, where allergy tablets and spray/drops did not suffice last mast year (high pollen concentration, and the year after pfi vaccination).

My intuition tells me:

IF you want to have a good protection, you NEED an element of sealing between skin and N95 mask tissue, as otherwise DROPLETS will be sucked through the slits of non-perfect fit beneath the nose eg where pressure drop is lower than through the filtrating tissue.

This sealing must be a thermo-foam that is „nearly closed-celled“, but highly vapour transmittable. I really sesrched, could not find it. Nearest was window frame foam self-expanding PU impregnated with silicone fat.

You can easily test with cold glass or bottle: if your breath through mask condenses on the glass, you can SEE the leakages quite well in the structure of the condensation fog on the cold surfaces. Better is vape vapour (use without nicotine if you are a non-smoker).

I went from arduous inventor of DIY masks and DIY hypochlorite by salt pool chlorinator electrolysis cells to critic of non-democratic interventions.

democratic := {transparent; safe efficient available cheap}.

We have a whole series of intransparent mask deals in pandemic years in DE where stately institutions bought masks for horrific prices in the worst contaminated quality possible ; waiting for catching up with, but nearly every politician seems to have gained money with them, so all are unisono perpetrating the view better not to investigate it.

(Anyone pursuing any intervention not fulfilling all 5 points is killing remnants of democracy somehow. CoV brings all to light, but my eyes are too slow to witness.)

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Jan 31, 2023·edited Feb 2, 2023

So perhaps one day we will be able to proof that even for surgery, the balance of masks compared to virtual masks (spray inorganic antiseptics to nose and mouth while breathing in etc..) tends to virtual masks, as without the masks, people can work more concentrated, communicate better and breathe more fresh air without masks, especially for glasses wearers.

I would - for surgery and immune-suppressed patients - add room disinfecting machines so safe you can stay in the room while it works. Why not and especially *during* surgery, as you lessen the probabilty of any hospital germ being incorporated into the patient?

I today called the manufacturer of one of these machines, they produce NaHClO by electrolysis and evaporate it in such a fine fog it does not wet surfaces. Called dry fog.

See eg. https://mediset.de/raumdesinfektion/

Let it be translated, please.

See history of air and room disinfection there, dito please:


He references procedures from Spanish flu in military hospitals and air disinfection in bunker ventilation.

My guess:

These procedures are still valid and admissioned and can be used.

See this paper from 1942: they knew it all! NO RESISTANCES POSSIBLE. How many people die due to “hospital germs”? Totally avoidable!


Room disinfecting machines:

You can configure the machine to know rooms and areas and volumes and duration and concentration of treatment, and also document successful treatment.

But you do not need machines. Just put up 10ml 0.3% CIO2 per 10m² room area - it is self-distributing, and disinfects aerosols 0.01-0.1ppm in air (volumetric). See


So 0.1ppm is the concentration you just start to be able to smell. Sweet spot say 1m near the source.

It is self-indicating to color of solution, even extinctometry can be done fir 3€ multi-color self-correlating photo-absorbtion measurement, (green-yellowish) and smell (stinks antiseptic, very honest guy, if you cough from it, it is the self-warning, please, obey and go away, this is happening above 5ppm (limit I can inhale), 5ppm volumetric as 5ppm solved in water and aerosolised by inhaler as prevention. BUT: 15ppm can cause damage - so again self-warning with 3x security factor.

Back to HClO:

This is more tolerable, we inhale 800ppm 0.7ml (12-20 deep breaths) per inhaling session. But not self-warning: overdosing will obstruct ease of breath, stop and pause, reduce dose.

As for room disinfection machines:

The cool thing is: put a dry fog Hypochlorite machine up in the middle of a disco room for 500 people. Explain them you‘re room disinfecting while people around to prevent “contamination” bla bla, and let them sign this as informed consent. Just while disinfecting the room, any mucosa gets viruses etc sterilised on the surface as well.

Without side effects.

Well, people may walk away more healthy than the came, and you certainly do a RESET on the incubation period of any respiratory infection. WHO may not like this?

When these people shed inactivated viral particles, their contacts can built trained innate antibodies to, some pre-immunity.

(Like vaccinal shedding is not necessarily bad, if it is contained to mucosal “perception”, to shedding of spike; the line is drawn where LNP or adenoviruses would be passed on and deep B-cells based antibody immunity would be triggered, making you vulnerable as if suffering the vaccination or “wave infection without adaequate treatment” yourself. Or let alone suffering frim immune system reprogramming by the PEG2k.

Has anyone measured this discrimination? I would not mind training my nK on thebsurfsce of the mucosa on some vaccinal spike, why not.

The system tries to split us all up in ineffective subgroups, and panic from shedding and spike in blood transfusions (just measure the value and sort out measurable levels) etc. without need is damaging, but protection is needed for substantial effects.

BUT: I would like to protect my kids from encounter of active PEG2k “medical device” or adenoviruses, though.

Only way to be sure right now is constant COMUSAV CIO2 or similar spike detox cures. But they do not like the flavour of CIO2:)

And: No long term solution. )

Shedding broken viruses:

This “immunity without the costs” is NOT possible when wearing masks. It definitely cuts down on sub-infectious training on aerosols, while not reducing infections due to “1 single droplet always slips through AND is infectious 100%”.

Masks seclude you from the world of germs, and afterwards, you have to catch-up, some pay with their lifes.

If this is a main factor, excess mortality will go down (a bit) if we refrain from masks at least in normal public life.

In my view, endemic state is a matter of app - selection processes of endemic variance, and since all variance are existing in parallel during waves, due to the huge amount of virus existing, only our behaviour and our immunity is determining the circulating strains.

We want to circulate well-behaved strains.making mild cold like symptoms.

So we have to let harmless colds run, give them the chance to spread on to non-vulnerable persons. Be mindful to the vulnerables though, do virtual masks on both sides.

But when you feel severe symptoms, like fever, aching limbs, headaches, (depending on pathogen/host) call all your contacts and cry: STOP it.

Consider yourself infected, and treat yourself eg like having flu, FLCCC.net/protocols for inspiration, or gargle granny’s vinegar water with honey 10x a day. Whatever you like and feel ok with. Most importantly, contain the virus to yourself, do not spread on.

For this to be effective, everyone needs to know about the power of inorganic antiseptics, and the lies of the CDCs of the world regarding hygiene adopted to respiratory illnesses.

Lies/better view:

Not 1.5 m is the distance, but 3 m. DROPLETS fly 3m stop in midair and hover fir 40sec. slowly sinking down.

Not coughing to elbow is sufficient, but coughing into a well-filtrating tissue, eg under your cotton, free of holes, sweatshirt, to filter all droplets, tuck the neck colar to your face line above the nose, raft waist if open, cough, then slowly press out all air after coughing, and slowly re-emerge and say sorry.

Better even, suppress the cough, nose blow, sneeze, and walk out of the room into the open air or a deserted room.

NOSE BLOW is totally neglected as THE driving source of infections.

My son was standing up from supper table, stepping back, very softly blowing hisnnose, disinfecting hands and all, and 1,5 days later, 5 from 6 other persons at the table had the same cold. It is nothing theoretically. We stood him back to the place he blew his nose and drew out the folding rule and measured 2.4m to the last one he infected. THIS is the power of personal tracing: you can learn the RIGHT hygiene for a pathogen, fitting it. :))

As motivated by shedding articles (here a bad but proofing existance one: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.04.28.22274443v1.full.pdf )

I would like to ask for opinions about diy “vaccines”.

Imagine your kid suffers from some badass respiratory infection. Let it blow snot in a glass, add some disinfectant or sterilise somehow, make a nasal spray from it, and spray 5x/day to nose for one week.

According to the paper, trained immunity should mount.

At least enough to prevent severe disease. Sounds familiar?

HERE we have it warranted without side effects. Because families do this all the time: upon feeling bad, one withdraws. When shedding all the broken viruses, we cuddle again and DONATE immunity — without the costs.

Of course one could perfect this by adding mucosa-penetrating and irritating aka adjuvans substances. Like any plant based saponines except chestnut, they are soothing, antirheumatic anti-autoimmune etc..

But my claim is: this is not necessary if we are given the vaccine for free to use it a whole week.

So the first one disrupting me in the middle of the air probably is - a big pharma mafiosi troll :))

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Wave your Flags!

Put signs on the lawns! (.GOV Mask Mandates Dumb)

Buttons on your lapels!

Time for common sense about the air we breath, and when to protect from hazard!

Good riddance to "BAD" rubbish!

Image the horrible cost to dump all these in landfills/waterways/ or incineration's disposals?

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Find a new hairdresser who is more grounded in reality and common sense!

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