Not sure I'd take anything new - since I will never trust big pharma again. Especially when the safe alternatives can be obtained. People just need to know where and how to get them.

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And how to get them into the hands of the patient, if hospitalized.

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Lots of luck with that one Jennifer...EARLY TREATMENT was crucial - within the first five days - I tried to warn friends and family - told them how to get Ivermectin - sent them all of the information - some listened some didn't. So I have a cousin with long haul - and ran to hospital with sky rocketing BP - urged them to call Dr. Kory - and my husband's cousin - sounds like myocarditis to me - can't walk 20 feet without sitting down.

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Yes, you're absolutely correct- within the first five days. I, too, have tried to convince people of what they could do, how they can prepare by having a kit already prepared of ivermectin, and a few others. I will do the same if we have another pandemic. If that happens, the highly competent, caring doctors we now know will help determine what we can take and do to prevent and/or treat, and I will create another kit, and keep talking about it. How truly, truly blessed we are to have access to this information.

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I agree but this government we apparently have, spying on us all - how long will we have the freedom to chose that alternative. Dr. Kory, we now have to join an American Indian group to keep him free of retaliation. It's a disgrace. It's evil. I keep hoping those in power will be the ones to die but who even knows if they even really took the shot.

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Yep. It's pretty simple.

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Dr. McCullough's flexibility in including those drugs was a very wise strategy of his.

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My 93 yr old mother in law took Mulnupiravir starting day 1 of Covid. She recovered quickly. She was vaxxed with all the boosters and didn’t think she could get Covid. Luckily she lives with us and we got her to Urgent Care as soon as we saw she was getting symptoms. . I asked for the Mulnupiravir instead of Paxlovid since she was already so nauseated. Luckily, the doctor agreed!

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Without knowing more details my engineer mind tells me to look for more.

More about what OTHER drugs could have been taken in conjunction with Mal., more about whether it was the COMBINATION of drugs, not Mal. alone, that contributed to this apparent "good" result.

This seems like kind of a narrow review of this paper; but then, I am just an engineer.

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What about the „cloud of variants“ that Mulnovirapir causes even in single patients?

I read it’s working principle is raising mutational rate both of RNA and DNA.

IMHO, this demands _especially_ thorough antiviral infection prevention by eg inorganic antiseptics at lest topically used.

So not to spread variants that perhaps could not be created naturally at all.

I have the suspicion M. completes the develish tool box of Faucists to perpetrate “distributed gain of function” research - and we are the lab mice and petri dishes.

Every measure reduces nK, leading to the same end. Masks reduce preimmunity and innate antibody training by FACTOR 20 - without preventing any infections as a single droplet is infectious and hovers 40secs and slips through non-pressurized paths along the mask-skin contact line.

Inorganic antiseptics:

Especially efficient by aerosolised inhalation by compressed air or membrane inhaler.

(We use electrolytically produced sodium hypochlorite 800ppm mouthwash solution, quite strom, only 1,5ml are sufficient for standard lungs or 20 deep breath intakes with holdi g breath a bit. Repeat as often as symptoms demand, post-exposition 2x/day for a week, prophylactically 1x in the evening is quite ok.)

Then again, this alone has a high efficacy.

Do we need other interventions?

What is my personal need for risk reduction?

How many interventions am I willing to stubbornly-disciplinary take by a plan, some protocol, best written by myself?

My conclusion is that I rather use multi-drug therapy with interventions having orthogonal working principles I trust to have no side effects.

I found ALL inorganic antiseptics have individual therapeutic bands each for topical (gargled, sprayed, nasal wash) use, inhaled application, and systemically.

It is a shame medical systems do not propose this safe and efficient way to treat or prevent. Every fungal, viral or bacterial infection of lungs is very responsive to such treatments. They even softly soothe the immune system. They all dissolve (micro) blood clots even if knitted by the spike, where they are not solvable sometimes by our enzymes. This, a few hours after infusion, patients often wake from covid coma. See COMUSAV on this reports.

Inorganic antiseptics can be co-assisted with

- xylitol 9-11%

- multi-mineral salt 0.6-3% like stone salt or dead sea salt or addition of a bit of CaCl2 to NaCl for enhanced mucosal barrier function for 6hrs

- iota-carrageenan 0.15%

- hyaluronic acid for improved healing and de-scarring / re-functionalising

- formnasal spray, I sometimes put in 1/2 drop of cineol from cough pills I cut open to have additional antiviral effect and a fresh scent covering that of the antiseptic. Cineol as all of the above do not degrade in oxidatives.

On demand, I can give results of inhalation test runs, as Intried all out. H2O2 (<2%), NaHClO (200-800plm), PVP-I (<3%), ClO2 (5ppm only!)

Time-delayed, one can resort to anti-oxidative and anti-allergic therapy.

- panthenole (often with hyaluronic acid, but since my panthenole is anti-oxidative

- anti-allergic nasal sorays are inhalable : 3-4 puffs per session. Chromolynium acid blocks vhloride channelmof spike, azelastine and others like CPM do entry inhibiting, all prevent immune system irritation locally.

- I want to find iut about topical use of Vitamin C eg.

- progesterone, ivermectine, niclosamide are unused beneficial options, just solve liposomally and observe the alveolar surfactant equilibrium

- … please add your interventions …

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