And they have NEVER tested the CUMULATIVE effect of all the vaccines added to the CDC schedule since the 1986 Vaxx Act:

"And while I am well aware that correlation does not mean causation, it’s hard to ignore the concomitant rise in Autism, developmental disabilities, and childhood diseases over that same period. In 2000, the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network estimated the incidence of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) among 8 year olds (birth year 1992) at 1 in 150. As of 2018 (most recent data reported) that incidence has risen to 1 in 44."


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So what is driving the huge increase in autism? I have heard childhood vaccines blamed often, but are there any other environmental causes? Seems like chemical residues in food or the air we breathe could be involved.

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One should wonder if all these vaccines are causing Autism and nero psychiatric disorders. Follow the money and the stupidity of people. Unfortunately, medicine has become a god and doctors, godlike to the general population. I am not against doctors or medicine but I am against the worship of either. I'm sick of veterinarians and physicians pushing vaccines. Thinking for oneself has left the building. If we want to be well, we need to ask questions and do our research. Unfortunately, the regular Joe cannot or will not do their own research. Thankful for Dr. MCCULLOUGH. We need more courageous physicians.

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Apr 24, 2023·edited Apr 27, 2023

I agree with Robin Whittle's comment that another huge -- if not primary -- factor driving the surge of kids, mostly girls, identifying as trans is social contagion, fueled by social media. Also, a sizable percentage of "trans" kids are actually gay or lesbian; some of these kids are (sadly) struggling to accept their same-sex attraction and think becoming the opposite sex will solve that "problem." And gobs of money from corporations and billionaire trans activists (e.g. Martine Rosenblatt who is promoting a deranged transgender/transhuman agenda) is fomenting the craze. I recommend the book, Time to Think, by Hannah Barnes, which chronicles the off-the-rails devolution (and finally closure) of UK's gender clinic, which in its latter days was issuing referrals for puberty blockers to youngsters on the basis of as little as two appointments, instead of providing the psychiatric evaluation and counseling these kids really needed. According to Jaime Reed, who recently blew the whistle on a St. Louis gender clinic, says that clinic (where she had worked) has the same troubled M.O. as Tavistock. An excellent interview of Reed by the UK Triggernometry podcasters can be found on YouTube. She says that homophobia among the gay kids wanting to transition and among the St. Louis staff (as at Tavistock) is a major factor driving this.

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Please see my comment on an earlier article on transgender individuals and mental health. https://petermcculloughmd.substack.com/p/autism-spectrum-disorder-and-gender/comment/14191945

We are in the midst of a terrible social contagion in which adolescents, especially girls, are overly encouraged to think they are transgender. There are people who are genuinely transgender or at least partly so - their sense of self is significantly, or perhaps totally, at odds with the sex of their body. However, the number of people now who think this is their state is way out of line with innate reality. There is a huge celebration of transgenderism which leads many confused and/or mentally unwell (by official diagnostic standards) people to think that their problems are due in part or wholly due to them actually being trans.

This is not a criticism of the above research, especially to the extent that it was done with people who were unaffected by the last few years of trans fanatacism, a lot of it driven by non-trans "allies" or people who are not really, in my opinion at least, trans.

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Could the rise of transgenderism be traced back to the rise in childhood vaccines?

This study shows as much as a 12 fold increase in gender dysphoria among autistic children.

Other studies have found that the tremendous rise in autism temporally coincided with the rise in vaccines added to the childhood vaccine schedule.

Rise in vaccinations followed by rise in autism followed by rise in gender dysphoria, it’s not proof but it’s enough to demand further study.

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Peter and all,

THANK YOU for encouraging the common sense approach to all this medical transgender discussion! Medical persons around me have been saying this!

THANK YOU for not just talking about this serious transgender PROBLEM, but offering the common sense SOLUTION! Why would any surgeon take a knife to a young person FIRST?

Your piece ties nicely into the questions I am asking EVERYWHERE today…

Why is everyone still talking about serious problems?

Why is there NO focus on real solutions YET?

What does it take to win?


Mother/Grandmother of 7 and counting

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A very interesting observation the likes of which should have this awareness topic be broadcasted.

The planet humanity is in some type of discourse. This is obvious to the folks that actually take the hours needed to research what I would say is the bombardment of over reaching .GOVs pHARMA.

With the never before seen amounts of profits that has enriched those corporate bank accounts in just the past 3 yrs is the "FORCE" that emboldens them to experiment a system of de-population.

This COV Plandemic not only provided the finance resource for our demise, but new DATA files.

Seems to me we are in a discovery period about surgical medical abuse and who pays for it.

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Parents need to be educated about this, somehow. These poor, poor children.

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This is becoming increasingly clearer as time goes on. There is a needs for counselling and help rather than poisons and surgery.

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