Dr. McCullough your horrifying case reports are important so that we know the truth about the vaccine. This news, as you know, will not be covered anywhere else. However, possibly you should change your exhortation at the bottom of the page to join from "..if you find Courageous Discourses enjoyable..." to "if you find Courageous Discourses helpful..." or something like this. No-one finds hearing about deaths of young people enjoyable, except perhaps Anthony Fauci, and I'm not sure about even him.

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The fact that this case and many more like it will not be reported in the main stream media is the problem. How can so-called “journalists” turn a blind eye to such unnecessary suffering and death?

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Dr. McCullough is a great doctor, but he is not a great writer. And unfortunately, he’s using John Leake who should have persuaded him to correct this obviously poor choice of words. This has been pointed out by others.

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What a thing to say. Don't you know the doctor is super busy and we're lucky to get this information in any way possible?

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The question posed, why are some recipients just fine while others develop problems is likely explained by the differences in various batches, different lot numbers. It is, after all, an experiment and only the criminals at pharma know the differences between batches.

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So very, very sad and completely unnecessary.

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This is horrible!! My condolences and prayers go out to this family🙏🏻🙏🏻. When will this end?? This family, and many like them, will suffer from this loss for the rest of their lives. These vaccines need to be removed from our “healthcare” and our lives. Clearly this plandemic is working.....for now.

I continue to pray and declare, God’s Will on earth be done as it is in Heaven. Jesus in our only answer. We need more prayer in our lives and less living for the pull of the flesh.

May the breath of The Holy Spirit continue to blow over this nation and the world spreading Revival like wildfire, in the name of Jesus.

Peace and Blessings to all. Praise God. Amen + Amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Elections have consequences.

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Given that healthy children are at no risk of dying from Covid -19 but are at some unknown risk of being injured or killed by this rushed, experimental and ineffective vaccine, the decision to vaccinate a child makes no sense. But neither does it make any sense to support Russia’s completely unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

Stupidity abounds.

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Intelligence tests come in a magnitude of variety.

Some are unfortunately deadly. Experiment at your own peril.

The evidence is so incredible about these untested Vaccines.

How can folks NOT SEE IT?

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I have found that my numerous relatives and friends who drank the kool-aid and got vaxxed are expressing grief at the death and injury all around them, but they cannot admit it's the jabs because they are terrified they will be next to die or be injured.

The truth broke their brains so they compensate with blinders. 💔

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Thank you, Dr McCullough, for making us aware of these case reports. I fear these horrors will continue until the perpetrators are somehow held accountable.

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At this point, health authorities must be found to be complicit in death and adverse reactions. Come on!

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Emperor Gates has spoken: we will inject pigs and cows with the MRNA vax so it resolves the issue of the vax-hesitant, paraphrasing. We must support Missouri HB 1169 Informed Consent Bill and other states who are fighting against this. Lab grown chix are going to be out on the market by Good Meats Co.?? Is that why so many chix plants burned down, bird flue? GMO food? Now’s the time to question everything. This is GENOCIDE! Patriots, if there was ever a time to speak up, it’s now. Tell them to stop killing us with our food supply. Our water isn’t any better. Europe banned fluoride years ago. Why haven’t we? What, are there lobbyists who live in a back room on The Hill to make sure that doesn’t happen? This is the time to get involved locally, too. How safe do you think your hometown water supply is? Some of those water tanks are not being inspected and maintained, and IF they’re inspected and cited for contaminants and toxins, they get a slap on the wrist. Hold them accountable. Snakes, critters and a variety of things can get into the tank if not maintained. What chemicals are they putting in our water besides fluoride? They’re poisoning our food, too. We have to stop this. Corporations have ruled our country for too long. They have much blood on their hands. If there was ever a time to fight, it’s now. Go to https://www.govtrack.us and get your rep’s email, phone number, etc. That’s how we get involved and fight right now. We have a tremendous amount of power, and we have to wield it. Speak now or forever hold your peace. WE OUR AT WAR FOR OUR SURVIVAL AND THE SURVIVAL OF OUR REPUBLIC! THIS IS REAL. IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OF US AS WE GO ABOUT OUR DAILY LIVES. Americans would rather die on their feet than live on their knees, to paraphrase George Washington.

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Her poor parents. I'm so sorry for them.

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Massive inflammation is in everyone who got the shot. CT AP...cholecystits, all men suddenly have cystitis and constant urine infections, bowel obstructions that resolve with steroids, and elevated troponins with no explanation. IT’S FROM THE SHOTS YOU BRAINWASHED IDIOTS. That’s what I feel like screaming at these medical professionals everyday. 😥

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Agree w comments regarding boilerplate exhortation ending. For this one, "if ...makes you vomit", or one of several other apropos choices. I have 7 grandchildren who were 2x vaxed by extortion (school) so I live in fear for their safety. Sociopathy provides Fauci with natural immunity from guilt. He sleeps just fine. Vax producers granted immunity from culpability. The vaxed need immunity from its insidious effects. Is there a vaccine to protect us from COVID vaccines?

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Peter and all,

My heart is VERY heavy for all suffering and loss of humanity, knowing there will be many more tragedies until The People decide TO UNITE in a real Freedom Movement with strategic planners AND fund the movement!

Thank you for being a HEAVY hitting American patriot doctor who is helping wake up Americans, growing the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION against the worst government on earth in DC!

Yes…Our government is ground zero for ALL the pain and suffering of ALL humanity! Who is supposed to hold politicians accountable at every level?

Need I ask any more questions except the most important one?


If it is..the following message that I repeat EVERYDAY is for you!

The buck stops with us…We The People!!!

UNITY of The People is critical to the survival of humanity and winning this war for future generations.

We must unite and fight with ALL we have…Satan cannot win!

Lex Greene says it all at this DANGEROUS moment in America’s history! Contact Lex if you are ready to FINALLY unite with serious strategic planners…



Personally…I have worked with Lex and the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER group for 15 years…America’s best brilliant and strategic minds!


Mother/Grandmother Lion of 6 and counting

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A terrible tragedy.

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Apr 8, 2023·edited Apr 8, 2023

Dr. McCullough rightly warns parents not to inject their children with a rushed, experimental, unsafe and ineffective vaccine while ironically allowing John Leake to inject rancid political opinion into his site. Dr. McCullough should reduce the risk of reputation loss and disassociate from John Leake.

Here is an excellent interview which discusses this subject in detail. It is well worth your time.


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